Self Obsessed Juice Monkey Kevin Rayan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this self obsessed roid freak is Kevin Rayan. We dated a few months ago and all I can say is wow! When he wasn’t talking about himself or posting pictures on facebook of his wackjob tats and water muscles he was texting other girls. He went on a roid rage on facebook saying how stupid girls are and they all want his little penis. Well I know from experience that there isn’t much there anyway. My friend sees him at the gym taking these pictures all the time and I couldn’t resist to put this closet forgy on your site lol.

People still use Facebook?- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Cop of the Dell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Sean. His hobbies include: cheating, lying, dating strippers, abusing women, facebooking for dates, and threatening death to his girlfriends when they disagree with him. When he’s not busy being a POLICE OFFICER, he’s helping his mother’s friend (who’s a mother herself and over 10 years older than him) have an affair on her husband. He puts on this very convincing act of being the perfect man for you. But ladies, beware: this is an overzealous child with a major inferiority complex and possible multiple **’s. Fingers crossed that the last part isn’t true because I’m more than aware that the rest of it is. Not many people really know him because he’s super quiet and socially awkward, but his testosterone supplements may bring him out of his shell enough to cross your path. Ask any of this past girlfriends who know how he truly is, and they will tell you – this is one dirty cop. I have family and friends who are police officers and incredible people through and through, but he brings absolute shame to the force. Please do not let his lies fool you and waste your time the way I have.

I can’t help but notice the guys hand by his crotch…pretty sure that’s the root of his issues.- nik

Stephanie Borja

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stephanie Borja the girl in the purple is a nasty pill headed whore who has been all around Slidell. She makes this town look bad. If you havent slept with her yet you must be the only one. She acts like she is better than the whole town but she is nothing but a nasty pill headed whore. She is a hair dresser but cant even do her own hair but if you fuk her she might cut your hair for free!!! Bitch thinks shes a model what for fat nasty slidell whore?? Hope she stays on that adderall or she will be huge!!! She thinks her fiancee is fine and he looks like nepoline dianamite on steroids she always cheats on him and he is so blind to it!! She is marring into the perfect family they are all dope heads she probley fcks her father in law for pills because her mother in law is a fat ass pig and Stephanie is such a junkie she will do anything just to get a fix!!! She is a nasty pill headed c*m guzzling junkie whore that has stds and lots of them!!! She is the girl in the purple

I’d imagine it would be hard to cut your own hair.  Just saying.- nik

Lafitte Go Getta

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the cheater of all times she has 3 children from different dads and acts like she’s the best mom only if her husband knew she is still sending photos to other guys hope he knows his home isn’t that great I was banging her last night in your bed while u was still at work you came home around 9 Thursday night in your big van better check your wife she’s still messing around

What’s in her gap, it doesn’t look like bubbles.- nik

Meet Brandon Ballard LSU’s Bottom Baby

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon Ballard also known as @ohhibrandon on Twitter is a college student ‘up’ for a good time. When he’s not attending classes, he’s trolling the local bars for some action. Its rumored he likes them long, dark and just a little abusive. The rougher the better for him.
He fancies himself a hot stud but mostly he’s just fancy. Between his partying and pony shows the only way he can make a grade is on his knees, and while down there, he aims to please. Yes, he’s a real swallower. Most of his male friends have abandoned him because when he drinks he gets handsy. If you ever do want to hook up, and he’s always down for that, heres where to find him [removed]

At least he’s not in the closet about it, that’s one thing he can be proud of…- nik

Amanda Drago one Desperate Fool

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl Amanda Drago has been warned several times about Her Boyfriend Mike Marange I’m sure you’ve heard of Him because He’s on Here twice He must be having this girl believe all His dirty lies just like He had all the girls believing. Mike is controlling, the jealous type, abusive, He tells girls what they want to hear, He has a wife and a son with a new baby on the way with the wife, He got this girl Brittany pregnant back in 2011,His friends baby’s momma just had a baby this past February from Him, and His Ex girlfriend Melanie Jones from Franklinton, Louisiana just went to His shop a month or so ago to tell Him that she’s pregnant with His baby. He doesn’t like to where condoms and that’s why He now Has drd and Cla**ya. Amanda needs to go and get a Pap smear done so she could realize that we all are not lying and that He is the lier. Amanda’s test results will come back positive like all the girls he’s been with. He has a fake charm that all the girls call for, When He doesnt get His way He gets very angry and becomes abusive. He’s nice at first but it does not last. Amanda please go and get Tested.

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