Steve Ward Is A Hairy Loser

Steve-Ward-at-TAO-Beach-588 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Dirty nasty Steve Ward…. Man, at one time I thought he was soooo cute and sexy. I was single at the time so would flirt and try to get him to ask me on a date. After a few weeks I gave up, he just wanted to stick it in without having drinks at a bar, movies or dinner. Cheap Ass! A little while later he messaged out of the blue asking if I wanted to go for a drink. I had just started talking to someone, and had told him it would only be social, which he accepted. After a few drinks he started to get horny and was pressuring me to give in, I declined and for some reason he took off his shirt! I immediately vomited on the floor. Body hair is repulsive and makes me nauseous and this mother fucker was hairy like a bear, fat and pasty white skin, yuck yuck yuck!!!! I’m glad he keeps covered up in public because no one wants to see that nastiness.  Hopefully someone will find a way to sue him for every dollar he has so he can go back to the trashy streets where he belongs.

I’m guessing this was during his filming in Nola since the submission came from LSU.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Cathy Jo Brignac

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me start by saying cathy jo your are a walking drd.You gave 4 guys a drd.You need to take your ass to the clinic.Look at yourself of the pics you are posting man your tore up from head to toe.How many baby daddies you have now.I think i will contact the health department and let them no you passing out drd”s.Look at yourself you bad built crack whore stripper.You are ugly,fat with a million strech marks.You look like a tiger stripe pitbull with all those marks you have on your body.You caught those drd”s from fucking all those black guys and now you want to start fcking white guys and give them drd”s.I see you in the clubs giving out those ***s out to guys in the clubs you dont even no.What a whore.You are westbank trash.Cr*ck smoker.You havent herd the last of me.

Looks Good But You Don’t Want It

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ex girlfriend, who let me raw dog the first day i met her. 3 weeka later she is pregnant, she then has a miscarriage. Im sure this scheming hoe was playing me from the start. Even though she had a boyfriend who was 100% committed to her, she took advantage and did whatever she wanted to do..gave this hoe all of my love, I should of known not to trust this girl…can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. We broke it off earlier today, then texts me tonight saying she already has another boyfriend? Damnn ole girl quick to leave the one guy who really cared for her for a guy who will fck her then end up leaving her in the same position that she was in before. Nik, help me out on this one.

Don’t settle for desperate chicks.- nik

Heather Lyn Goodwin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fat roll heather Lyn Goodwin, living in Breaux bridge would like to invite any man that needs his dick sucked to contact her. She performs oral, Amal, regular sex for the same fee. She refuses to Lose her fat roll gut as she’s a far nasty lazy bitch!!!! From the country club!! Located in the parks/ bread bridge area!!! She thinks she is the finest thing since sliced bread. She’s a fat, nasty,  skank. She claims to be from the country club but lives in a trailer and got knocked up by a LOSER. She smokes cr*ck in front of her daughter and never changes her diaper. Her house is disgusting and smells like shit 24/7 She has the nerve to call other women fat. Her excuse is she had a BABY!! ONE YEAR AGO!! LOL It’s called being a LAZY SLOB! NOTICE HER DOUBLE CHIN IN HER PHOTOS LOL SHe thinks she’s one bad mutha fcka, but really she’s a sad MUTHA FUCKAn She’s an angry little troll and is jealous of anyone that has done better than her. (which is pretty much anyone-since she hasn’t accomplished much but getting knocked up by a LOSER–LuLz) NIK, WOULD YOU HIT IT?

Answer: Not even if candy fell out.

Love Triangle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Think you hear it all? Well Nik you’re in for a screwed up one here. Welcome to the drd love triangle. First you have your #1 slut Gabrielle Reed. #2 Slut Laura Yeager (who both cheated on their boyfriends with the same guy Robbie C. slut#5) and they both don’t know it, but I guess they do now. Then you have slut #3 Emily Vicknair. Who is Robbie’s EX GIRLFRIEND. Who did in fact put a gun to his head when he tried to leave her for slut#1. Lost yet? Well here’s the final happy ending to the perfect story. Remember Lance In everyone’s pants? who was dating that chick Bessma well HERE IS SLUT #4 Bryce Ellzey, who in fact is dating Bessma and just recently hooked up with slut#1,#2 AND #3. One more catch, Robbie is best friends with this guy Bryce, AND HE HAS NO IDEA. and then heres the cherry topping for the STD ice cream Emily Vicknair has HPV, so guess what nik? Now they all do. lmao drd triangle. gotta love it.

Tyrone Rivas

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik im the one who knocked tyrone rivas out and broke his nose because he grabed my dick at the bar. when he woke up his nose was broke and he called the police and pressed charges on me and the owner of the bar and i went to jail and now the fa*get is suing me . hes a hairy little faget , hes scary and cant fight and talks alot of shit for some one that cant back shit up. hes just a big hariy pu*sy.

He’s not worthy of the crown.- nik

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