Ratchet Slayer


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy will screw anything that’s under 150 pounds, all he does is have sex and smoke weed, yea he has an alright job, but he doesn’t want to commit to one girl which is a problem for me..

He was real committed getting his new tat in that sext.- nik

ADPI Is The Model Sorority




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of people on this websites claiming ADPI has ugly girls. That is not true, all you other jealous sororities mind your own damn business. Don’t be jealous because ADPI runs your campus. Yeah maybe Iowa has easier girls to sleep with, but other campuses are not like that. We don’t really consider Iowa real ADPI’s. So stop with your insults and give us the damn respect we deserve!

Nice shorts… is it just me or does it say “STD Day” on their shirts in the first image. I think the point the OG Iowa poster was trying to make is that ADPi has beat chicks (across the board).- nik

Milwaukee/Wilmette Gay Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here’s Vic again before a recent drug fueled hotel sex party. He spent all summer going to music festivals and fu*king guys for drugs and working for a gay escort service in Chicago. He even got fu*ked by a guy in a port-a-potty at electric forest while his boyfriend Joshua was passed out from too much partying. Now that he’s back in Milwaukee after dumping his so called “bf” Jamey who he also infected with *** , him and Josh are both H**positive and the spend their weekends at sex parties and bathhouses. Totally nasty, Nik!

Halloween is his shopping season.- nik

Escorts On The Loose




THE DIRTY ARMY: These two girls prostitute mainly in Chigao Illinois and Houston, Texas, the blonde is tamara granlund and the red head is blair pleau. they recently went down to chicgao to prostitute together, got their money and went to texas, in texas they prostituted and my friend said they were both WEAK prostitutes so he sold them to another pimp. tamara had to leave with the clothes on her back which was a tank top, jacket, jeans, and shoes and one of the pimps threw her clothes all away and left her with no money. blair went to west virgina with her family.

Hot Brunette


hot brunette

hot brunette

hot brunette

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik– this is my friends friend from college, and i creep on her facebook pics because i think shes smokin. she has a rockin body, cute face, and great boobs that are real. so what do you think? does she meet your standards?

Answer: No, she is built like a guy and she has SPD (Scotty Pippen Disease).

Would You Mess With This Guy


Would You Mess With This Mullet Man?!?!

Would You Mess With This Mullet Man?!?!

Would You Mess With This Mullet Man?!?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy thinks he’s so tight.. His names Josiah.. A real ladies man and a bad*ss in his own mind.. Please rip him a new one.

I think Guyliner + Shaved head + Mullet = (potential) Serial Killer.- nik

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