Tina Does Strip Clubs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well NIK, Meet Kristina Martin a regular of the metro Detroit stip clubs. A customer, to hostess, and now biker gang member. Shes loves to be taken care of and she certainly takes care of the men in her life which is usually every few months. Can You Say Golddigger to the highest bidder since she was 18 years old the consumate player. Trys to model but not enough upstairs to get out of Detroit. Her BF is a psychopath strip club manager who preys on young women as herself its so sad if they don’t do him he makes it clear what could happen. She likes the attention and loves to show that body off in any position her man wants from that month a Cheat and Player. Give her some advice Nik.

Stop letting photoshop mess with your ego.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

My Friend Didn’t Get Laid Because Of Michigan Wolverine Kicker Brandon Gibbons

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my buddies and I went to Vegas for the weekend.  We are all pretty much degenerate gamblers so of course we spent all day Saturday at the sports book.  So my buddy, lost about 7k Friday night on craps and was basically broke.  We all let him borrow around 1k so he could join the fun on Saturday and bet on the games.  He decided to put all 1k on Michigan vs Penn State and took the Michigan spread at -2.5.  All Michigan needed to do was win by 3 but this douchebag Brandon Gibbons who kicks for Michigan went 2-4 on his field goals during the 4 OT’s and Michigan lost by 3… here is where I’m going with this story… While we were in the sports book, my buddy met a super hot celebrity and she was very quick to flirt with him and give him her number.  Later on around 8pm she text him that she wasn’t feeling good and really needed a good massage… so my friend pops up and gets ready… goes downstairs to the taxi line but it was around an hour wait… he tries to get a town car for 60 bucks and realizes that he has NO MONEY left… none of us would give him more money either… so this kicker straight up ruined my buddies chance of sleeping with some Hollywood Royalty…

I think I know your friend. He texted me asking if I could lend him twenty bucks that day. He said it was so he could eat.- nik

Voyeur Schizoid Sammi Skorka

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this needs to be put up on here. This shit will make you laugh but it’s all 100% true. Don’t ignore the past it will always come back and haunt you especially when you are Sammi Skorka. This nasty stupid bitchs real name is Samantha but she goe’s by the name Sammi. Samantha “sammi” Skorka has a dissociative identity disorder along with her split personalities She tries to manipulate other people into believing her lies she claimes to be a nazi but she isn’t and lashes out on anyone who confronts her about this matter. Sammi Skorka likes to twist things around about other people, and she lies about it when she gets confronted about it. This girl thinks she is so White Power and a true Racialist. she claims to be so politically active. Sammi Skorka and her boy toy James Wilson A bunch of wannabe skinheads living in her boyfriends moms/dads basement looking to beat the crap out of anyone who doesnt follow their point of view they are cowards, will gang up on you, and only attack in groups. The funny part about this is Sammi’s new boy toy devon is black. Sammi and James have an downs syndrome baby together.

She’s the last person you’d expect to be a purple crayon chaser…this could be the perfect cover-up- nik

Dan “Bo” Willhelm

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This scum bags name is Dan but also known as Bo. For the past few months him and I have been seeing each other, and it was the biggest mistake I could’ve ever made. This pig is a liar, cheater and women abuser. Through our whole relationship he was seeing another women that he’s been with for awhile and swore he wasn’t. Not only that, he would beat me every time he drank, and every time he was roid raging. I hope is “girlfriend” Christina Martin, knows what he’s about. Nik put this scum on blast so no one falls for it anymore!

You lift bro?- nik

A Strippers Tale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet (Electra) Madison Murray. It been my unpleasant fortune to have dated this woman for the past several months. She is a stripper at a gentleman’s club in Metro Detroit. Having been with her for this time it turns out Madison was playing me with a great acting job. Being a busy CEO I was happy with the relationship “Stupid Me.”After all the shopping and goodies I got for her it comes out this lying “BITCH” was working on customers which I knew and was okay with it to an extent. She said she just did lap dances hence she didn’t make that much money. “WRONG” After a argument about her wanting me to give her my 2013 Cadillac Escalade to drive. Well, it get around the Club that my little sweetheart Madison is making a $1000.00 a night minimum all along saying shes makes very little and here I am supporting her.financially Well, the truth comes out when you flash a few hundred dollar bills around the club to staff and dancers have a different story to tell. Thay actual leave with a lot less because this Hottie is doing all these customers in ways let’s say keeps them coming back for more. So NIk… I got played and know it now it’s time to move on. So just a warning to any customers with wealth old or new beware oft this woman her soft voice kind manner it’s all an act she will steal you blind, If you want her it will cost you in the famous VIP rooms second floor but I hear shes a givier if “If The price Is Right.” I got the good stuff for free in a way but never at the club always at ouside of the club where it was normal… I know its my fault Nik please be kind to me !!!.

Strippers are all one and the same.- nik

Jennaay Makes Charlie Sorry

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Raney has never had a boyfriend she didn’t cheat on. This guy Charlie Laney got a 5 million dollar settlement and all of a sudden he’s a stud in her eyes. I ain’t sayn’ shes a Gold Digger…But. My boy put this story and pics on his Facebook. He picked her up for a night out away from Charlie. Apparently he shits the bed sometimes due to his accident. My boy and Her got trashed and had some fun. Well Charlie couldn’t believe his precious Jennifer would do that to him so he took to the streets and to Facebook trying to Track her down. He called her whole family, and every dude she’s slept with in the last two years (over 15 dudes that Just I know including me). Chuckles finally found the street My boy lived on but not the address so he drove real slow screaming her name until she came stumbling out half dressed! He then continued to Facebook Message my boy in disbelief so He sent a “Train” of Proof. Sorry Charlie but this is too DIRTY to keep off The Dirty!

Like I said, on to the next one bud.  I’m assuming neither of those guys are Charley.- nik

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