It Sucks Being An Uber Driver Sometimes

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I didn’t think University of Michigan was a douchy place, but from this kids behavior it’s pretty easy to see they have no class.

Who is he?- nik

Major League Succubus

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING IF YOU ARE IN SE MI and comes across this idiot RUN. Starr/Amy Kelleher Goddess Jenna Jenna Starr Starr Luna. She’s been a whore for 20 years, she’s 39 and started stripping at 18-19 she’s recently stopped doing that (working in Flint last time also worked for Markowicz). Even though she’s damn nearly 40 she up until the last year has been doing porn although lately its face sitting fart videos. Anyway real problem, liar, insane, will suck every last cent you got but thats if you have money she’ll treat you like shit. She loves to fuck bar trash in Waterford area and hangs out at Shortys and Crescent Lake in. She will even fck 60-70 year old guys for their retirement money, I have proof that she took this one guy who looks like Milton from Office Space for 275k his words. She does every drug except weed also is on pills and also drinks about 2 fifths of vodka and or rum a day. She looks OK but looks going down fast but shes a huge liar, she’s juggling at any time at least 10 guys at the same time, her family except for her mom has disowned her and that’s coming next. As near as I can tell she’s spent at least half a million dollars in the last 5 years and it went up her nose, she’s a big whore, a liar, her pssy stinks, she has no kids thank God cause she can’t even take care of her cats right. Crazy as hell one min she’s smiling next min she’s crying next min she’s screaming and throwing shit at you! Will always claim she’s not fcking other guys!

Marty Wenzel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marty Chet Wenzel, currently of Roseville Michigan, was my boyfriend for 3 yrs. During this time, he physically and emotionally abused me, has an extreme cocaine problem, and I recently found out he is bi sexual. He’s a thief and smooth talker and can be found drinking and driving and doing drugs multiple times a week. Stay away from this lying, unfaithful drug addict. He is a smooth talking narcissist who is down low bi sexual and constantly high on Pepsi even at his job. Do not trust him, I know for a fact, unfortunately, that he also has genital he****. Ladies and gay boys, stay away!!!

Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour This Saturday August 16th


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now for the show at DTE Energy Music Theatre, this Saturday (8/16) at 7pm!


Teacher Cheating

THE DIRTY ARMY: That is Megan Errair (LaDouceur) she was a teacher and caught having sex with one of her students. She got fired and moved away to Michigan. I saw her recently and that is how she looks now; she thinks she is super hot with her new plus 2’s. She is the third one from the left. Yikes! NOT SO HOT TO ME. NIK What Do you think?

Ann Arbors Kevin Goles

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo, check out Ann Arbor’s #1 fa**ot! Kevin Goles walks around like he’s hot shit and all that, but he’ll be the shittiest dentist imaginable. I’m a guy that goes to the University of Michigan dental school with him and I wonder how this guy got accepted in the first place. He got in with crappy grades and has to spend 4 years in the Navy after graduating because he wanted a free ride from them. I really hope the military knocks some sense into this kid because someone needs to bring him back to Earth and make him realize how much of a loser he truly is. Sure, he has a fiance, but how many gay guys use that as a cover? Plus, she\’s a fucking grenade, but no one expected him to date any higher than a 2 anyway. I’ve never met someone so gay in my life. I\’m well-connected in the area and I’m always a bit surprised to find out how many people hate this dude’s guts because most students get along well here. Come on, bro! Wake up already and get over yourself. You’re NOT special. You’re just an average person that *might* be successful as a dentist if you don’t keep pissing your patients off. Yeah, they’ve been complaining about your attitude, too…All I know is that he’s quite unpopular and disliked, so we can’t wait for him to move away. By the way, Nik, thank you for creating this website. I’m a part of a huge hacktivist organization that supports your creation of a place for the community to warn others about the true colors of flamboyant rainbow-riders like this one.

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