Sorry Charlie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls jealous over controlling boyfriend for good reason caught her out all night with her old hooked. Girl got picked up before the sun went down on a hot July day this summer, and woke up to her boyfriend screaming out of his car window going down the road because he didn’t what house she was at just what street she was on. Sorry Charlie, but Jennifer Raney can’t be made into a house wife!

Poor Charlie, time to move on to the next one buddy.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Straight or Gay

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Bryan Nolan AKA the gay porn star Martin Hess. What is it about this guy that makes girls go crazy? I still don’t understand why Audrey, Kamila and Grace fight over him for years. Not only that he’s out of shape but he’s not even good looking. The fact that he got it in the ass should disgust you even more. He’s a nobody, lets not forget worst promoter in Chicago. He only brings out underagers. Someone please explain to me what these beautiful girls see in this dude!

Forgy, he sits when he pees.- nik

Danjer Kat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Danjer Kat.. AKA Chelsey Glysz! SHE IS THE DIRTIEST chick in the mid- Michigan area! she thinks her shit dont stink!.. well i heard her P****y smells like puke after a long night of eating sushi! well she use to be a stripper at the Saginaw Deja VU! her vag*na looks like roast beef! i use to work with her.. it was hard to even look at it! well shortly after that career she moved on to selling videos on the internet. private web cam shows. then stuffing panties up her who-ha getting them wet then selling them to her customers! Nasty!! after that career that couldnt afford her oxycottin, herion, meth habit. she moved on to becoming a bartender on midland street.. witch she took to a whole nother level.. claiming to be a public figure. dressing like a slut. and shaking her loose lips all around town.. she thinks shes a model. she has to wear a ton of make-up to hide her m*th boils she gets all over her body. witch she picks all the time! its absolutely disgusting! there always scabbed up and crusty! i know of 30+ guys she has slept with and who knows about her high school days! she has had gonnerea mutlipule times! she has to stop with lies and whatnot.. acting like she is the hottest thing ever! when she is the Dity!! she also knows Fahlon Naples really well so you should already get the hint! p.s shouldnt have fcked my boy friend while i was a work c**t!

You should clean that mold above your sink before you take another picture of yourself.- nik

Michigan Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: My friend works with this girl at Applebee’s and she tells me all about this skank. Her name is Danielle Marie Lesko. And now this whore was seeing my man. This girl always has a different boyfriend and she cheats on every guy she sees. She sleeps with a new man every week and she’s supposed to have a boyfriend. She completely uses the guy. She milks him for every penny that he has and she talks about how ugly he is. Watch out for this girl, she really is a cheating whore and nobody likes working with her at applebee’s.

That’s a nice cleat chasing collection.- nik

Thinks She’s A Badass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I’d love your feed back on what I’m about to tell you about this girl who thinks she’s Gods gift to men. Erica Niernberg lives in Bay City Michigan.I was friends with her on Facebook and she has tons of pictures of herself and very little of her kids. Anyway the pictures she has are so ridiculous she actually thinks she looks Damn good! Lol! This girl has tons of issues she’s psycho and bipolar and loves stalking her ex boyfriends.I know for a fact she stalked one them for two years. he had to block both of her Facebook’s and all her family to cause moma Susan was trying to friend him too. so sad. She ALMOST ruined one of the best relationships he’s had in a very long time. His women is very secure and won’t be losing anything if she leaves him or vise versa. his women took care of him and his sons when he had a hard time finding a job. She is one strong person and very jindependent and don’t need a man to take care of her. now Erica on the other hand isn’t educated and wants a man to take care of her. She got pregnant from this guy who couldn’t even do for himself at the time. He wants nothing to do with her but is yet still harassing him. he has clearly moved on. Now I did see on one of her Facebook’s this women talking mess to get cause she apparently messaged her and then blocked her without letting her respond. What a punk! I think Erica had a big bark and no action. But she isn’t scared of anyone.. RIGHT!. She also removed the comment like it never happened. Bottom line I just want people to see Erica for the lying, stalking,  fake, psycho, bipolar, yellow gunky teeth,no business wearing a bikini skank for what she really is. She’s just as lame as they come and tries to be a hold digger. Well there’s more but I’ll wait for another time Nik!

I wonder what those teeth have chewed on…- nik

Internet Cam Slore Touched My Food

THE DIRTY ARMY: Went to the Brio Tu**an Grille in Birmingham, Alabama and this guy named Alex Davidson waited on us. A co-worker said he looked familiar so he looked on the internet at the website Flirt4free. My friend is gay and saw him doing a dildo show live for a bunch of guys who pay up to $8 a minute for such a pleasure. YUCK! He is pocked with acne and very unattractive yet calls himself a “MODEL” Every time he brings out food to a customer, those hands have been used to masturbate, finger his butthole and touch DILDOS. His name on the website is Paul Atreides and he has been doing this for 2 years! This dude gives a bad name to models, waiters and the lead character from DUNE. Ever since i found about his other night job I can’t go back to eat at my former favorite Italian Restaurant at the Brookwood Village Mall. If you get Alex as your waiter, ask to move to another person’s section!

He obviously has no fans if he hasn’t quit his day job.- nik

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