Escort Looking for Nanny Jobs

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Allison aka Allibb420 she was looking for a job as a nanny we were interested until we learned she is a pay for play token drug addict that is living with a drug dealer..Beware of this girl she is not as wholesome as she presents herself to be.

Lost Her Mind

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kim Labine from vermillion. I have never met a dirtier woman. She spends her time on date sites picking up everybody. People she doesnt know at all and lets them play daddy with them. She sits at home collecting whatever cash guys will give to her. Shes 24 and keeps a 40 year old man living in her basement. He pays her rent and buys her things like all the other guys that she puts out to. I couldnt believe this actually happening. I bet her parents are ashamed. Hoe for life no doubt. Somebody should get those kids outa there

Adrian Peterson Needs To Be Released


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how is the NFL not taking action with AP? And of course the Vikings wont release him, they want to trade him! Poor taste in Minnesota. My guess is the Raiders. I guess it’s ok to beat your children these days. If our heroes can do it, why not us?

Joshua Jablinske

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mr. Joshua Jablinske. He is a 29 year old washed up loser who is a menace to the Fargo/Grand Forks ND and Thief River Falls MN area. This man can’t keep a job, has 3 daughters of which he has custody of none (he doesn’t pay child support either). He is also a known wife beater (he beat her multiple times, even when she was pregnant) and is a cheater (he likes them still in high school). This man is a narcissistic liar. He often tells women that he is some great MMA fighter, when in fact he has not fought in many years and he sucked when he did. He is a leech on society and will take advantage of anyone. He is well known to sleep with women in exchange for a place to stay and to be taken care of and he even managed to get an STD this way. Seriously someone needs to shut this man down. I can’t take one more fake ass post about how he is such a great dad and person. He belongs behind bars which is where I’m sure he will end up.

Cara Prossser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey DA, The Univeristy of Minnsesota, and Minneapolis, This Tramp Cara Prosser has been spreading diseases all around the University of Minnesota campus and Minneapolis. She has given four guys, during this month alone, sexually transmitted diseases and who knows how many more before that. She is a sociopathic narcissist that has severe psychological issues to the effect that she doesn’t care who he hurts. Guys. She is fat. You can do better. WTF is wrong with you. Move on and don\’t wave at this hippo.This chick is a walking disaster and a complete failure as human. She will only give you a worthless gift of an drd if you are dumb enough to hook up with her. Don’t say you weren’t warned

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