Sleazy Teen Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. Brooke Bauman has been posted on here twice before which made her throw a complete conniption fit on facebook. This girl is so delusional, she actually believes she has “fans” from all over the world. The majority of her “fans” are actually just people laughing at her. She’s only 18 years old and is addicted to prescription pain killers and smokes weed regularly. She uses her poor innocent sick son for sympathy and so people will tell her shes a great mom. She’s not a great mom, actually the complete opposite. She parties all night, every night and pawns the kid off on family & friends without paying them. She’s constantly bringing men in and out of her babies life and then bashes them on facebook. I’m sick of this poor excuse of a mother getting credit on raising her child when she’s clearly not.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Jailbird Kyle Alan Buege

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sacramento and surrounding areas beware this man Kyle Alan Buege has genital w**ts! He goes around to all the trashy bars in town Old Tavern, Benny’s, Marilyn’s, Elixir spreading his disease and infecting the city. He will sleep with anything with legs. He’s even been caught sleeping with a prostitute which he paid for off craigslist. His balls have warts all over them so he will only get down in the dark and while drunk so his victims won’t see. This guy only picks up hookers at scum bars. And in addition to this his wrap sheet is a mile long, he’s currently back on his way to jail for felony evasion. Again he will give his warts to anythinv that moves he even fcked an Asian tranny once at a strip club, which he brags about. Girls run from this diseased ridden trick if you see him or you will be his next victim.

Minnesota Girls are not Dogs

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Devin Devine, here to prove that girls from Minnesota are beautiful, so nik… Would you?

Mother of Two

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut Alexandra Cormican is a dental assistant who works for a dentist with a famous last name and lives in Eagen not only loves getting railed in the ass while sucking one is a mother of two and refuses to act her age. The photos shown are several years old but years past have not changed her behavior nor maturity level. Her mother Anita Chafos and her daughter Alexandra can both be found side by side picking themselves up from some random guys house or their own after taking the random dick. Both love and feed off anal and c*m sprayed over their faces. Both can be found in local bars side by side looking for free drinks and that’s all you need to take them home or in the parking lot. Enjoy!

Shirley Rubiletz The Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this bitch here is Shirley Rubiletz aka Sky Morgan aka the founder of manitoba motorcycle mayhem. She thinks she’s top shit when really nobody can stand being around her. She has to blackmail people into staying with her and she talks shit about her friends behind their back when really they should be talking shit about her cause shes the biggest **** of them all. She said her motorcycle club Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem is a not-for-profit organization but yet if you go on their facebook page it says ”We will operate as a not-for-profit organization with funds going directly back into the Organization and its Charity with small salaries paid to Founder and Board Members for their time, energy and efforts.” LOL what a joke, she also says its the ”sturgis of the north” but yet the group on facebook barely even got to 300 members without her nagging people to join the group. Shirley The Scam Artist is the name she should go by on facebook cause she changes it all the time on facebook… maybe its because she doesnt want people to know its the same person or maybe she is schizophrenic. Thinks she’s gods gift to women but shes just a fat pig.

Sydney Krych

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sydney Krych. She is a 19 year old heroin addict who can’t go a single day without putting SOMETHING in her body whether it be uppers or downers, she’ll take it all. She’s always the one girl at the club that is WAY too fcked up on drugs, puking in the garbage can, on the floor in the bathroom. She’s literally fucking CRAZY PSYCHO on Molly, if only I could put the memories I have of her “dancing” on the internet- JEEEEESUS. She has been disowned by two of her best friends because of the horrible human being she is. She owns both of them hundreds of dollars, she also has stolen clothes, bras, panties, hats, etc from the female friend who disowned her. She is the kind of girl who doesn’t practice what she preaches (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect.) She dances/strips to get into $20 concerts so she can get in for free.. Is $20 really gonna break the bank? Shit, I’d rather pay $20 than be known as the atrocious skank that strips at a club (&no, not a strip club… A night club) All her outfits are VERY chaotic, she can’t even dress herself. She has recently asked her exboyfriend to pimp her out to his friends for money even though she has already had one abortion (will there be more?) She blamed her frequent heroin use on her “pregnancy” although she was just barely 2 months pregnant (and trust me, this all came from a reputable, knowledgable source) ! Although she is still just as disgusting and as horrible of a person. Let’s hope the next time she overdoses, it’s for good. You won’t be missed, fat, ugly, whore, prostitute BITCH.

Looks like she has too much time on her hands.- nik

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