Poopy Pants

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy brought me home back to his place a couple weeks ago….shit his pants while we were sleeping and not to mention had some other girl calling him throughout the night. WHAT THE HELL? Seriously, like who does that! Thanks creep I hope you see this!!!!

 You slept with him and don’t even know his name.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The is Trouble, Aka Nicole Hammerschidt. She is one sick bitch. She thinks that she is all that, be for real, she is just a wanna be BITCH!! She fucks over friends, lies to people, and don’t get me started about her drinking problem. She thinks her shit don’t stink. But hey, dont let the bitch fool ya, she might have a bark. But she doesn’t have much of a bite. She one of the bitches, that runs her mouth and all you just wanna do is drop her off a building. She is money hungry, she works at some car lot in st. Louis. Oh let me tell you, she thinks she all that. But guess what you noo good nasty bitch, your ugly, plan an simple. So take your dusty ass back to where you came from. No body wants you, no body fucking like you. So stop acting so cool, cause you know you aint nothing but trash. You think you bad, guess what bitch. You have no idea whats really coming your way!!

That’s quite an uneventful story.- nik

Craigslist Solicitors

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slore is Destiny Young and her joke of a man Warren Broadaway. They are some of Crawford Countys finest trash. They post ads on craigslist for guys to come sleep with Destiny and take “donations” as they call it so they can buy drugs. I would know because I was one of the people who got caught up in their scandals. She will chow down on your greg for a box of sudos or any other ingredients to help them shake up a batch. Warren has a son that he refuses to take care of and used to beat on his baby momma. Destiny has been pregnant twice that I know of I dont know how they took care of those issues as the call it. This is seious slime right here Warren even went as far as stripping naked for an old guy in Cuba so he could get 20 bucks they are pathetic and it is time people know some truth!

You are not a pimp.- nik

Darth Rader Snatch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is raytown/independence class A white trash. Meet Emily Rader. she is a fake as it gets she will do and say anything to get what she wants, mainly meth alchol or any other drug, she has no self respect or morals and only cares for her self. She will use you all up and steal from you and f*ck you over and than act like she didn’t do anything wrong, poor hygiene and sittin across the room you can still smell her rotten vaginal. its known for smellin like rotten tuna. but besides that if you like to party buy her the drinks and she will show u a belligerent time. she doesn’t kno her limits, and she will get close to girls to get to their mans and spread nasty sh*t. WATCH out shes good at what she does. meth meth meth meth METHINFENAMINE!

Drugs are bad people.- nik

Hide Your Boyfriends

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to start. First of all she attacks every single one of her ex boyfriends friends saying that we have had sex with him while he was dating her, when none Of use have. Saying things like ill beat your ass if i see you out and that we have **ds when she got her teacher fired for banging him on the daily while dating her ex (actually). this nasty girl would threaten my friends daughter. Real cute trying to go after a 3 year old. She goes after every girl for being a sloot when she would ride anything with a pulse. She claims to be a classy rich girl when she reeks nothing but trash. She is malicious and she be thrown in her full to the brim c*m dumpster.

You could start with her name.- nik

Justin Shockey Has a Gaping Butthole

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Justin Shockey, Kansas City’s biggest predator. He lives a double life, one as a father figure to his son and to his live in girlfriend’s kids, and another as a single bachelor going to school to “better himself”. This douchebag is not only a sexual deviant, he likes to lure in multiple single mothers at the same time, all while bringing his precious son to meet and connect with all of them. Who the fuck does that? He is from Oak Grove, but is known in Warrensburg at UCM, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit and pretty much anywhere in the Metro area. After years of being jobless, he finally landed a gig that requires him to travel. So, ladies in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Maryland, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Minnesota, beware! He likes to troll on POF and all other dating sites and will change his city til he finds a match. Don’t worry, this joke does not discriminate. He loves FATTIES, old ladies, tattooed slobs, trannies, and anything with a pulse. He will also demand anal…not GIVING it but RECEIVING it. He will beg you to bang him with a HUGE, gag gift size dildo. At least 18 inches, and he takes it all. He certainly claims to not be into men but, ATTENTION MR. SHOCKEY, your asshole doesn’t get that wide from harmless foreplay. This weasel will do anything to impress you and will become your best friend over night. But no friendship lasts for long. He has fcked everyone over he has ever met, including his family. He loves to blame every problem he has ever had on his mom. He dogs out his entire family constantly, as well as former friends. The entire world must be out to get him. He claims his marriage fell apart for many different reasons but everyone knows he cheated on the poor girl with countless women. She finally wised up and kicked his ass to the curb. He wouldn’t know how to be a loyal friend or significant other if his life depended on it. It’s time to put this fcker on blast so hopefully he won’t keep getting away with being such an all around asshole and douche. This guy isn’t just a sex addict, he has some deep psychological issues. He will try to play this down but anyone who knows him will know it’s the truth.

Now I understand why gay guys like turning straight guys.  I didn’t know de-virginizing appealed to both teams.- nik

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