Slooty Sailor

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Long and short, get little miss PO3 Chelsi Danielle Allen drunk and she’ll fck anyone six ways from Sunday. Her husband caught her red handed with texts proving 4 different guys (undoubtably more) and you know what the best bit is? Because she was hooking up with her officer, she got put into a cushy shore position while the other guys got booted outta the navy. Lt. something or the other likes his piece of ass it seems. Today, you can find this 25 y/o piece of ass whoring around Bremerton racking up DUI’s (14 Aug 2013 in Bremerton anyone?), fuking anyone with a bottle, and generally screwing her way outta trouble. Can’t let this whore slide ladies and gents, the world must know…

I can’t get past the eyebrows, its like she headlighted herself.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Remember The Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This man and woman prey on other people both of them are married to other people and are living off of your working dollar! They joke around saying there “married” but end that statement with ” to other people” they both look for people to join in there bedroom to meanwhile spread there diesease not informing the other of the males DRD/***s the woman brags about to other people cheating on her husband with many men and saying she got std while being a whore while her husband was on deployment, she even lets her kid sleep in the same bed with the men she has sex with GROSS! The man is really gay but tries to hide it from people! Please help protect out military men and woman by spreading the word about this disgusting couple I really feel bad for the daughter and the husband and wife they are doing this too! This is who is out there serving your country be careful America!

Salute Amber Ihnot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have to salute US Navy GSM Engineer, Amber Ihnot! She’s worked so hard to be where she’s at now, good for her! If only she wasn’t a conceited, stuck up freak and didn’t try to sleep with the other US Navy workers, she would be more respected. She’s thirsty for any kind of attention, good or bad. She goes after and dates younger guys since she can’t get a guy her age or older. She once tried to hit up an arabic guy out of her league to hang out, and he straight up rejected by hanging up the phone on her when she texted him like a creeper and he called her to see who it was and she told him it was her. She also begged a guy to come over her house so she could give him head, while her parents were home! She started spreading rumors about herself that she was lesbian since she couldn’t get any guys. That did nothing for her, since she totally failed trying to hook up with another lesbian who didn’t want her at all. She legit tried bringing this girl McDonald’s fast food and disrespectfully let herself in this girl’s house without knocking first while this girl’s family was sleeping. The funny part about that is, the girl took the fast food and told Amber to leave right after! After that fail, she tried hooking up with the girl’s brother! Nik, Amber is mad gross and dirty. Would You?

Answer: No, that uniform doesn’t look like a ladies cut.

Mr. Seaman Douchebag

THE DIRTY ARMY: THIS LADIES AND GENTS is the biggest douche bag you will ever meet! Gather round for the once in a life time opportunity to meet the psychopath of the year!! He knows how to turn on the charm when it’s needed and then once you’re hooked, he treats you like a piece of shit. Isn’t that just lovely? He’s one of those sweet talkers too. He loves to posts pics of his most recent ex wife on the dirty because his hands just can’t keep still. She is not the first and not the last to have the “Christopher Ryan Hernandez” experience. Once you have it, it’s an eye opener. He’s vengeful, a real psychopath if you know what I mean. He does this thing where he treats people like shit, and does a lot of asshole sucking to smooth things over. AND he loves to make everything seem like it’s your fault or your problem when you are either in the right or have done nothing, you know that manipulative bullshit? If that’s what you are looking for then this is the guy for you! He loves picking fights and threatening you for all sorts of reasons. He loves creating and feeding his own ego with this self propelled drama. Get girl. Treat girl like shit. Dump her. Make her look awful, and now I’m the good guy for doing whatever the fck I wanted and no one will know the difference! Well, I hate to break it to you Chris, you are not that good. You are not a good person. People who REALLY know you see through that bullshit of a story you’ve concocted. Trust me ladies, he loves making up stories! He should really be a story teller . He does not feel guilt about anything , or have empathy and that’s a scary thing. Steer clear people! This guy will fake emotions like I have never seen. He doesn’t know how to be genuine. He doesn’t ever fall “in love” it’s all a rouse to reel a girl in AND to make him look like a “big softie” “I want to find my soulmate.” OHH waahhh I’m lonely, why doesn’t anyone love me. Oh that’s because you FCKING SUCK AT LIFE. Makes me sick. He has not the slightest inkling of what real love is. If he knew love, he wouldn’t want revenge, and he is vengeful nasty fck. I know some girls are not really into guys who are narcissistic, controlling, obsessive, psychopaths who could possible end up kidnapping you and locking you in his basement forever, but this charmer right here can be all that and more for the price of your mental and physical well being and your emotional health. Come and get him!!

He’s one of the few guys who need to use the step up to their truck.- nik

V-Nasty Vantasia Tarez

THE DIRTY ARMY: retaliation. she got pregnant by my friend, lied to him about it being his baby and then instead of handling it maturely she goes out and gets drunk every night of her pregnancy and [] the baby after the navy paid her almost $1.3K a month for a house and a baby she doesn’t have. she was using that house as a whorehouse basically and letting guys run all through there. how can the navy support bitches like her and not support single fathers? thats fraud but the navy doesnt want to admit they made a mistake and she was basically getting paid tax payers hard earned dollars so that she could live comfortably. how is that fair? i dont believe it is so THAT is why I am exposing her like Catfish. Just thought your media could get the first scoop before I took my 15 page story with proof and documents to the local news or down the street at CNN headquarters or my friend at CNN. I don’t want any glory because then its gonna look like a “get-even” kind of thing. I want her to have the spotlight she so desperately craves and deserves. She sent this video to this guy named Jarvis and he sent it to me for my piece on exposing how the navy supports these girls and their prostitution. She works on that navy base out in great lakes for a freaking captain none the less. Good old Navy.

That guy needed more then a cooler that night.- nik

Junkie, Theif

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik: I need to put the blast on Leading Seaman Steve Christie. This sorry excuse for a sailor was recently caught thieving items out of other sailor’s boxes. Scumbag thinks we don’t know about it but hes wrong. Guys so bloody stupid, his wife had black baby (she and he are white) that he thinks is his. He smacks his wife around sometimes after a late night of drinking and oxycontin at the mess and says “I’m the man and its my right”. From what I have heard from others in the know, he and the little black girl that he swears is his daughter (but cant possibly be) spend a lot of time playing doctor and such. Judging by other recent posts, the Kanadian Navy really seems to be a place for the sexually deranged.

Only one thing I can think of sailors putting in a box (no homo).- nik

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