Make-up Artist Dee

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik – This girls name is Danielle Andersen and goes by Dee…which reminds me of something you’d name a racehorse. Anyway, this “makeup artist” is notorious for being psycho. Her first fiancé broke things off with her and she broke into his house through the sliding glass door and now has a huge scar on her arm that she BRAGS about… Next she dates this super innocent guy and cheats on him with some random Cuban she met in Vegas. So he breaks up with her and she proceeds to steal from him: his jeans, clothes etc. He had loaned her upwards of a couple grand and he asked for the money, she told him he shouldn’t have loaned her money in the first place if he wanted it back. But then she calls on the cops on him saying he stole her things… So then she tells all her friends how mean he was to break up with her when she didn’t do anything wrong. Well then she ends up moving to Miami with the guy from Vegas and starts pretending she’s super Christian and reads the bible every day. This “Christian” girl is also the same girl who banged a guy and friend on the same day! Hope she showered in between. She probably has and has given DRDs… Anyway so, Cuban guy finally has enough with her not paying her own bills, using him and his family and being an alcoholic so she has no choice but to move again. Portland won’t take her back because everyone knows what a slore she is and so then she has no choice but to go mooch off of her sister and her sister’s friends in San Diego. She can’t keep new friends around very long because they see her for what she really is… She finally nabs another unsuspecting nice guy (the third in less than a year) and he’s in the Navy. Which is lucky for her. He’s gone all the time so she gets to blow his money and cheat on him and he’ll never figure it out because…well…he’s gone all the time. Poor guy has no idea what a trashy person she is. She gets him to settle down and now has a steady paycheck and free time to whore around 6-9 months out of the year. But Nik… She truly thinks she’s gorgeous and that her fat tits make up for her fat body… So since she is sooooo hot… Tell me Nik… Would you??

I think ‘D’ has some reference to her sizing…- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

My GBCx Update

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well I was hesitant to submit a picture of some of the results I’ve gotten because I know your take on no +2’s and tattoos. As an Active Duty Navy female I wish I could throw it at some of these girls. Hopefully seeing it here will encourage more people to give this a try, and I know big legs… bulkiness is unavoidable when running the distance we do.

Looks like the ITG is forming up well. I do need you to laser away that Eiffel Tower happy trail.- nik

Click here to get your GCBx

Click here to see other peoples result

**Ladies please send me before and hot after pictures so I can share with everyone. And detail your results**

Cecelia Menezes

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl cece is such a slore she sleeps with anyone possible this whore is in the navy and passes her vajay around to married men along with a souvenir C**IA she is so gross guys say her vajay smells like blue cheese!! watch out or she will try and sleep with your husbands ladies carefull when she is around because she will strike she dumps on her baby girl on her ex and says she is doing a navy job when in reality she is the job she lives in sacramento but is known to be in natomas, west sac, land park, and any where she can find a greg

Low Key Pro

THE DIRTY ARMY: so I go to Hyde, meet this cocktail waitress/hoe chrissy harris. cute face, thin chick. she was sweet, playing all innocent and hard to get.. well she wasnt that hard to get by the end of the night, she was kissing all over me, letting me touch all over her. so i get to know her, get some background on this chick, and come to find out hella homies have smashed, but she puts on a front like she dont like black dudes. shes honestly the most insane person i have met. she acts super innocent and sweet. she aint innocent at all though. she def aint sweet, shes bipolar as fck. so warnin to all my ni**s out there! shes about a 7, 8 if you cover her head w a bag. couchie stank. flat ass, cellicute but yet she act like she the shit. go buy a bottle from her shes guaranteed to suck ya dick & probably fck all ur homies too. man, she probably sucks dick for them trophies too.

You should have at least some definition if you enter one of these competitions.  Bronzer isn’t magic.- nik

VP-47’s #1 Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I would like to introduce you to the biggest home wrecking slore that the Navy has ever seen. Her name is Kimberly Briggs and she’s as nasty as the come. She acts like she’s the hottest thing on the planet, and thinks she’s God’s gift to men. She’s horribly mean and has no problem ripping peoples relationships apart, she does it with a smile on her face. Shes a  infested whore and is known to fck anything that walks. She especially has a thing for married guys (found it out the hard way) so to the wives of VP-47 and MCBH, WATCH OUT! Everyone she works with hates her because of how lazy she is, the only reason why anyone puts up with her or looks forward to deployments with this thrash is because they know she’s DTF. The girl has NO standards and even got caught giving head in dirty bunker in Djibouti. She is a serious disgrace to the Navy uniform and females like her are the reason women in the military have such a bad reputation. Please Nik, help me expose her for the person she really is. She’s hurt so many people with her whorish ways, if there is one female that deserves to be blasted it’s her.

Sunscreen will cut down on that wrinkling.- nik

Fat Barracks Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Just wanted to introduce you to a famous barracks whore. She has fcked just about every Marine at Bangor,Wa while she was in the Navy. Sure enough got pregnant and suckered one of the marines to be the baby daddy even though the kid looks nothing like this dude.She made sure she got out of the Navy quick after she had the kid. Did I mention her and her best friend switched guys every now and then. Sure enough her best friend fcked her husband and they are still best friends. Gross! She is a horrible wife and horrible mother. She spends all her husbands deployment money on trips,clothes and food as you can see. She always complains that shes broke that way family will give her money while her husband is lucky to get a dollar. She also treats her family like shit. In 90% of the pictures she post of her kid he is either only in a diaper or super dirty. He looks like he never gets a bath. She also never cooks so this poor kid eats Mcdonalds for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Her excuse is that she has depression. Depression doesn’t make you a shitty wife and mother. Im sure if she was really depressed she would get help and stop posting it on facebook every two minutes. This bitch needs to be put on blast. She thinks shes hot shit and that everyone loves her.

I thought people in the army were in shape.- nik

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