Jessica Flowers is gods gift to men

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik I’m in love with this girl! Shes is a model and actress and stripper. She is just so beautiful. kind of reminds me of Ashley Simpson. My friends says shes hoe and She use to have a older sugar daddy but I don’t believe them. Can you please help me find out more information about her. She is from my hometown and she is like gods gift to men. Nik what do you think of this hometown hottie? I give her a 10/10 you?

Homie Hopper Abigail Cox

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty homie hopper!! Abigail cox is a nasty girl likes to be tag teamed she and her man carlos are both dirty people there house is a mess dog shit and piss everywhere …clean up…abigail is a peice of work keeping her daughter from a loveing dad …she spent her tax money on buying carlos a car and rims ..carlos is a cheater cheats on her and she dont care cuz she fckin an sucking on the side

Alecia “Ratchet” Brewer

THE DIRTY ARMY: , meet Alicia aka Bubbles. This girl is truly one of the most ridiculous people that I have ever met. She can spend three minutes with a girl an than claim that she’s besties for life. If you can’t feel the fakeness radiating off her listen to this, after someone who had just met her let her move in to their home after they found out she was a prostitution “victim”. Which she got her boyfriend/pimp prison time, an then hit up some of her old clientele an then bragged about it. She constantly stole from them, cheated their friends out of money she was going to “pay back”. Which when it came time to pay back she would start sh*t with them. Got kicked out of the first place moved into someones house who once again thought was her friend. There she proceeded to do the same thing. Got kicked out again. Called CPS on the couple for revenge. If that’s not bad enough the girl has slept with so many guys, an has had several threesomes in a night. In fact all 3 guys pictured above had sex with her in a single night. Girl is nothing but a party’s cheese tray being passed around. An all while trying to get back with her baby daddy. Who has her kid because she’s to unfit to actually care for her. This girl is inside an out rachet. So Nik what do you think, how much do you think she’s worth a night? I let her meet a friend and with in 24 hours of knowing him she was fcking him….

Alecia Brewer Follow Up
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is ALECIA BREWER… I’m not really sure why she keeps trying act like miss innocent she herself is on backpage for Dayton and has been for at least a year and she contacted myself asking to be pimped out again lol her first pimp was some guy named Ron and he apparently turned her out lol

Erica Ostrander

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erica ostrander is the biggest homie Hopper around, she goes from one dude to their friends! She’s nasty, she leaves her kids with whoever will watch them and most of the time it’s her 13 year old sister. She always gets her baby dad to take her back after she fcks everyone. She has fcked all 4 dudes in these pics and she was with John but he went to jail so she started fcking his friend Jon. .slut much?

Amanda the big Mouth Jager

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda, this girl is on Facebook every second of the day and just talks crap on everyone gor no reason she obliviously hates her life and deletes a post if someone try’s to talk crap back to her. Shes a Facebook slut and talks to other guys when her man isn’t around. The crazy party is she is a kindergarden teacher and acts like she’s still in high school. She’s a drama freak. Never happy unless she has someone to act tough to on Facebook. This girl needs to be put on blast she is a Facebook hard ass that will never grow up. She’s a joke hopefully this will help her think about her life. Amanda yager facebooks hardass

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