Police Officer Child Molestor While On Duty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, my girl friend DVR’d you on couples Therapy and I have to say I enjoyed it, especially when you were giving sh*t to the child molester. On that note here is some dirt on this child molester cop that just got arrested: A Columbus Ohio police officer was returned to jail yesterday after a federal judge heard sexually graphic text messages exchanged between him and two 15-year-old girls. Todd L. Smith, a Columbus police officer will to remain in custody while he awaits trial on charges of coercing one 15 year old girl for sex and trying to persuade another 15 year old to produce a racy video and photo. He used his position of trust as a police officer since both girls were students at Centennial High School while Smith was the resource officer there. That means we were paying our tax dollars for him to hang out in the High School and hit on under age girls while he was supposed be there in case a fight among students had to be broken up or a student was smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Smith encouraged the girls to send him nude photographs of themselves; evidence shows that each girl sent at least one photo of herself topless. When one girl said she was going to have sex with a Centennial High School teacher, Smith texted her to “tape it. I want to see you in action.” In another text, one of the girls suggested that she and Smith “Skype later and I’ll show you everything.” Smith responded: “Yummy.” Smith also told at least one of the girls that he wanted naked images of her to add to his “ spank bank,” a collection of photographs he kept to provide himself sexual stimulation. The FBI recovered 6,000 texts that were exchanged between Smith and one of the girls. She said FBI agents learned about one girl after her mother contacted an attorney. The second girl contacted the FBI after hearing news accounts of Smith’s arrest, assuming that the case involved her relationship. Court documents state both girls are concerned about their safety if Smith is released. In a text message to one of the girls, Smith said he would “hate the s—” out of her if she told anyone about their relationship. What a piece of work! Later Nik.

Sarah Jones, you read this?- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Dead Beat Husband

Dead Beat Huspand


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is an utter douche bag. While his pregnant wife was at home taking care of their children, he was at work flirting with the women he worked with. While she was at home in pain after being forced to have plastic surgery because of scar tissue from four pregnancies, he was sexting with a woman who worked at a Chinese Restaurant. Now, instead of being at home working on his relationship with her and helping to take care of his four daughters, he’s decided it would be better to go onto OKCupid and post under the name of Train3687 and try to find another woman to have sex with. His current wife has begged , pleaded, and tried to bargain with him for him to change his ways, not be such a lazy father, and assist with his children. It’s been several weeks since she asked him for time apart so they can reassess their marriage, and the children haven’t even noticed his absence. You tell me how involved in their life he was. You want a winner, let this deadbeat dad take you out. On his profile he says he wants more kids, really? You don’t even want to take care of the ones you currently have. Good luck finding a woman stupid enough to see through your lies, and be dumb enough let you treat her like trash.

Slap him with a divorce already.- nik

Honest Advice

Honest Advice

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I used to think you were a huge d*ck because you are so mean to heavy people. However…I started to think about what you were saying — about how one’s body represents one’s motivation in life. I agree with that. You really can tell how mentally and physically well an individual is by looking at that person’s body. Being either too heavy or too thin indicates that something is not right with that person either mentally or physically. Right now, I am 5-5 and 129 pounds. I am chubby. I just want to know how much weight I should lose to look good. I have tried asking my friends, but I just get the usual bullsh*t about how I should accept myself the way I am. I don’t want to accept that I am a chubby little midget. I know I can do better. So what do you think Nik? Is it possible for short girls to look okay, and how much should I lose?

I’m a tough critic. To me at 5’5 I personally wouldn’t touch you unless you weighed 105. So in real world standards 110 is probably normal looking.- nik

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The Orange Look Is Not Cool In Ohio

Ompa Lompa

Ompa Lompa

Ompa Lompa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this girl on facebook and I have got to ask WHAT THE F*** WAS SHE THINKING? Why on earth would a female want to look like they have been dipped in dirt. Kinda reminds me of the woman in trouble for tanning her child. This is her child in 15 years.

I feel bad for Live Strong’s pillow cases.- nik

MOTHER abused baby boy

MOTHER abused baby boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, remember back in Jan when you had a post about Robert DeZarn (Also See) beating his son and now the child has brain damage, well I would like to clarify what is really going on and what really happened. For starters the person that originally posted the artical really didnt know much. She was barely around them or the child and was always running her mouth starting drama for jenee and Robby, but the FACTS are THE MOTHER Jenee Carr from Fairfield, Ohio is the one who abused her child. Jenee just had her sentencing yesterday and plead GUILTY to child endangering. She got 6 years and 3 years parole. Robby has not been charged with anything. So for everyone who wanted to talk shit about JUST Robby needs to really look at the facts. Xander is now in a foster home with a loving fami9ly. The lady speacializes in head trauma. He has anywhere from 7-20 seizures a day, he cant eat by himself, talk, walk ,and will NEVER have a shot at life. We also just found out his is blind. The mother had already admitted to whipping, smacking, and biting the baby but the doctors think she smothered the baby to get him quiet and asleep. Xander will be 1 in August and will not get to experience his first birthday or any part of life. He will continue to suffer. This is a super horrible and sad story. jenee had family ALL around that was willing to help with the baby at a drop of a dime. There was NO reason for this. She blamed it on depression, oh BS. And to top things off while in court she came out to take a seat and she was smiling and laughing, then the judge after reading her charges asked if she had anything to say and her response was NO? Really? Then the judge looked at her and said really you have nothing to say? Then she decided to say well I mean I am sorry and I can just hope to continue on with my therapy and hope it makes me better? Yeah some white trash she is huh? Also I wanted to say the person who originally posted this comment talked shit about all Robby’s tattoos but Jenee has the same type of shit ALL over her body, and she was also a stripper when she didnt even need to be cause she has a rich mommy and daddy who pay ALL her bills, buy her cars, give her grocery money, but look what happens when you 100% spoil your child they end up not caring about anyone but themselves.

Why’s he not raising his child then…both are unfit parents.  Thanks for the follow up though, its nice to see people getting their due.- nik

Chris Fiddes Cheats With Women And Men

Chris Fiddes cheats with women and men

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Interesting story: Chris Fiddes of Point St. Charles Montreal, is a very confused man. I met this dude when he said he was on business in Ohio. Said he was divorced for 5 years.LIE #1. Told an amazing story about an ex girlfriend he caught in bed with his best friend who shortly died after in a car crash. LIE #2. Never happen. After I let him stay with me for a month while he was getting his house in order for his new job here, his wife called and said he wasn’t divorced. Chris blamed this call on her bi-polar disorder. LIE #3. Still married and not crazy. I sent Chris home to Montreal and he continued to beg to return promising of proof of legal separation. I allowed him to return to Ohio and stay with me, still suspect, but with separation papers in hand. LIE#4 papers were fake. Found questionable facebook messages between him and another female. Chris said his facebook was used by friends in the “irish mob” and contacting female would put him and his kids lives in danger. Chris is so stupid he was caught emailing a fake account in above females name. He was told then to leave Ohio. *these lies were not found out until Chris left Ohio for good. Now the story gets better. So numerous emails were forwarded to my email account. I noticed they were also sent to many other people. These emails showed not only was he cheating on his wife with me, apparently, but also 3 other women. This is not the worst part. Chris also had an appetite for men! There were emails from random men on craigslist who were looking for sexual encounters. Now Chris describes himself as a bottom” (likes to take it in butt) I had to google that. He is also “versatile”. Loves rimming and more….. with men. Of course I thought he would deny it, but he didn’t. He didn’t confirm either. Here is the basic information about this guy, after sifting through the lies: He is 38, lives with his parents in a shitty apartment, he has 2 kids he pays nothing for and left his wife struggling to pay the bills. He had a BMW that got repossed after only a couple months of leasing. He tans way too much, you can tell from the orange glow and deep set wrinkles. Chris stutters blaming it on a head injury related from a mob assault. LIE# whatever. He wears expensive clothes and jewerly, but no money, no job, no car, no pride, and no honest bone in his body. He likes to tell women he’s never felt this way before, however there are numerous emails stating thats not true. He loves them all….and more. He can be seen looking for women at bars, especially Pub St. Charles, however he looks for his men on craigslist.

Ewwwww! erase, erase, erase.- nik

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