Jillian Forces Herself on Gregs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this grimy little slore is Jillian Force. She can be found at any local hotel party putting out in the bathroom, or sneaking around with her “bestfriends ” boyfriends. She’s been putting out since grade 9 and has racked up over 30 guys so far. She is 19 years old and about 90% of the people she has had sex with were one night stands during a 3 year relationship with a person she was “in love with”. She is the definition of an attention whore and will screw over anyone or do anything to get the d. She has been diagnosed with Chlamydia over a year ago and REFUSES to get treated. God knows what other venerials and stis this little gremlins carrying around and spreading all over lake cuyahoga & medina counties. Since grade ten whenever this girl is around and she opens her legs the slightest bit she smells like lake eerie on a hundred degree day in july. She doesnt wear under wear and when she takes her pants off theres a pile of green crust. She looks like she is 7 months pregnant ALL THE TIME. Girls, do not befriend her shell use you to meet the guys your interested in and then will sleep with them at all costs. Guys, beware of her because she’ll obsess over you and call you thousands of times a day and give you stds if you are dumb enough to sleep with her. What do you think nik?

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Hide Your Husbands

THE DIRTY ARMY: Since this slut’s marriage failed, she will try to fail every other woman’s marriage as well. She wants everyone to be as miserable as her. Does her three kids know momma is spreading her legs to the first man that offers her a drink. And a bonus if he’s married! Her name is Nicole!

Mathew Humphrey

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Mathew Humphrey is the one of the most dirty dudes at state rd, along with all his boys. Their group of dudes share all the hoes they fuck with, their is one group of guys sharing like 4 different sets of rachet hoes. These rachet hoes like getting trains ran on them, setting that shit out to a different guy in the group every fri/sat. Shit probably during the week too! Pukking in my mouthhh!!! These nasty hoes got baby daddys in jail waiting to come home to their family and their fucking every dick they cross at state rd. Some of these bitches are married or their cuffed up lying to their niggas about where their at. If your looking for the rachets hit up STATE ROAD TAVERN PARMA OHIO. P.S That nigga has an drd so females beware, wrap up if your dumb enough to still fuck. And watch his niggas their just as nasty, keep that in your brain.

Model I think Not

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl thinks that she is a model. While she has a banging body her face leaves much to be desired. She is also as dumb as a box of rocks. Her real last name is Stewart. She goes by the last name Love. Which is really stupid as this is her baby daddy’s last name. The baby daddy that she cheated on and was never married to. She also has atleast one drd. She is a nurse and a bad one. She really needs to be on the dirty but will probably think of it as a compliment.

Ohio Does Have Hot Women

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have always said there is no hot girls in Ohio and you have everyone brainwashed.  Because this girl Molly is a certified 9 or 10 even in a state like California.  Wanted to run her by your radar and hopefully it can change your mind about this beautiful state.

You are crazy, this girl is a 4.662781 on a drunk night in Cali.- nik

The Olive Garden Guido

THE DIRTY ARMY: What we have here is your typical narcissist, he thinks he deserves every piece of ass that crosses his path and honestly believes he can get them. I’m not going to lie I fell for it (overtones of regret),I was in a weird place. I dated this guy for two years but only after he literally stalked me via text for six months and we happened to work together at the time. He treats every girl he manipulates into believing his game the exact same way. There was an instance where he took me on a motorcycle ride to this “secret spot” and one of the employees called him out for having a different girl on his bike last year. Ouch. He goes after girls who have “family issues” or girls who are having problems in their relationships. He has no problem sleeping with taken women and actually prefers them. In verbatim “I getem, Always have”. Ugly, fat, hot, married, new moms, old, underage, he takes whatever he can. This might sound like someone with a lot of game but in reality is just an insecure man from a very small town I’ve never even heard of until I met him. Don’t try to have an intellectual conversation with him, he’ll say you think too much. Not to mention he is extremely physically abusive and racist. At a low point I was locked in a bathroom while he called me a n*gger. He’s choked me out a couple of times and of course the first time he was drunk so I excused it. Which brings up another point, this kid literally drinks Coronas and Mike’s hards before work everyday in his car. He’s had to stop at local rest stops to clean his car out while we were hanging out. He would complain to me that he needed to drink all the time, which he did. I’d come home from work early only to see that he was wasted off a 12 pack before he had to go into work. And he’d have to smoke before he did anything, including work, driving anywhere, taking care of his grandma’s. No hate but drinking and smoking 24/7? Also very unfaithful, he was seeing another employee that I worked with when we were together which ultimately lead to our break-up. A woman who was in a relationship and living with the guy who was the father of her child (Her family lives out of state and she has a dead tooth). And I caught him talking to several other women before we broke up. Not to mention recently he’s sent me videos of himself jacking off so I had to block him. I had to do this. Peace, Love, and well whatever you prefer!

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