Nasty Scum Bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know a lot of girls think that Andrew Humphrey is attractive. Trust me so did I. He seems to be a very fun and charming guy, he’s really not. He will message you and ask you to come over and smoke and be extremely cute but he is nothing but a lying scum bag who will step on anyone to benefit himself. He was noting but a drugged out rave slut when i met him. Honestly i thought he had grown up and changed. I was wrong. He recently cheated on me and got Genital W**ts. Not only did he cheat and get an drd, but he was very abusive. My birthday present was him choking me out. Early christmas present? He choked me out again, kicked me in the belly and smashed my head through a window. I didn’t press charges against him because he cried and said he would go get help then turned around and he told me that “he is a boss for not going to jail for what he did and that he bets i leaned my lesson. Anyone who puts their hands on a lady deserves to be exposed to the world. Andrew is nothing but cleveland trash. The only thing you will get from him is an drd and a black eye, watch out.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Augusta County Fair President

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This slutty whore with a passion for nude selfies has slept with half of Augusta County, Via, and has been “rewarded” by being named president of the county’s Fair Board. Wrong message to send to the young people in our area.

The only support you get in a tub is under-water..- nik

Mentor’s Most Accessible

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Gina Fedele AKA Gina Bean, itsginababyyy. This bitch needs to be put on blast for fucking my boyfriend when she knew that we were dating. I’m so sick of this little whore, all she is good for is showing off her body. She is such a dumb bitch seriously though. I used to work with her at Verizon Wireless and her slutty ass got fired because she tried sleeping with the manager just to get a raise so they did an internal affairs investigation on her and found her guilty and fired her. this bitch is so fucking stupid that she cant even pass entry level classes at Lakeland. So now to support her daughter the only thing she can do is show off her body, what a great mom. You can find Gina at any local shit hole bar half dressed passing out free shots looking like a fucking idiot whore for money! that’s how she met my boyfriend and she took him home and fcked him in one night in the same house her daughter lives in. like really bitch grow up and get a real job besides doing porn, modeling naked, and passing out free drinks at a bar and flaunting it like your doing big things in your life. Bitch your not doing shit, your not going to become anything in life, and your always going to live of the government and your parents. her motto is “doing me” haha lol well that’s 100 not true because your doing a lot of other people as well. I’m sure your dad is so pleased to see his daughter half naked on the internet her ass hanging out and scandalous pictures of her. I’m sure he’s also proud that his baby girl is getting her pussy pounded out on the internet, and if you don’t believe it there are videos of Gina sucking dick and getting fucked from behind. I guess that’s what you have to do the rest of your life because your just a dumb ass bitch who cant even pass Lakeland CC classes. I honestly feel sorry for you Gina that you have to do this kind of work for the rest of your life. maybe you should find some old sugar daddy that would love fucking some young slut like you for the rest of his life. Instead of fucking everybody else for 100 bucks. another thing about this little slut is that she thinks that she is the shit and better than everybody else I don’t know why she acts like that because in reality she has nothing and is stupid as fuck. She is a piece of that wont even let her baby’s dad see her kid. idk anybody else who would do something like that. she says that hes not a good role model while shes out shooting porn or running around bars half naked looking like a fucking idiot. I feel so bad for Gin because she will always be living off the government, getting her pussy pounded out for money or working in a bar. Thanks for being a home wrecker as well you little whore, shouldn’t you be in some motel getting fucked somewhere

Nobody read that.  Just saying.- nik

Pain Pill Prego

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is BilliSkye Rye, she pronounces it “buhhhl-skye”, totally fitting. Watch out for this slore, she will bleed you dry of your money, sleep with every ex you’ve ever been with, sabotage your car and find your family on facebook to spread rumors that you are a prostitute, that is, if she feels threatened in any way. This girl is on major drugs, she has no regard for being pregnant, she says she knows who that father of her child is, but she was in fact sleeping with another guy at the same time. She steals pills from her father to get high and sell to her friends to buy their friendship. Watch out for this nasty, self proclaimed “nympho”, fire crotch slut. She’s due any day so she’ll be prowling…if not already. Nik, I know you have something to say about this girl’s gender…

I can’t see her landing a guy with any money.- nik

Brian Davis Deadbeat Father

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brian Davis is a dead beat father who works at Townhall in ohio city,ohio. He has two beautiful twin boys who he doesnt give a crap about taking care of or being a father to. Here is the order and what he owes in arrears… er: OH180 Date Printed: 01/12/2014 Obligee Name: H Monthly Support Obligor Name: BRIAN DAVIS Child As Of: 01/11/2014 Total: $1,146.33 Unpaid Balance: $3,487.40

Douchebag.- nik

Heather Renee busting out of Buckeye State

THE DIRTY ARMY: Would love to be a featured model with your publication! I’m Heather Renee Isbell, 23, from Ohio. 38DD-24-36. Dark brown hair/green eyes. Single. Heather is an aspiring playboy model, with brains and beauty. Heather is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and plans to keep shaking things up! Model/photographer. Here’s some pictures of me and my modeling credits.

She’ll have to keep aspiring…dreaming would be the better word choice.- nik

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