Fat Snitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Derek fitzer the nasty dude in Cleveland stays off Of 1*** owns just resale he feeds little girls Molly and beer and any other drug he can find than try’s to sleep with them I am one of his victims and I’m 17 stay clear from him he snitched out of ever case he got who shoots up a house gets out of it he was on the news for it and don’t get in any kind of trouble put two and two together Smh ur so nasty u try to acked like a good guy but you are a pig for the staff u do to little girls u need to acked your age your in your 30’s u need to be put away your a waste of space on earth u make me so sick for the staff u tryed to do to me I’m so surprised you have not been on here before girls u need to Speke up against this low life u massed my hole life up dart ball

Its hard to mac chicks from the couch.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Arnela now goes by Nella

THE DIRTY ARMY: I can’t tell if “Nella” has shit her pants or is wearing a diaper, Nik do you think this “Constipated photo” is attractive? On her “Fan page” she likes to brag about how she is all about school and non underage drinking yet she hangs out Celebs with her new Homies on the week days. Here’s the video of Miss Innocence

No bottom is better then a soggy one.- nik

Skates Rampant

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is more of a public service announcement than a specific incident. I have been subjected to the puck slut below who has been with half of Ohio Universities hockey team and is now spreading syphilis throughout the team. Not only has Amy Rubin slept with players (that she has passed the drd to) but she has also slept with the current head coach. Amy has no problem subjecting herself to the entire hockey team and more, I just thought it would be a good idea to give guys a heads up seeing as what she has done to the hockey team. PS the nipples attached to those warlocks are the size of a small frisbee.

Kelsey the Wilderbeast

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is Kelsey shes suppose to be a cosmetologist but as you can see from her own hair she isn’t to good at it. She is a raging alcoholic and a home wrecker I know a few men she has had sex with and they have been married. Then she begs them to leave their wives and kids for her. She has no class no any ass just a fupa as you see in her supergirl costume. I wouldn’t say super girl I would say super wreck. She doesn’t have any good qualities except being that friend you have to get into places for free or get free drinks because she fuks them for anything. This girl if you even want to call her that is complete trash. She was seen in downtown Willoughby snorting pills off the toilet seat with her suppose to be boyfriend. BEWARE OR KELSEY WILDERBEAST!

Why not have her own, she has the body for it…- nik

The Crazy Russian

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is Julia Plungas great friend of Gina the queen of DRD! Julia needs to be exposed because she also had DRD and she needs to stop spreading her legs! It’s terrible because they both live together and see how many guys lives that they can ruing by spreading their disease! A good guy friend of mine told me that julia said she had some specific drd that originated in Russia her homeland! I just needed to get this out to the public to not mess with either of this girls they both have the gift that keeps on giving! Everybody in the downtown Willoughby area needs to watch out these to are the tag team of the DRD world! please do not get suckered in by their look the both have something that you cant get rid of! They both need to take their disease ridden vaginas back to their foreign counries! These to love to get the train ran on them by the big black cock! especially julia! One time my buddy said that Julia took it up the anus and Gina the nasty girl that she is licked the poop off of his dick! And thats not it Julia and Gina Like to perform 2 girls and 1 cup type of videos. If they dont bring back any guy to spread their ‘love’ to they like to suck and fuck on each others holes. Gina especially like to eat shit she loves the buthole and Julia loves to recieve it. Julia is an angry Russian who needs to take her nasty shit back to Russia!

Gina Fedele

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this here is Gina Fedele AKA Gina Bean or what ever you want to call her. She is a single mother of a SLOW child. she thinks that she is doing the right thing for her child and family. She started off with decent modeling pictures but know that she gets attention from people who just want to fck her and old men she loves it, she constantly tries to see how many more fans she can get every day. She will do anything for a little bit of money. She has done things such as nude pics, home porn videos, and her favorite thing is getting a train ran on her by black guys. She will do absolutely anything for money. she even fucked a 65 year old man for 100$. She loves the huge black cock inside her. Guys if you see this girl out you need to stay away because she has the gift that keeps on giving, DRD. I know this for a fact because when she fucked my boyfriend Ryan Griffin without pertection he began seeing sores on his dick a couple of weeks later. My boyfriend said he didnt know why he even did it he said that her pussy was nasty. He said that she has huge lips that look like roast beef and they danngling from her while she was standing. Gina is one of the worst mothers I know she goes out to downtown willoughby every weekend to find the next guy she can give drd. she should stop worrying about sex and start taking care of her daughter. She is a terrible role model for her daughter, i dont knowwhat she is thinking. She probably wants her daughter to grow up and do the same things she does. Guys like to talk to Gina because she is so fucking stupid she doesnt realize that they only want one thing from her dumb ass, SEX and she puts out everytime. This girl is a rat faced bitch who looks to wreck homes. She took my boyfriend out to dinner and fcked him, while her boyfriend was away in jail! She has fucked over 75 guys and brags about how she never uses protection. I dont know how she can do this. Im sure her father is so happy to see his baby girl naked all over the internet where a bunch of horny old guys just dream about penetrating his little girl. Guys I know that she is pretty but stay away unless you want drd.

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