Not so Chunky Stripper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been posted. I’ve been accused of being a home wreaker whore. By someone hiding behind a computer screen making anything up. Quick to judge. Not all strippers are junkies and whores. Yes I dance on the weekends to support my kids. No I’m not proud of that but I get to raise my kids and not some daycare. The girl who posted me Jami Lyn/ Balsamo is worried over nothing. I have more respect for myself than that. I don’t do drama and don’t care what anyone has to say about me I think I’m very pretty. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated so I won’t put anybody down. I’ll let thedirty community be the judge. I’m the blonde in the pictures. She’s the darker haired. She has her own man she lives with and just had a kid with. All this fighting and drama is over her ex. I dont want her man any of them! I have no problem finding my own. People who live in glass houses shouldnt be so quick to throw stones. God bless you all.

What’s with the post if you don’t care?- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Dirty Santucci

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is Caitlyn Santucci. She’s one of the loosest girls in Pittsburgh, not just north hills. She hangs out with cokeheads and drinks like a sloppy 13 year old. She’s slept with the greater Pittsburgh area and hangs out in the dingiest bars there are. Her friends are just as dirty as she is, but they’re probably on here somewhere too. Please put this whore on blast.

She has two hands for a reason.- nik


Jami Balsamo LVs Junkiest

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jami Balsamo aka ‘Jami Lyn’ she’s been posted on here before well over a yr ago. She blames me for the post which I did not do, she just recently submitted me why she waited so long Idk, espically since we were civil towards eachother afterwards. Well let me clear a few things up, this girl has been totally obessed with me ever since she meant and began dating my loser ex husband on some dating site, she went through his CS court papers and figured out who I was, and has done nothing but harrass me since. Btw I left and divorced him years before they even meant. She left her LT boyfriend Bryan and 4 kids behind to be with my loser jailbird deadbeat daddy ex. Everything she posted about me are all lies, but totally true about her own life! She’s pushing 40 but doesnt look a day over 60, she still swears shes the hottest thing to walk the face of the earth lol. She has absolutely NOTHING to show for in life, but she claims to have everything. She lives in a house so nasty filthy disguisting it looks like its about to blow over at any second and should be condemned. Ive caught this girl in so many lies its unbelievable the best was the one about her so called Bugatti car lol. She just recently had her 5th child, which she admitted to the hospital testing the umbilical cord for drugs and a report to CYF. I have all the proof for anyone that has any question to what Ive written. She doesnt know if her LT boyfriend is the father or my ex. She went back to her LT and kids after she figured out the truth about my ex, him robbing, cheating on her numberous times! All her kids have different fathers, this is now the second child she has her LT raising as his own but is unsure of. Poor guy! She’ll never really leave the LT because without him she has nothing, she couldn’t possibly work for a living like the rest of the world! All she cares about is drugs, shes wasted years on. Which you can tell in her own appearance she’s nothing but skin and bones, and according to her own friends has scabs all over her face in person. I really did feel bad for this girl and gave her several chances even after she called my young children some of the ugliest names you can imagine, I would never go so low to speak of any innocent child the way she has repeatly. I really do feel bad for her children, just look at the pic of her pregnant, barely showing right before delivery, she looks to be nodding off standing up! she wrote in my post that she hopes my daughters dont turn out like me. Hmm like her currently pregnant HS drop out teen daughter has like her. So sad! As I stated above everything she says about others is only true in her own life. Here Jami now you have a real reason to hate me, and blame me for a post I DID do. This girl gets to get her life together, stop obessing over everyone else, focus on getting better for her kids sake.

A little concerning if that was her best pic outta the bunch.- nik

Chrystal Fraudson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I just wanted to say and to warn the world that his girl is a complete and total fraud! Don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Chrystal has quite a few too many Facebook profiles to hide who she really is. She was even posted on your site, Nik, a few too many times already. Therefore, once again, here is some more warning to the innocent Pittsburghers before they get sucked into her petty ridiculous childish drama which is always based on actual and factual lies from her relentless trap. First off, she apparently, beat the crap out of her child and then locked her son in his room for years, but blamed her husband at the time bc she was at work while she knew darn well of the crime they were committing to her son: so they could sleep at night and get on with their business so they could do drugs. Yet she claims she never did drugs in front or around her children, which is a lie as I heard from more than 20 people. But in the end both of her children were taken out of her life by the law. Just goes to prove and to show the truth in between the lines of her fabricated pitiless lies. What is even more sad is how she claims how she is “Miss Innocent.” If she was innocent as she speaks of herself to be, the outcome with her, being able to keep her children would have ended differently, but face it Chrystal, you cannot hide the fact that your lies overcompensate in how the law displayed the real truth of who you really are as a inexorable person. Over all Chrystal Plesniak aka Chrissi Scott or Chrystal/Chrissi Watson keeps on changing and making new Facebook profiles to cover her long trail of deceptions. BTW this c^nt needs to get her teeth fixed bc she has done way to many blow jobs and coke lines with her ex’s David A. Hitt and Rob. Now, to the point her teeth are rotted out and eroded where they look like something out of a horror movie. Which is exactly why you will never see her smiling in any of her self taken misrepresentation pictures! She knows how scary she looks and doesn’t want to hide her potential male victims. Oh and yeah, she is nothing but pure stinky dregs of society, who always whines and squeals like a bug fat pig in saying how her life is filled with nothing but grief and drama. Truth is she is too dumb, to see and to come to the realizations that only Chrystal is the one who is despoiling the misery she blames on others, upon herself. In other words, she creates her own misery. Misery brings your own company, Chrystal. She seriously, feeds on this so called ruthless drama, so she can continue to play the victim in trying to shamelessly have people feel sorry for her sloppy ass!

Has she moved outta the basement yet?- nik

Update Jess Morgan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres an update on Jess Morgan. I think the public should be informed of her craziness. Its pretty clear that she would make a great poster women for the pyschiatric disorder known as “Munchausen”. It causes women to fake pregnancies/ miscarriages, in order to gain attention/sympathy. Some even go as far as faking the stillbirth of a baby. Jess has done it all! Shes done this some many times, with so many diff men for years now its impossible to keep track. Shes even been on a roll lately of claiming twins the last few so called pregs. As soon as her last post went up the first thing she did is start posting on FB claiming to be pregs yet again! The only proof she ever gives any of these so called babydaddies is outdated ultrasound pics/stillborn babies she pulls off of google images and uses on fb as her own. Her pics are exact matches to those on google! How sick and twisted is that? Whats really sad is this girl already has 4 living breathing older children! Shes a complete deadbeat mom, she only bothers with 1 the youngest, the others she doesnt have custody of, and doesnt bother doing shit for! They all have different fathers, all of them ran off! Who could blame them? This chick is seriously nuts, she becomes obessed with any man she finds desperate enough to sleep with her and will stop at nothing to keep the guy. You would think she would’ve learned by now that a baby or should I say ‘fake baby’ wont keep a man, but I guess crazy people just think the same as we do. If you see this girl run as if your running for your life! Nothing good can come from her, she already had one guy that actually married her commit suci**. .Shes in her 30s, lives in a run down apartment in one of the dirtiest ghetto neighborhoods in the city. She barely can afford the cost of bus fair to get herself around! Broke hoe. She looks like a strung out druggie skin n bones and has fake front teeth. As you can see from the pics shes covered from head to toe in awful, 5yr old drawn on like tats, several of them are different guys names! Eww..And she has some kind of sores covering her legs..See pic..I see posting this as a public service, because if this girl keeps going and doesnt get help. Im afraid she’ll end up on the 11 o’clock news as one of those crazy women who try to steal someone elses baby!

Sounds like she’s living for/off of donations.- nik

Cheats on His GF While Giving Birth to Their Child

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik my friend was in the hospital having her baby, and the day after she had her baby. So she had her baby at 20 with a man (or child) who is almost 30 years old named Mike Styslinger. The day after she has her baby, her “boyfriend” who promises her the world goes to this ugly ass Sara Campbell and gives her drugs in exchange for a blow job. He gets head from this Sara Campbell who is also 6 months pregnant, while his girlfriend K is in the hospital recovering from child birth. This girl Sara Campbell who is from Monroeville, Pa or Turtle creek area.
She went to Gateway highschool, and is a heroin addict who fucks men for drugs even if that man is taken, and even if that man has a child with another women, and even if the women he is with is still in the hospital recovering from his child birth. This girl Sara Campbell also has oral herpes, and now my friend is worried she may get them because of Mike and Saras nasty asss. Both of them have a facebook, you should contact them and tell them what nasty people they are. They ruined the babies chances of having parents that are together, they ruined many things my friends trust, and many other things. This man does not pay child support for a baby he KNOWS is he as his girlfriend did not cheat, and tried to make him happy. This man barely see’s his child, but on facebook has a whole different attitute and acts like he is dad of the year. Once a week when he does see his child only because he has to, he takes a million pictures and posts them on facebook to make him look like a good father, and he is not. He pays no support, hasnt bought his baby anything, doesnt know much about his baby at all but ask him on facebook and hes #1 dad. His girlfriend pays for all things for the child,and takes full care of this baby at 20 years old but she loves the baby very much. She also works part time, while the babies father sits at home on unemployment sleeping on his parents couch- he’s almost 30. since K broke up with her cheating boyfriend, he now only uses this is a better excuse to see his child even less. HE is a disgusting, perverted, womanizing, loser however the babies mom is taking great care of the baby and found a REAL man to father the baby.

Chasing underage tail and not being able to pay for your child is the definition of a deadbeat.  Does he also work at Wal-mart.- nik

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