Fake Pig

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello there Nik, this smut aka Hayley Paige from West Mifflin, in good ole Pittsburgh must really hates on skinny girls because she is a fat hoe bag krusty smutty huge oinker PIG!!!! Anyone that is considered skinnier, fit, prettier, more beautiful and in better shape than her she hates on them. I love how I get to admit on here that this incredibly FAT cunt with a sloppy body and a weird looking face is nothing but a liar. She even tries really hard with all her might to hit on guys when she is very much so BIGGER than they are. She would practically smash them into a pancake. LMAO!!! She is a WHALE! Yeah so she had a kid which is her excuse, but so did I, but I went to the gym and ate right and stopped drinking liquor. Whereas that all she ever does ALONG with a bunch of other drugs and threatens people with her gun. However, the real reason I am putting her on here is because she was always nice to my face in person while riding my dick all the while behind my back she talked some mad shit about me. I was nothing, but nice to her until I saw how she said she “hated me” I never once made in front of her weight nor did I ever judge her, but she just had to talk all this shit behind my back. SMDH!!!!! So my message to Hayley, I really don’t care if you talk shit behind my back, please quit riding my dick when you see me in person.

I remember posting this guy.– nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Typical Pittsburgh Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Shannon Lehman. She is a nasty waste of space from Castle Shannon who is about 30 years old..lives in a small house on Canal street, which always gets flooded by heavy rain. Let me mention she still lives at home with her mommy & daddy..along with her own son & numerous siblings. I think CYS needs to be called. She is a drunk. Always out partying if she isn’t at her bottom dollar job in mount Lebanon. Now let’s get to her child situation..she gets knocked up..& tells this dude that he is the father..when she really knows he iSnt. Why would you lie about something like that? That’s wrong on so many levels. The daddy is actually some ugly loser named Timmy Dey. He doesn’t want anything to do with the kid anyways. But Shannon likes to stalk people & slash their tires, & talk smack..when she is the one with issues. How many abortions have you had Shannon? What happened to the baby you were supposed to have with Vinny Miglioretti? Oh that’s right..you said you miscarried when you really aborted it. Shannon is a drunk, she has a few DUIs as well. She talks about all these other people yet her life is so far from perfect. She talks about ALL OF HER FRIENDS!! Please put this undercover skank on blast.

Typical Pittsburgh would be covered in beads.- nik

Woman Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy Is wanted by the law yet it hasnt caught up with him yet. His name Is Gregg Glover. He goes by the name Gus.. Hey Gus your past caught up with you. Thanks thedirty.com . Gus is in pittsburgh now. I wonder how women he smacked around there. Northside women beware of Gus.

If only he had ownership over something…- nik

Sleazy Creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this sleazy creep is timmy mcgrath. hes a waiter in pittsburgh and in teh band Trophies. he hits on every girls everywhere he goes and tries to get with everyone even though he has had the same gf for YEARS and is now engaged. i feel bad for the girl, he is nasty. a friend of mine got with him at one point and he is just so gross. he leads the trophies band who suck really bad, lmao. they have like 15 fans and this creep is like 26 so im not sure where hes goin in life. hes a waiter so hopefully his “talented” band makes it big. he used to go to RMU with me and my friends and is so creepy. poor girl he is engaged too… being cheated on on a regular basis. this dude sucks and the broad needs to leave him! lol step it up man.

He’d be nothing without access to his parents van.- nik

Sloot in The 412

THE DIRTY ARMY: Come on Pittsburgh. We all know this skank. Classless, sleep-with-any-dude she hangs out with dumb broad. Just to clear things up to her “boyfriend” you r being cheated on, sweetie. What makes ya think you could change this sloot? This isn’t the first time this chick has been on the dirty. She continues to be a slut, so why not let it be known. She’s a loser with no career and she’s pushing 25 soon…time to grow up. Waitressing your whole life won’t get you far. Nd ur little side jobs of suckin dick wont get u any further either. Besides more ***s to add to ur never ending collection. Keep. Your. Legs. Shut. No one wants the cl*p you’ve been spreading around monroeville n pittsburgh. PS for as many selfies u take u think ur pics would turn out cuter…ure one ugly slut. I had to crop the poor girl out u were tagged in the pic with to save her the embarrassment of being associated with u

Guilty by association.- nik

Confused Attention Seeker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sad, sorry, confused soul is Caitlyn Brown from Pittsburgh. (Bellevue actually) She is a racially confused attention seeking whore. Sometimes she’s white, black, mixed, Hawaiian or some combination of all. Her mom is white, her dad is black. Sounds easy to figure out to me, but she’s so confused. At one point, she switched to a city school, Alderdice, and was acting soooo ghetto black it was unbelievable. Then she became some type of “hippie, wildflower , lover.” So during that phase, she decided to get some weakass dread locks for like 2 months. All she did was post pics and call herself a “dread head”,…. Yeah, Idk. Now, out of no where she thinks she’s a Wiccan or some type of witch….. She posts pictures of these stupid spell books, cauldrons, and spices. This girl is soooo thirsty for attention. Every two days she’s posting about wanting a girlfriend, boyfriend, getting laid, now she’s posting about not having any friends etc. She has a high body count of at least 15 different guys and 5 girls. She used to claim to be a rapper and be in the studio, then she was an American Eagle model but no one could ever find real pictures of her. She posts basic ass pictures in bras trying to get attention, but she has a body of a 12 year old. Nik, please help me try to find mental health help for her.

Dreads don’t make you look better, they make you look easier, which is the reason for the increase in attention.- nik

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