Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour At First Niagara Pavilion August 17th


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now for the show at First Niagara Pavilion, this Sunday (8/17) at 7pm!


Pizza Maker by Day, Cross Dresser by Night


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this guy poses as a straight acting and appearing guy by daytime when working in a local well known pizzeria in the city. He hits on girls and talks about himself having sex with this girl, that girl and every other hot and not so hot chick that comes into the pizza shop. But he is busted!! He is a in the closet crossdressing queer! The only reason he probably talks to chicks is the get fashion tips that he desperately needs, during the day and when he ventures the dark streets of Pittsburgh as this tall amazon of a dragqueen! And advice for this case NIK?

Ayodele Odubela


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ayodele Odubela. She lives in Oakland, goes to Pitt, and works at Penn Avenue Eyewear by the casino. She frequents Craigslist for hook ups. DO NOT hook up with this girl. She gave me an drd. This is no joke, this girl will give you drd. Stay away.

Pedophile of Greensburg: Neil Peterson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Neil Peterson, he’s 31 years old, living on his mother’s couch yet again, likes to jack off to kiddy porn. Would rather masterbate then have sex. Needs to find a hot thing that has braces, pig tails and schoolgirl skirt. Will not date anyone over 18. Claims himself as a professional piercer even though he never received training. He knocked up a 17 year old who he beat while she was pregnant and even when she was holding the baby. Does not do anything to take care of the child. Never held a steady job, steals money and possessions from his mother. Pathological liar. NEVER SHOWERS. Drives a car with a tacky wing and fartcan on it. Has thousands upon thousands of naked pictures of underage girls. Also sends dirty pics to underage girls. Wanna find out if he’ll send it to you?

Party Issues


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THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m not putting this girl on here because she is dirty or sleeps around its because she needs desperate help and advice. Her name is ashley, all she does is party with her “ride or die chick” who is a super bad influence on her trying to hook her up with her old slams she had and everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if ashley didn’t have a 1 year old daughter. She hands her baby off to random people to watch her mostly her mother while she goes out and parties and gets shit faced. She went to college and got a degree and made herself successful but is showing nothing of it. She’s an amazing mother but the partying days are over there’s a kid involved now time to let that part of your life go and be a mother to your child not handing her off to your mom and making her raise the child she already did it once she doesn’t want to do it again. She needs major help. I’m at a loss on what to do or say for her other people aren’t going to put their lives on hold to watch the kid while she parties her life and years of her child’s life away that she’s never going to get back.

Diseased Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Pflugh is a infected diseased rat running around butler. fcking everyone and everything with a vagina. Several people found out that they were all fcking him at the same time and most ended up with herpes. Hes a lying, manipulating, cheating, dirtbag, woman hitting and disrespecting fcktard that needs to be quarantined!!

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