Mercedes & Royal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik meet two of hamiltons finest i dont even know where to start…Royal dawn is one of the sluttest hoes in hamilton she sleeps with old krusty men for money she thinks shes somthing spechial but in real life shes used and abused and cant accept the fact that shes a durty sloot this girl will have sex with anything that walks or says shes pretty this girl is like a community bathroom everyone has used it at least once royal you should take a deep gander at your self your nothing spechial and never will be you welfair slut bagg.. but nuff about that cust bag… Mercedes lavelle where do i start oh yeah shes a dead beat mother that partys every day she can shes a stright up loser shes also sleeps with every guy she meets at partys of corse men stay away!! this mercedes has way to meny miles for you trust me you would be suprized her baby daddy pays for everything yet she cheats on him every chance she gets nasty !! both of these units are grosss with drds and more .. Seriouly men stay away unless you want your dick to burn after from these two blue waffles ….

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Snapped out Erica Demes

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Millvale’s finest aka (Millbilly) Erica Demes as shes known as in her town. Shes 18 yrs old and a complete mess! Shes has no ambition or goals in life. Shes the biggest lazy POS imaginable. She lives and mooches off her parents for her every need with no plans of getting her own place, car, school, job etc. And even her own family cant stand her. Her own brother posts all over fb about how big a wh*re his sister is! This girl lives on fb putting every detail of her miserble life. She changes the name of the new guy shes in a relationship with almost daily. Until the guy finds out about how big of a smutt pig she is and puts her on blast about all the DRDs she has. I feel bad for anyone who dared to go near her disguisting black mold hole. The funnist thing about this girl is how often she changes her jobs she went from bagging grocerys, to a taco girl to pizza girl all within a month all jobs she only keeps for a few days since she cant seem to hold a job to save her own life. She thinks its so cute to post pics on the daily of her smoking weed, or drinking and throwing up. Brags about how shes going 2 end up in jail. She starts drama with a new person everyday and is your classic “fb thug”. All talk no action..other than crying and apologizing in person. She makes fun of girls for being skinny but I guess she thinks being called the DUFF by all her guy friends is cute. Guess u cant blame them she does resemble a hamster with the largest cheeks I have ever seen and then the double chin and muffin top are super attractive lol. Someone needs to get this girl some serious help she recently admitted on fb that she has started using crack but says it ok because she can still count on her hands how many times how many times shes done it! Nasty. I have the proof! Please give her a wake up call before its too late!

Bonnie Rychorcewicz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Let me present Bonnie Harper. Fcking skank piece of shit right here. She lives in a trailer that is disgusting. When you walk by it you have to hold your nose as you can smell shit coming out of the windows. The bitch got fired from her last job at a nursing home as she was suspected of taking old folks money. She lives on Facebook and posts disgusting pictures of her house on there. To my disbelief she thinks she is HOT. Wtf right? She is known to do drugs and lives with a bottle in her hand. How cys has not taken her kids amaze me. Put this trash on blast. Dirty ass Ho bag.

What’s CYS.- nik

Pay Your Child Support Sean Jaros

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is garbage.This guy is a dirt bag. Collects welfare disability for no reason. He says his back hurts that’s why he can not work. It gets worse. He had two kids with a loser up in butler. His girl is on welfare ssi and hud. He was court ordered to pay $56.00 a month in child support and is six months behind. He is close to 40 years old lives on his parents couch never sees his kids. He walks around the burg flexing as the dude thinks he is huge.He got onto his baby’s moms eBay account and sold three I phones HE DID NOT have. So he put this poor girl $800.00 in arrears in her Paypal account.ANY and ALL girls from the Pittsburgh and butler area watch out for this clown. He USES women and is a general piece of shit that needs exposed.

Embarrassing.- nik

Madden and Rice

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these are what you would call gutter smutz. Aka Breana Madden and Nicole rice. I just want ask, why don’t these creatures have morsels? Bre how is your mom’s prescription pill business going? Nicole do you know the father of the baby or is it that a lie. Matter a fact are you sure u r pregnant? Or is that a chicken bone, covered in cm? Nicole did you know that you walked around with bloody period pants for 3 days in high school? And bre I hope after I tip the D.E.A. your younger brother has a place to sleep. Karma is a b. Have fun girls

Has a section of that couch been replaced by cardboard?- nik

Shauna And Brandon Rettig

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets talk about SHAUNA RETTIG and BRANDON RETTIG for a moment. This person needs to be on the dirty. For there actions now and for her past actions. Lets start at the beginning.Shauna Rettig was born and raised in BUTLER PA. Mrs Rettig now resides in New york. Here is the trash on Shauna Rettig. Mrs Rettig appeared in Butler pa again in july of 2012. Telling everyone she separated from her husband BRANDON RETTIG. During her time in Butler Mrs Rettig told everyone her husband or soon to be x-husband abused her yadayada. Well as it turns out this woman was in butler turning gangbangs for weed and heroin. She is now under police investigation for having sexual relations with a 14,15 and 17 year old boys. One day in august Shauna ran back to new york. Why? As it turns out she is STILL MARRIED. Her husband BRANDON RETTIG was in Afghanistan in the army.Sick isn’t it. Now the child is to be born and no one has any clue who the child’s father is. What makes everyone sick is she brags and flaunts this. She is PROUD of her actions. She wanted another baby. And due to the fact her husband can no longer have children she planned on getting pregnant. Thats fine but she continues to message and call various local men asking for money saying they are the father of her child. Her past is borderline sick. She has a son named Jake. Raised Jake with a man for 5 years. One day the man came home and she was gone with the child. She left this poor guy a note saying she filed for dna as she knew the child was always BRANDON RETTIGS Son but he did not want to raise the child yet. She waited fives years and left a man like he was trash. Now This fine piece of trash moves on to have another child. This POOR CHILD was born semi retarded due to SHAUNA RETTIG shooting dope while pregnant. This child is now six and still in diapers. She openly brags that she continues to get high while eight months pregnant with the current child and husband BRANDON RETTIG thinks that is fine. I pity the poor children. May god have mercy on this woman’s sole as there is a special place in h**l for TRASH like this.If it is not twisted enough she and her husband brandon rettig CONFIRMED that Shauna getting pregnant while he was in Afghanistan was planned as he could no longer have children. What kind of sick shit is this? Who wants there wife to have random sex with men off of craigslist to have a child.It has also come to my attention that this couple of inbred fcks . Shauna has the clap. Due to her  heroin use the new child has to be born in a special hospital.Hell of a couple right here.They both need to stop breading.Post em up nik.

Love the hair.- nik

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