Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour This Thursday at Susquehanna Bank Center



The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together.  Get your ticket now for the show at Susquehanna Bank Center this Thursday (8/21) at 7pm!  

Click here to get your TICKETS now!!!

Butt Injections Have Finally Reached New Jersey


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amiee Barbato is a pioneer in Sleezside, NJ. Probably one of the first in New Jersey to get butt injections and claim it is from squats!!! I think this girl should be a representative for thedirty.com. She has got every aspect down pat, (denied being a stripper-pictures of her stripping at a strip club come on here) (fake boobs, ass injections, tattoos, selfies all day) and she lies about every aspect of these things until someone finds pics to prove her wrong… which they usually do. I think she should win Ms. Dirty 2014.  PS. check out the photoshop on the left in the white bathing suit… that black bar seems to be bending around her waist area lol.

That black bar is totally bending. Amiee please LaserAway all those tattoos… you look like you’re from Australia.- nik

Steph Miller


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Steph Miller (left) cannot for the life of her stay faithful in a relationship. She tells everyone she is single when she goes out and gets mad at her boyfriends when they find out what she’s doing behind their backs. Every time I would hang out with her, a different guy would be texting her. When I’d ask who he was and why he was texting her, she would reply with “he never texts me! this is so random”. Later you find out that every guy she said that about, she actually told him she was single, cheated and sexted with these guys. She is probably the most controlling person I’ve ever met. She never lets you go hang out with your friends without putting up a fight, and the fights get so heated that you aren’t even in the mood to go out anymore afterwards. All while never letting you do anything, she thinks she has free will to do whatever she wants. This means talk to any guy she wants, go out as often as she wants with whoever she wants, even if this means going out with a guy and sleeping at his house afterwards because yes that happened. She is a pathological liar. She lies so often that she can’t even tell the truth about simple meaningless things. Even when you catch her in a lie she is so manipulative she says, “well if you can’t trust me then we can’t be together”. She’ll end up spinning the situation on you and make you feel guilty for what happened. I’ll put money on it that she has slept with more people than most guys have. Her legs are wide open 24/7 and it will take no effort at all to get inside of her. She’ll even cheat on you with a guy who is also in a relationship… Double whammy, cheater and a home wrecker. She traded nudes with Tom Cristino who also had a girlfriend at the time. Her sister Angela (pictured on the right) and her mom are more evil than she is. I’m writing this as a warning to guys in the area. She may be attractive, love sports and such, but she carries way too much baggage for a serious relationship. I’d stay away unless you want herpes though. But if that doesn’t bother you, she’s all yours. Even if sh’s in a relationship, you can find her at xfinity live in philly or pjs in cherry hill with her sister. I heard her family has never liked anyone she has brought home so she would much rather go out with her sister and leave her boyfriend at home. Good luck and don’t catch drd!

Do You Have The Balls To Post This


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, I was curious to see if you would post my review of your book Sex, Lies, and The Dirty on your site? I bought and read your book, submitted a review on Amazon, and got an e-mail from Amazon rejecting to publish my review. Amazon said I did not adhere to these guidelines:  Written reviews must be at least 20 words long. The ideal length is 75 to 500 words.  Your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it. Feedback on the seller or your shipment experience should be provided at www.amazon.com/feedback.  We do not allow profane or obscene content. This applies to adult products too.
Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively are considered spam. Please do not include URLs external to Amazon or personally identifiable content in your review.

I adhered to all guidelines above. Now since you’re such an honest guy, and have no problem posting others’ opinions on a forum you claim helps people…I just wanted to see if you’re brave enough to post my honest and candid review of your book. Unless of course, the review is not to your liking and you would never use your own site to damage your reputation. I understand. I hope at least YOU read my review, so here it is:

After finishing his book, you’ll have at least one interesting and worthy message from it: even the news is fake. His revelations about his interviews with Anderson Cooper should be a more wide spread topic. News is fake. Not just the reality television shows. Nik Richie is a modern day crusader to preserve our 1st Amendment. This part of the book is highly relevant and enlightening in describing how our media/society operates today. His examples with the website situations are an interesting read as a result.

He tries to pull the honesty card for damage control as his image as an insensitive asshole, and his stories are always openly candid. Does it help his cause in the end? I don’t know, I guess to each his own. I found it particularly sad that Nic Richie needs to drop celebrity names (he looks desperate!), when he is actually far, far removed from celebrities. What I gather about his wife, Shayne, is that she is as shallow as I remember her from The Bachelor. At one point Richie mentions how she can paint her fingernails up to 6 times a day…Really Shayne? Your days are filled with painting your fingernails different colors? The picture I got of her is nothing more than I do out of my average manicure girl at a cheap Chinese salon. I think they’re both clever people, but classless…just read the title of the book again.

You read the entire book and that is all you got from it? Thanks for being honest I guess.- nik

Rob Lowry Jr.


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Rob Lowry, a four time loser and regular inmate at the Fayette County Jail in Pennsylvania. Lowry thinks he’s a bad dude because he enjoys beating women prior to raping (that;s right RAPE!) them! On the night of July 17, 2013 this scum bag was beating on his so-called girlfriend Lacye Price while she was on the phone with both me and her older sister. Earlier this month this pussy who calls himself “The King” (king of what we have no idea as he is nothing but a short skinny runt who cant stand up to a man) broke two of Lacye’s toes because she wanted to go out with friends instead of having sex. Anyway back to July 17 when this punk started beating on Lacye while she was on the phone and the poor girl screamed as he ripped her clothes off and tried to force himself inside her. Lacye’s sister immediately drove to Lowry’s house to save her from the convicted sex offender and drug addict and Lowry called the police on the sister even though he was the one beating and attempting to rape his so-called “ho girlfriend”. The police sided with the girls but let him go since Lacye was too afraid of him to file charges. This guy is a bum, no job, no money, no life, steals from anyone he can to get money for drugs and lives with his mother in a run down shack next to the Uniontown, PA Goodwill store. He is the biggest scum bag low-life on earth and can only beat on petite defenseless women cause he can’t stand up to a man yet he thinks he’s God’s gift to women (well he is if the women like being beaten on a daily basis)

King of deception.- nik

Will Chuck For Molly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik she does absolutely nothing with her life except talk BIG FKING SHIT on twitter, but is a chicken shit little ussy in real life, won’t even look in your direction. lost every friend she’s ever had because she’s the fakest bitch on the planet, but claims everyone else is fake and she’s the only real one. claims she’s the hottest bitch out there cause of her big boobs but seems to forget that big boobs don’t compensate for a busted face, fat stomach, and flat ass. girl needs a serious reality check. must be all the drugs she does, but oh, claims everyone else is a scumbag drug addict. all the shit she talks about everyone else is really just referring to herself. got kicked out of school, loses every job she has, but takes pride in her huge career in “club promoting” at some nobody club in north jersey hahahahah idk why i’m even putting this under “colleges” cause she doesn’t go to one. has fcked over 35 guys (yes she keeps count, proud of it) and only just turned 20. let her best friend suck her boyfriends dick right in front of her face just so she could fck his best friend (fair game right). only talks shit about people shes jealous of, which is everyone, cause everyone’s better than her. forever stuck in the high school mentality. had to move out of brick cause everyone hates her. only person she has is her nobody friend alyssa who isn’t even worth mentioning other than that she’ll fck anything that walks. god help her if she ever steps foot in her own hometown again. nastiest sluttiest bitch you’ll ever meet, so pray you never have to meet this fat fck.

Next time you go out you should replace your thong with a diaper.- nik

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