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THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Shelby Paige Goggins. No, she doesn’t go to SDSU because she is too dumb, but is always around that area. She is always looking for new customers at Fluxx and other night clubs in DTSD! Although she may be as hideous as Sarah Jessica Parker, what do you think? What would you pay, or would you?

If it wasn’t for the excess weight I believe she could fly.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Cyndi Jackson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the ugliest, most fake bitch you’ll ever meet, and I feel sorry for anyone who befriends her. She looks like a retarded incest 10 year old with fcked up ass teeth. This girl claims to be “the rich girl in san fran” and constantly puts down people who receive government aid, and makes fun of people without a job. Growing up in hick town chowchilla, this girl will deny it but she has also received food stamps for about a year, because she had no money, only income coming from her mom or step-dad. The only reason she has anything is because she demands money from her parents, and only talks to her family when she needs something. She is a barista at starbucks( hella successful right?)ha. Her first job was when she was 20 at subway and she put her job title as “sandwich artist” Shes also a master thief, my friend let her live with her and her 3 year old kid and one day when they weren’t home she decided to bail out and take all of her kitchen supplies including a toaster and all of her belongings and her kids pet fish? trash right?The whole time she was living with her she would complain that she couldn’t get her kid to sleep because cyndi would get drunk and invite at least 7 people over a night and have orgies in the shower and people puking fights starting, so safe for a 3 year old child right?..and what a good friend doing all of that after letting her live in their home for free. Oh back on the family topic, she fucked her sisters kids dad, in her sisters bed and house fcking SCAND! Shes also hella psycho ex gf status, she dated a guy nicknamed tony trees (Anthony treece) she would literally call him 30 times in a row and panic when he didn’t answer, because she couldn’t accept that he didn’t want her ugly ass anymore, stalk where he was and walk there in the middle of the night. This girl lacks modesty and has no self respect, or respect for others Shes just plain dirty and ugly and deserves to be on here, she also looks like the girl from teen mom that doesn’t take care of her kid lol

I feel like needing someone to accompany her to the washroom is a common occurrence for her.- nik

The PB Millionaire is a Creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The pb millionaire is not happy about being on thedirty and the “pb millionaire is a creep” Facebook page. He is offering $1000 to whoever gets the posts removed. My question is why is this guy trying to cover this up. I mean he wants to be a celebrity but can’t handle what people say about him.? Why is he paying girls to hang out in his house he turned into a castle. I guess he is actually 57 years old and it seems really mature. His show will neve take off he should just give up. Do you think the pb millionaire is a legit guy or are people just picking on him?

He couldn’t afford it seeing as he photoshopped himself in this pics (as well as that luau sign) to make his life seem more elaborate then it is.- nik

Public Service Announcement, Easy College Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I even begin, Katie, who clearly can’t even do her own makeup and looks like a fcking clown, is a self proclaimed “southern belle” when she’s a city girl 100%. You live in California to a REAL southern girl you are nothing but a joke not to mention when you WANT to look country you look like the stereotype. Her best friend I’m sure does the trick where you hang out with ugly girls to make yourself seem hotter, but her friend is gorgeous either way. For the title well at our old high school in Santee (East County San Diego), she was very well known in the sexual area if you know what I mean. Rumor has it, which seems pretty believable with how easy this skank is, she had seven, thats right SEVEN, fuck buddies at ONE time. Talk about easy access. Lets be honest, its high school, all guys want is sex. She’s obviously NOT EVEN CUTE AT ALL so all guys want from her is the sex because they know she’ll give in. Better get your shit checked honey. Watch out SDSU you got easy white trash coming through. What do you think nik?

You can begin by erasing that image of her belly ring from my mind.- nik

Cheater on the Run

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amdrew Malmstead, and he is a cheater. If you are around him, there is nothing you can do to make him happy. He raises the bar too high. What I mean is that it’s always about him. When he wants sex, he has to have it. When someone says no, he freaks out. Ironically, he says women can say no to sex at any time. He has a sex addiction. He doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants. He is a bit too proud of his junk. When we were together, he had a picture of this angry lookin girl named Amanda (the girl in the picture). She has a fake smile. I just don’t understand why guys cheat on beautiful girls with ugly girls. Its not my fault daddy wasn’t around!

This guy doesn’t run anywhere.- nik

Gutter Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This “girl” SHILOH Christianson -Liebers, is nothing short of being the devil himself. She has slept with many of your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, & fathers. She will trade any sexual act just to have a hit of me*h and a fat shot of her*in. She has several known sexually transmitted diseases and has done nothing to medically help herself. She will chose drugs over her child who she only used to lure men into playing daddy to get what she wants from them. The final straw was watching her use someone for anything & everything they had, stealing from them, selling their stuff for drugs, and misleading them in everyway possible. Knowing that this person was sick, she only cared about her own selfish drugged out evil needs. She is dirty, disgusting, filthy, unsanitary, and spreads not only her legs, asshole, & pussy for drugs but all her drd’S, HER MERCER, BUT HER OTHER KNOWN DISEASES, HEP C & HIV. Watch out san diego, especially east county. She has sex sites on crags list, internet dating sites for bondage and sex slaves, she has listings in which she sells herself or will trade herself for drugs. It’s sad disgusting and pathetic. I feel sorry for any person whom comes in contact with this SHE-DEVIL. ITS POSSIBLE SHE LEARNED IT FROM HER MOTHER..SHE’S THE SAME ONLY NOW OLD AND DRIED UP.

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