Wendy Tran Can’t Keep A Job


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, self proclaimed Wendy Tran cant seem to keep a COCKtail job anywhere.. shes currently the self proclaimed \”your favorite Grand Night Club SF cocktail waitress\” yet she continues to jump around viet lingerie topless bar after another in San Jose, claiming residency at a different bar every few months.

Maybe she is just not good at serving drinks.- nik

She Is A Server/Waiter Stalker


THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK, Kelly M. is a nasty old retarded cougar that stalks younger waiters. She picks one guy and will find out his schedule and request to sit in his section 1-2 times a week. She tips well until you reject her offer too many times to have drinks with her when you get off work. Then she gets crazy and starts complaining to management and even goes as far as writing bad reviews about you on different sites. She is a nasty, crazy, ugly bitch! Watch out for her guys…you might be next! You don’t want her vajiggle-jaggle…trust me!

A taste of her own medicine…- nik

Teresa Chelsi Gee Trying To Be Hot


Teresa Chelsi Gee trying to be Hot

Teresa Chelsi Gee trying to be Hot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m surprised you haven’t posted this whale yet. Her name is Teresa Chelsi Gee. She weighs in at about 190lbs, likes short walks to Mcdonald’s to get double big macs, and has a thing for getting gang banged by black guys. This girl is sooo disgusting, she flaunts around thinking shes sooo hot when in reality we all look at her only to count how many rolls shes got on her pasty white body. She goes around judging EVERYONE when really she needs to be put on blast, Teresa no one likes you. Spend more time at a gym then in Mcdonalds. She went to school at burlingame now moved to Miami to get away from all of her haters!! She had gastric bypass at age 20 at Stanford unversity too! Trust me, maybe this site will help you?

Did she attend any classes while she was at Stanford?- nik

What Do You Think Of These Three Dudes


Nik, what do you think of these 3 dudes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik These three right here, well what can i say their really really hot but are also known as “THE 3C’s FINEST”….as you can see their a groupie and once in a while they get together oh wait every day they get together and sit in the same spot in the lobby…yes these guys are HOT!!! they also all want to be big…Did i tell you the rest of their crew dave, steve also known as BIG STEVE, nolan and bunch of other groupies their very sexy but cocky at the same time!!! get to know them.

Stanford Cheerleaders


stanford cheerleaders!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of these two cheerleaders from Stanford? Would you?

Answer: No, ones got cheeks shaped like a box and the others chewing on her dimples.

Why Andrew Luck Will Be A Hall Of Fame NFL Quarterback


stanford cheerleaders

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my older sister went to Stanford and her claim to fame was banging Andrew Luck.  Now, I truly love my sister but she is the ugly duckling in our family.  It started as a joke but all of us now, including my parents call her Khloe because she is twice as big as my sister and I.  You should see our family picture she looks so out of place.  She is 6 feet tall and on Christmas weighed in at 232 (we were all in tears laughing lol).  Now Andrew Luck slept with her several times over a 68 day period (she counted every day and has told this story 4893935 times).  Now it makes me wonder, when a guy like Andrew decides to stay in school and pass up on millions like he did last year it can only mean he did it for the beat chicks.  I couldn’t send my sister in but here are some Stanford cheerleaders for you.  Nothing against her but Andrew Luck is no one, like my other sister and I we have both slept with Cam Newton, Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Michael Vick, Big Ben(oh and is he big), Baron Davis, Josh Smith, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Mane, Drake, Chad Johnson and Larry Johnson… just to name a few.  I’ve slept with my share of QBs and I really can tell Luck will be a phenomenal player, much as I want to… Not going to sleep with him, my sis would be distraught.

You can tell the two cheerleaders on the right are the mounts.- nik

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