Douche Is Ruining Our Party

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, You’ve posted about this douche before; his name is Rogger Keith Miller AKA: Robbie Callahan. He is ruining the image of our party at Eternal, he is another drugged out piece of trash from Insomnia; what was Craig Ellis thinking when asked this guy to come over and join our crew. He has a girlfriend but constantly hits on me and my friends for gay sex, when it doesn’t work out he goes to his ratchety girlfriend for sex. This kid has been nothing but drama and “o I’m depressed or feel sorry for me” ever since he came into the scene, fck join the fcking Army or something, Robert if you are reading this make this piece of shit go back to Insomnia where he belongs.

That’s a generous heart, you’d think forgy flicks would want it the other way. no homo.- nik

My Big Mistake – Part 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I wanted to say thanks for putting up my post. Dallas is a great place to be and I do have really good friends here. But Nik it seams no one is really giving any good advice here on the Dirty. Now here we are during Christmas and I am still trapped in this relationship. One comment left on my post asked if I wanted out of this relationship and I did said yes to Amber. However there is more to it than that. When I am with my friends I tell them that I love him and all but it’s all a lie. I can’t even tell my friends the truth about how I really feel. I feel trapped with no way out. I have written this post to update my last one in my spare time and have given it to one friend I can trust and who does know the truth. She is trying to help me with this. I have ask her to post this for me. I am still trying to be anonymous from my posts but I know that will not last. And I hope you will post it soon.

I know I need to do just like you said Nik and just break up with him but I wish he would just let go and break up with me, it would be easer. So this follow up message is to say to him let go and let me stop living this lie. I find it very hard to tell him the truth about how I feel. I am just going with the flow for now. Getting past Christmas is hard. And now this relationship is getting deeper and deeper. I can’t seam to stop it with him and I feel like I am drowning in it.

I am afraid to tell my friends the truth because of what they may think of me. I want out of this relationship now before this gets any deeper. I don’t want a relationship. I am only 26 and I am not ready for any of this. I want this relationship ship to stop now!!!!!! I do have someone else I would like to get to know better. He is also a really sweet person and I see him at work in Dallas all the time. Nik I have become the one thing I hate and that is a liar. I need this relationship to stop now!!!! Please some one help me to stop this it is harder than you think. I have gotten to deep with it. The lie has to end!! I want my life back!!

When you submit Part 3 of your bullsh*t drama please include a picture of him and I will break it off for you. Thanks for the pictures of yourself, but that doesn’t help the cause. All it does is prove you love yourself and have no heart.- nik

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My Big Mistake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik!! I am posting this because I need some advice and help with a relationship I have let go to far.. And I am posting this anonymously for simple plausible deniability should I be confronted by him or by my friends with this. For the past few months I have been in a relationship with a guy that is somewhat older than me. I am in my middle 20’s and he is in his middle 30’s. Even though I like him very much I find myself wanting out of this relationship. I find myself not wanting this relationship anymore and I don’t know how to tell him without hurting his feelings. Everything is nothing but a lie now. I put on a happy face and go along with the flow and I tell him how I feel just to make him feel good. But it’s not how I feel at all. Everything I say to him has become nothing but a lie. I have no real feelings for him at all beyond friend ship. We both work in the Dallas nightclub seen and it’s easy to get caught up in things and I have known him for quite a wile. I just put on a big show to cover up how I feel. I find myself trapped in this relationship with no way out. Everything has become so serious and I don’t want that because I am not ready for that type of life. I took him way up north of Dallas to see my family couple of weeks ago and he liked them and my family liked him. I thought it was time for that but I was wrong because deep down I really didn’t want that at all. I made a mistake. I thought the time we spent together was fun but I let it get to serious, I let it get out of control and I let it go to far. Now I have trapped myself in one great big lie. Almost everything I say to him has become a lie because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I don’t want a serious relationship with him any more. I feel trapped with no way out. I have got to stop this lie. Just the other week I went to Houston to get a passport to travel outside the country and go to an island resort for a week with him just south of Cuba. I always wanted to do that with someone anyway and he just happened be there at the right time and place so I went for it. By doing that I got myself into a deeper relationship with him that I didn’t want. I was uneasy and uncomfortable the whole week. But I put on a happy face and went with the flow covering up my true feelings the whole time and made the best of it. I just wished it would stop. We got back just this past week and it was a relief. My life with him has become a trap for me. I don’t want this relationship with him and I want out. I am not ready for this type of life. And certainly no kids from this at all. That is the last thing I need to happen now. Nik I need out of this relationship now but I feel trapped with no way out. And I know it is my fault for letting go to far. I do not want to hurt his feelings but this has to end. I am tired of this lie. I don’t want to have a serious relationship with him anymore. I want out and I want out now. Some body please help me with this. I need some advice. I know I have repeated myself here a bit just to show that I really mean what I have said here. Please post this for me Nik!! I need help with this!! I want my friends help to stop this relationship and I don’t know how to ask them beyond this message. I don’t want to have to lie to him anymore!! I want out and out now!!! He is amazing and I don’t want to hurt him. Enough is enough and I need to move on with my life.

 Just break up with him.- nik

Nobody Likes Maryssa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Maryssa, Salpointe graduate and now at TCU. I’ve never come across anyone as thirsty as this girl. Its a surprise she hasn’t been posted on here yet. Maryssa will get with anyone and anything, she’s been passed around both the class of 2013 and ’12 multiple times. The funny thing is her mom is the college counselor at salpointe and acts like she owns the whole school. little does she know her little girl is blowing everyone she comes in contact with, with one look at her twitter mrs. ossosowski would die of embarrassment and shame. This girl is desperate. she has no true friends and when she shows up at a party all her friends begin to say how they wish she hadn\’t come. she tries so hard its actually sad. all in all this girl is just an ugly face looking for guys to bang.

I hope her mom goes on her twitter.- nik

Used Up Casey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is casey benton she has hiv works at a hole in the wall strip club has sex for money wants guys to take of her and do everything for her so she can sit around and get high all day wont get an actual job her excuse is she doesnt want to leave a paper trail so she can keep playing the system and have others take care of her. her bodys all used up shes wrecked .

Posing nude infront of your babies collage may have been a bad idea.- nik

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