Susan Varkey Mathew – Money Fraud

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to put Susan Varkey Mathew on blast for committing Fraud scamming people in Chicago and Texas. She and her husband Jacob Pakanora fled from Chicago to Texas. They convince people in churches by telling them they can fix there homes and give them better motgages and people actually belive these scum bags and give them money, once they receive the money they take off to different states. The FBI can’t keep track of these two because there jumping from state to state there fore they cannot charge them with anything. Husband and wife are losers and scammers, beware of these two do not give them any money, They took about 500,000 from people.

Heather Little

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather Michelle Little is the most conceded, selfish, whore in all of Texas! Her social media posts are nothing but Sophie’s talking about how pretty she is. She sleeps with anyone who will buy her a drink, and basically sleeps around to get rides to town to town. She has a daughter who she never sees and lies about why she doesn’t have her. She gave one of my friends and drd, and is an alcoholic and a drug addict. She has a new boyfriend every two weeks, and thinks she’s hot shit when clearly she’s not.

Alphia Phi Alpha At UT

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alphia Phi Alpha sorority girls sent pics and these busted chicks have their pics being passed around. One of them has a lumpy stomach and a birthmark that looks like sh*t! They love the black guys and anything to do with some celebrity or reality television show their quick to jump on the D. What you think Nik?

That leech ruins everything.- nik

Jacob Mathew

THE DIRTY ARMY:Hi family and friends I am truly sorry about what I did and what am doing… I commit about 7 different frauds, I sold a gas station that didn’t belong To me and I mad 150,000 I also sold properties that didn’t belong to me and out of each I made 40,000 I also committed fraud in church. I have a diseases to rob people and I continue doing it, that’s why I fled to Texas because I am wanted in Chicago and soon I have to fled Texas because I commented couple of fraud there as we’ll. I just wanted to warn you that I may rob you to. I am broke and need money I am becoming Holmes I need money. If you can each donate me 10,000 would be grate thank you!

Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour


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Kendall Jones Is Not Doing ANYTHING Wrong



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone is outraged by Texas Tech University Kendall Jones’ hunting of exotic animals… But what she is doing is legal and I have no clue why everyone that has NO CLUE what is going on, is going crazy on the internet about her.  I wanted to get your opinion on her and if the LEGAL activities she is doing, are wrong?

Did she really have to pick up the dead animal she killed?- nik

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