Stealth Sloots

THE DIRTY ARMY: Would you NIK?? It all started when I got three messages on my work phone from some guy saying Jackie, this drama queen I dated was in a lot of legal trouble. So out of the kindness of my heart I returned the call only to find out that he has gone nutzo..just like every other guy she’s hopped into bed with. After picking up the tab and allowing this two timing floozy hooker to live with me, she got locked up for her 2nd DUI and while she was locked up, I found out she had stolen 2 grand from me…Help me put this played out prosti on blast.

Who’da seen that coming…- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Watch Out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik let my tell you about this girl Faith Rodriguez she is nasty she claims to be beautiful and the best mother ever in all reality she’s far from both she’s ugly with her pointed nose probably pointing down at her feet or something I heard she had sex with some dude for a tattoo and got screwed at a house party and you could just hear her being over dramatic she got knocked up after having her first kid and gave it away whos the daddy?? like really don’t have sex if you cant be smart about it then give it away after the fact but I’m sure that little baby is better off on top of that she sales kids shoes bahaha I’ve seen her in the clubs acting a fool even got arrested but you know what Im sure other people have their stories about this one so put them on blast

I don’t think you need to look good to be a good mother…just saying.- nik

Five Palms Lina

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch swears shes sexy lmao bitch all cocked, fucking walking disease hoe. Ha thinking she on her grind plzz hoe your doin bad pendeja, first off shes a homewrecker will fuck anything that walks, always tryna fuck up your relationship, thats wt hoes do, where she works is walmart ha ha vavosa tryna brinh down peeps like bitch fuck up hoe, get your low life babydad on outta jail then talk dumass broad, i love it when she says she bad like uhhhh no bitch look at them eyebrows no hunny not cut hahahahahaha, shes a walking disease beware ladies haha, she got chlamydia lmao, real talk. Stupid bitch should be a mom not a hoe haha, when she was lonely and her babydaddy was in.jail she was fucking the whole five palms thats where you can find her. bitch cocked like a pistol lmao her an her ugly ass self ewww , dick sucking lips hoe, shes fuck for anything pampers,clothes, to put gas in her car, pathetic hoe

I’ve seen 5heads but never a 5chin.- nik

West Side Hoodrat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandy Abrego, her bruja mother ROSIE and her pimp wanna be drug dealer keebler little short bald foo waiting for an ass kickin are scandelous dont let this trick fool you she cannot have kids due to her being sterile she only messes with drug dealers to suck them dry of every penny they got known for taking your shit to the pawn shop and pretending shes preg with ur baby boy haha watch out bc she claims she preg right now I wanna warn whoever u are run away dont even question this broad bc she a good actress, REAL SHIT PROVEN FACTS IM NOT JUST TALKING SHIT.

I see no ends to that dress…- nik

Not Worth It

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was with this whore a good while little did i know she was the dirtiest whore i had ever been with. I caught her getting paid for sex. She’ll fcked anything or anyone who has a pulse. Shes so loose that i couldnt even feel anything and i found out she gave me c. San antonio beware of this whore Priscilla Ann Garza.

You could at least leave the trainer down…much worse then leaving the seat up.- nik

Torie, also known as Victoria

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok well this fuckin whore has been on here befor but this bitch is still hoeing it up n now this bitch is stripping when idk how cause the bitch is fat she changes her hair all the time she is fuckin fake ass bitch and fucks guys for money and drugs shes always fucked up on bars and never takes care of her kid.everytime i see this bitch she is getting fucked up always at the club or bar she never has time for her son shes a stripper now like really tori grow the fuck up get a real job and make a life for ur son ur already a fuckin whore now u want to make it worse by stripping everyone knows u fuck anything n u smell like fucking fish cause ur ass dont shower this bitch is always ask people for shit and the bitch steals for her own friends shes is no good shes a slutty skanky hoe she thinks shes big n bad n shes all that but the bitch aint shit but a fat slut that guys use to bust there nut in she can meet a guy n fuck him in the same day shes always lookin to find to sux up n homeboy even ran a train on her n this bitch walks around like shes cute no bitch ur a fat ugly whore dont be a whore all ur life oh wait u cant stop its something that comes natural to you stripping isnt going to help u be a good mom neither is fucking all of san antonio this bitch has been around all of san antonio hopping off and on guys dick and all the guys shes fucked say he p*ssy smells that its never clean that shes dirty well dirty is right but this bitch is nasty too So nik yall tell me what yall think of this nasty b*tch of a whore she is

She’s gotta control that muffin.- nik

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