Vanessa Goodmanson And Freddy Fags

Vaness Escort & Freddy Pimp

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I heard that Freddy Fags (Freddy Figueroa) is running an escort service or he is a pimp, whatever you want to call it; and I keep seeing Vanessa Goodmanson adding photos of herself with older men, traveling all over the place (Vegas/Bay Area), and yet she has only modeled a few times in Playboy (PaintedGirl only, never a Playmate). Do either of them have areal job? Is Vanessa an escort? Is Freddy Fags her pimp? Freddy has been linked to Kimmy Salisbury, Kina Tavarozi (I know, I know, “Scooby Snack”), and many more. I would ask him straight out, I have them all on my FB friends list, but who would admit to all that?

I honestly don’t know what Freddy Fags does for a living. Can someone enlighten us?- nik

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Freddy Fags and Sexi barbie

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Amy Laurent/Baetjer From Bravo’s Miss Advised Is Still Hooking

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here’s a Photo of her old hooking website: [removed]  Photos from some of her old hooker ads:[removed]/[removed].  Now hooking via this ad: Morgan Ashley is an exotic actress and model who has had a successful career in mainstream television, appears in several national print ads, and who you may recognize from a variety of film roles. Best known for her gorgeous and striking features, Morgan is a definite must-see among those VIP’s who are looking for their dream girl!  She is described as “the brunette-lover’s dream” and is much more than just a pretty face.  Bright, fun and beautiful, Morgan has a zest for life and has been propelled to the top of the list among the country’s elite including high-powered CEO’s and prominent businessmen.  Morgan especially appeals to those with extremely high standards and is the preferential choice for business moguls, celebrities, lawyers, bankers, politicians, sports figures, and entrepreneurs. For a limited time, Morgan is available for exclusive engagements with affluent gentlemen who meet requirements. Whether it be joining you on your business trip, accompanying you to your formal event, jetting to a romantic vacation locale, or simply enjoying a quiet dinner for two, Morgan brings into any venue unforgettable appeal and style unlike any other. Discretion is always guaranteed.  Smart, sexy and drop-dead gorgeous, Morgan is someone you will be proud to have on your arm and is ideal for those accustomed to nothing but the very best!  See her while you can, as she is only available several months out of the year.  Serious requests only. All completed “request for meeting” forms will be considered. Please be prepared for a screening process. Initial contact is through e-mail only!! click here for her absurb price list. <–1.5 mil for a year

Amy was a regular in LA who went by the name Anna before she upgraded her prices name to Morgan Ashley. Sorry for killing the links but I refuse to promote her business, unlike Bravo.- nik

The Quality Of Men That Approached Me While I Was A Brunette Was Better

Guys who go for Blondes VS brunettes
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a bit of a problem. I am a natural blonde who has been dying my hair brunette for years! I look great with brunette hair because it makes my blue eyes pop. I want to go back to my natural color (Blonde) but dispute what you advise, I get the WORST attention as a blonde. When my hair has been brunette I’m generally approached by more mature men with better jobs (Sorry to say, but guys get your sh*t together) and all of the guys who hit on me tend to be very classy about it. Now, until a few years ago I was a blonde, I always got sleezy guys using terrible pick up lines and bad jokes or what ever they thought I’d fall for. Bottom line. The quality of men was WAY better as a brunette. But now I want to return to my natural color as a blonde, but I even though I have a boyfriend, I’m really not into all of the negative attention from guys when transitioning back. Nik, why do guys treat blondes different and what can I do to ward off the creepers?? I’ve been told by many people I look like Mirranda Kerr, I agree she looks better blonde.

The sex is better as a Blonde. Guys look at brunettes as potential baby wombs not sexual objects they can ravage.- nik

Classy In The Day, But Party Lady At Night

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Pamela. She moved into the Gables P17 in downtown/uptown Dallas. Okay here’s the deal: who is she. She’s pretty, nice, so not into herself (given that most ppl are-especially in Dallas or other major cities), and has an amazing closet. I counted 43 Louboutins. Who can afford that at the tender age of 24? All of which she said because of a settlement she won back in 09 which resulted in a broken neck. Oh yes, she has a place in Beverly Hills where she usually resides (for school ‘UCLA’ purposes…riiiiight!) Nik, find out more info on her. I can’t. She’s rarely here but has her s**t together.

Sounds like a con-artist Gypsy trying to infiltrate the Dallas Mavericks.- nik

I Thought Asian Parents Were Suppose To Be Strict

And I thought Asian parents were strict.

And I thought Asian parents were strict.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I love your site. But, I just had to ask WHERE ARE THIS GIRLS PARENTS?! She constantly posts pictures like this. Either in barley any clothes or in bed with her boyfriend! Umm way to market the fact that you’re sleeping together. And it doesn’t help the fact that this girl walks around like shes so hot when in fact we all know she smells like noodles.

She can do better than lawnmower lines Larry.- nik

What The Hell Do I Do Now

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met my husband when we were both freshman in high school at the young age of 14.  It was love at first site, we have never broken up or cheated on each other or anything.  We got married right after high school and both attended UCLA where he was an All-American linebacker.  We always knew he would be in the NFL and life would be peachy once he got drafted.  Senior year he got a knee injury and became hooked on painkillers and never recovered from the injury.  Now I love him unconditionally and would never leave his side… but 2 months ago, he got the genius idea that he is going to be a rapper.  Since then, I’ve been questioning my life everyday.  All he does, is smoke weed and drink alcohol all day long with his black rapper friends at their studio.  He has never smoked weed or liked drinking, so I asked him why he is doing this?  And he tells me he is doing it so he can become the rapper superstar he knows he will be.  He is wearing his hat sideways, talking like a black guy and says the “N” word more than anything… I can’t take it… I’ve asked him to stop with this and he looks at me like I’m crazy and that he is going to succeed somehow in the rap game?  like WTF.  Nik, any help here?  Cause I’m not leaving him.

Leave him.- nik

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