Dishonest UCSD Thief

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Kevin Arca is the most dishonest liar and thief at UCSD and the OC. This motherfucker will steal anything he can put his hands on and will lie, cheat and con people to get away. Originally from the OC, this thief went to UCSD to get away from all the people he conned and stole from. Everyone needs to watch out for this liar and cheat. Warning to anyone: stay away from this con artist. Put this thief on blast Nik.

Elliot Rodgers Had An Amazing Life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t understand why girls wouldn’t have sex with Elliot Rodgers? Yeah, he’s a little creepy but the dude had money. What girl wouldn’t sleep with this kid just for his pockets? I feel like Elliot didn’t apply himself properly and now people are dead. What a shame.

My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy. I blame the Hunger Games.- nik

Santa Barbara Girls Want To Be Famous


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please lets put an end to the duck face wannabe models of Santa Barbara and Goleta! This girl Emily Leyva loves to take off her clothes in public and loves getting boned out by every guy that sells weed or any wannabe gangster with lame ass tattoos.  She spends her free time bragging on social media that she is a model when she really just goes to the beach with her fugly little friends and they take turns taking pictures of each other in tiny little bikinis.  Let’s give this girl and her slutty friends the fame that they so desperately want!

Are +2’s illegal in the county of Santa Barbara?- nik

Charles Fosset-Lee

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell you about this guy named Charles Fossett-Lee. So I am at a party in IV and meet this guy named Charles Fosset-Lee. He kept telling me that he had this supper hot girlfriend, even though I pegged him for gay, and insisted on me meeting her. A few drinks later he shows me some pics of this hot ass chick that is supposed to be his gf and says he wants me to have sex with her, buzzed and intrigued I gave him my number and went home for the night. That night I kept getting texts from this person claiming to be Charles’s gf saying she wants to do all kinds of things to me. We text for a little while and I asked her if she wanted to meet up. This is where it gets interesting; to meet up with her she tells me first I have to get my dick sucked by her boyfriend Charles. Lol, I told her no way and dismissed it. A little later I told my friend this story and he cracked up cuz the exact same thing happened to him by the same guy. He also told me that this Charles guy posts on craigslist posing as a chick, sends some fake pics of a hot chick and then says you can have her and do whatever you want to her after you get your dick sucked by Charles, her boyfriend. Come on man, I don’t care if you straight or gay or bi or whatever but going around sb lying and deceiving is sick. Nik what do you think is this guy’s problem?

The problem is this tactic works, a couple dumbass’s is all it takes.- nik

Fabian Rios

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this is Fabian Rios, he’s a Swedish student who used to study in sb and let me tell you this kid is a piece work. First off, every weekend he would drink a shit ton and would hit on anything that moved. One time in iV me and my buds walked in on him butt fcking some 210 lb chick, no joke! Talk about a chubby chaser! This guy f*cks the ugliest chicks I have ever seen. He is the lowest of the low and frankly is the saddest excuse for a man. He has a beautiful sweet gf who he’s been cheating on for a year and a half. Poor girl! I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this guy… Hes the biggest asshole and is a walking drd. Beware girls he gave my friend genital drds twice! (What a gentleman) nik this douchebag needs to be put on blast!

Can’t Turn A Housewife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Amanda Cato or should I say Amanda Rohn now.An ex SBCC student who dropped out of school to be a sugar-baby,or should I say flunked out because she is a moron.This girl is known in two states for being a whiny little whore with major daddy issues.She has been with so many guys,in order to fulfill the emptiness in her life.She has always been looking for someone who can take care of her,and put up with her bullshit.Anyways long story short she recently married a man in who got her into religion and they are now about to have a baby.But my real question is can you really turn a whore into a housewife? Or do you think she is probably just with this guy because he actually puts up with her and giver her a free place to live and whatever she needs? I have a hard time believing this bar whore can be a good housewife,she’s had  twice! On a side note would you??

Answer: No, that wonderbra pic is dated (bottom) and she now has soccer mom arms.

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