Lying Scumbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This scumbag is Mauro Costa, probably the biggest man whore in Orlando! I dated him, which I can’t believe I actually did, for almost a year and the entire time he was cheating and whoring around with the ugliest skanks in the city. His new girlfriend, Leah Feldman is the queen of the skanks, only with him for the little bit of money he has left, if she only knew the truth! I know of 4 girls he is currently sleeping with behind her back. He has screwed over every single one of his friends and even tried to get together with his boss’s girlfriend Kelly, at least she had enough brains not to get with him. Now he has told his current gf that he bought the townhouse they are currently living in, not true sweetheart and that he’ll pay for everything, including her car, expenses, etc. He tells all of his whores that, hopefully she’ll learn her lesson before it’s too late! The only way I found out he was cheating on me is that he keeps all of his whores underwear as trophies! Gross! I found over 10 different pairs! Ladies of Orlando you have been warned! Don’t be a fool like I was, please!

Chicks always seem to be blinded by a suit.- nik

Geoff The Alcoholic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys this dirty rat tail hunk of shits name is geoff hermle. better known as “crash a car full of friends into a tree then leave them for d**d” where to get started? well if hes not under a bridge in san jose drinking a 40, then you may find him Pretending to be a christian with his big GF felicia who has no idea he fcks everything else in san jose, and secretly calls his ex gfs to hook up.. sadly she is left in the dark… he has 2 duis 0 freinds and about 1 drd… if you see this thing STAY AWAY

Just looking for an excuse for the guys to grope him…just saying.- nik

She Didn’t Belong In Connecticut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Sara “Elena”, she went to UConn but transferred after sophomore year to move to Miami, I’m glad she did because there is no way that body looked good in that cold ass weather.  Nik, do you think that was a good move for her?

No, she was a hot chick at UConn, but now she is just average in Miami.- nik

Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Defeo of Hartford,CT. This fat slooty Benedict Arnold bovine proletariat runs around town thinking that she is the best thing since sliced bread (clearly bread and all other carbs should be cut out of her diet). She went behind her best friend (of 15 years) back and attempted to move in for the kill (or feeding as we all like to say) on her Boy. Clearly he wanted nothing to do with her and made it known to all of us which is why she deserves to be put on blast. There is a sex tape of her floating around the eastern and UConn campus that everyone watches when they need to pull the trigger after a long night of drinking. We get that fat girls need lovin to and we think she may give a good BJ due to her need to compensate for looking and acting the way she does. But what girl does that to someone who has been by their side and stuck up for them for many years! our girl is to nice to post this so we have no problem doing it- this girl still tweets about our girls boy SK*NK! EVERYONE BEWARE NOT ONLY WILL SHE EAT AND DRINK ALL YOUR FOOD BUT SHE WILL TRY TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND! Hey Nik maybe she’d blow you all she needs is a little attention!

Whats she doing eating a mini sirloin burger, that’s not gunna fill her up.- nik

Johnny Mac Is Awesome

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how awesome is Johnny Mac, this guy can make any trick throw, basket, whatever it is that you need.  I guess when you live in Connecticut you really ain’t got sh*t to do.  NFL better give this guy a shot.

The circus better give this guy a shot.- nik

Cat-Eyed Husky

Cat-Eyed Husky

Cat-Eyed Husky

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Check out this girl. She has approx. 2398094732 myspace-like photos of herself out there. She is the scariest woman on this earth! Her weekend activites include going to the mall and taking more myspace-like photos of herself in the dressing room. Oh and by the way… shes’s studying Bio at UConn and is dumb as a brick. Good luck with that. NOT.

There’s no way she’s making it through school.- nik

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