Everyone Needs to know about this Scumbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This is Josh Tambor. On the surface, he seems like a nice and normal enough guy but those who really know him know better and those who don’t know should know to stay the hell away from this sociopath. Josh is a pathological liar. He lied to his fraternity brothers at UM about his brother having leukemia and being on the verge of death (his brother is perfectly healthy) to explain why he went away one weekend junior year and we quickly figured out the truth- he made it up and actually went to go visit his girlfriend at the time? First of all how f*cked up do you have to be to lie about your brother dying of leukemia to all your friends? Then things really started to go downhill, he started bragging to us that he was cheating on his long distance gf with girls off craigslist and exposing her to diseases as well as inviting them over to his house, where his little sisters lived. we told his girlfriend because we thought she deserved to know she was being fcked around behind w whores from CL and they broke up. Thought this was the end of it. Now I am browsing casual encounters because of boredom and the entertainment value and he pops up again… it is definitely him because the email is his initials and birthday. Put this scumbag on blast. Girls and friends, beware, this pig hasn’t changed one bit. Do not trust him.

I bet one things changed, that vest has turned into a male corset.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Here Fishy Fishy

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik…. get this, Tyla Conn is this blonde bitch from Boca Raton who came to Miami in hopes of getting famous…. If you can believe that… this bitch was roommates with that horse like creature, Zoe Renee!!! Go figure. Even worse? We spotted her at LIV being a typical bottle rat with no one other then infamous Chelsea Steinberg and Jaime Saffer the serial k**ler’s slut of a daughter. We would be stupid to think that you have’t already figured out why they call her Tuna. Not only did she bang every promoter on South Beach including a couple Bouncers at LIV Nightclub, she managed to also rail in a couple of DJ’s who can also attest to the infamous nickname. Talk about a groupie, huh? We think this bitch is busted as fck, and she needs to never step foot in Miami again! Oh wait, she won’t because she ran away back to Boca Raton since she couldn’t pay her bills and too many people found out too fast about her nympho ways… No wonder this bitch posts statuses on twitter that she loves Borgore. Guess only the strong survive in Miami…..P.S We’ve been dying to know……Would you fck her for a million?

Double stuffed, and I don’t mean with glasses.- nik

Peter O’Brien Is Not Faithful To His Girlfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Peter O’Brien, Univeristy of Miami so called baseball star that was pretending to be Mr. Perfect while he has had sex with every girl on campus. He claimed to not have any social media because of his baseball career. But come to find out through the beauty of girls blasting their so called “boyfriends” all over social media your ass has been exposed. His facebook is unsearchable, to hide his poor excuse for an “actual” girlfriend Jordan. Meanwhile she thinks she has hit the lottery, and found the love of her life with this Yankee to be. This guy doesnt love you, he loves sex and the game. He is an athlete and his job IS to play the game better and it looks like it has worked for you. There is no home run here so run your ass somewhere else to get your ITG in check so maybe someone wont have to cheat on you. I hope this Yankee learns that you dont have to be an athlete to play the game. STRIKE THREE…… YOU’RE OUT!

I’m still confused by this post… Yankee’s bang b*tches, if he is or becomes a Yankee he is entitled to slay mad bush.- nik

Young Kali

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this retards name is Johnny Walter aka Jr., young Kali (he’s 33 btw) he has 3 kids, 3 different women and has signed over his rights to one to avoid paying and is trying to do the same for the others he has to not pay. He’s a “rapper” in Miami and performs at sleazy Miami clubs. Oh, and he also likes to beat women in front of his kids. I just want to warn people that he is nothing but a douche and women should walk the other way if you see him in the street.

I wonder who he’s jacking power from..- nik

What’s A Trout Supposed To Do

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am new to your site and I love it because it cleared up something for me. Being divorced almost 3 years after being married and faithful for 16 years I cannot see dating a woman my own age of 44 for many reasons, especially because I believe in treating my body like its a shrine for woman to marvel at. Now after being taken for millions in my divorce I will never marry again so why not have fun with a few young woman between 21-27… I give them an education in life with money, travel, friendship, gifts and fun during our maximum 4 month relationship and they leave richer in every way except that they can’t keep me… I pay them to leave… I want to respectfully Thank You and the Dirty Army for exposing a porta potty who almost got me hooked in a moment of weakness believing the I love you’s and the fake pathetic moans…lol.

Not that this is relevant to anything you said, but I had the worst Father’s Day ever. I give so much to my family and try to be the best father possible to my daughter. It’s just hitting me this morning that nobody did anything for me. I guess I shouldn’t care because being a dad is enough, but sh*t I had to entertain myself yesterday. Sorry, EMO moment.- nik

Miami Heat’s Biggest Douchebag Fan DJ Jon Cowan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I know how much you despise Miami Heat’s trashy fans such as Filomena Tobias. I wanted to make you aware of their biggest douchebag fan so that everyone can get a good look at this guy during the playoffs and get a chuckle. This short chubby middle aged Jew that has never played a sport in his life truly thinks he could do a better job coaching the team than Spoelstra and a better job analyzing than Kenny and Charles. These are his daddy’s seats that he inherited and he uses them to try and get laid by chics to cover up his big black man fetish on daddy’s dime. Then the freak always gets caught cheating on his gf when he brings other girls to games and his gf sees him on TV with another girl! He goes around town telling everyone that he is besties with Lebron and D-Wade but I can guarantee you they have never even heard of him. He is actually borderline obsessed with them and I think he may be romantically interested by the way he talks about them. He is also the jerk who puts these guys on blast on your site when they are in the club partying too hard or banging a random. He is due for a taste of his own medicine. Hopefully the women of South FL read this so they don’t fall for his lies that he is a team shareholder when he is just using his daddy’s tickets to try and mask his secret lust for Lebron James. His seats are about 4-5 rows behind the basket on the right side when facing the crowd so look for him on TV or at the games. Check out his Twitter to view all of his obsessive Miami Heat tweets.

That’s the smile of a special person.- nik

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