Utah’s Twitter Troll


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trick claims to be all about Weber State’s Tre’von Johnson, but I doubt this guy knows how sneaky this internet troll is. Here are some pictures she’ll send to anyone who’ll ask. Click here to see the pictures she sends!!!

I feel like this is what Kylie Jenner is going to look like in a couple months.- nik

Hypochondriac Gossiper


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Julie she’s a self righteous Gossiper. She never ever brushes her teeth and wonders why her husband isn’t attracted to her. She befriends everyone and then gossips behind their back about everything. If you have kids beware you even look at her husband wrong she will call child protective services on you and try and get your children taken from you. Julie is an ex heroin addict that prides herself on being clean. Yet every week like clockwork she’s in the ER to score pain pills. She’s a MAJOR hypochondriac. She loves any attention she could get. Her daughter also isn’t her husband’s like she tells him she cheats on him all the time and she doesn’t even know who her daughter’s dad is. Julie goes out and gets drunk at parties and then drives home doesn’t matter if her daughter is in the car or not. If your looking for an easy lay she’s perfect but she doesn’t shave her fish trap. She will fck anyone that tells her shes beautiful. She’s nasty and always gets tested because of how much she fcks around. Mr and my friends have all hit it she’s a big homie hopper. She will tell everyone her husband abuses her but its not true. Also she loves being on bottom she lives in Logan Utah because everyone in Arizona realized how much of a whore she is. Im sorry girls that live in Logan she’s probably already fcked your husband. Shes “best ftiends” with my wife and comes on to me every time were alone. And her hubsand isnt there. she is the definition of a slut

X-Treme Towing


THE DIRTY ARMY: well this right here people is ROBINSON’S X-Treme Towing the biggest and baddest towing company out here in this area they like to rip people off and use people. the owner of the company thinks is okay to bully young people working for them he under pays them. he thinks he is the best father out there but then again when his kids made their letter to santa they put i wish my parents would love me and spend more time with me also that my parents would stop fighting on the time, this man treats he woman like shit, he cheats on her all the time and be littles her infront of his kids and all his friend things its a cool thing to do. he controls her to the point she isnt allowed to have any friends and tell her how to dress and everything. BUT she isnt any better she always sleeps around on her man with his friends, its one big circle of come and get it. SO BE WARE PEOPLE PLEASE THESE TWO HAVE DRD and they dont let it be known to the ones they are sleeping with…

Ashley Nicole Green


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Ashley Nicole Green. She’s an escort & adult model I met a while back clubbing. I thought she was a nurses assistant. I don’t know how, but I got her pregnant. She’s neglectful and on drugs. My daughter is being neglected and is having a terrible start in life. I need to sever her rights and get full custody of my child. My private investigator has been documenting everything she’s been doing for the last year here’s what we know:

#1 She leaves our daughter at a dealers house(I’ll be posting them separately) 6+ days a week. They try to cover up the fact it’s a drug house by having a perpetual 24/7 yard sale. There’s also a strong Oder of Marijuana and other chemicals

#2 She’s receiving benefits from the state but can be found in the clubs nearly every week. Also, she isn’t declaring monies from her late night activities.

#3 She regularly travels with different men we can only assume are her clients. She’s been to San Diego, Utah, Chicago, and more.

#4 She works part time a Northwest Medical Center as a nurses assistant, for benefits, but somehow never goes to work.

#5 She’s been to Jail. Her arrest record includes several domestic violence charges involving separate men.

My investigator is licensed by the state of Arizona. He’s provided pictures and full reports of everything. BUT Me and my attorney don’t feel its enough. I love my daughter and want to give her a good life. If anyone has any information, I’m begging you PLEASE help me!

Definitely not a shower scrubber.- nik

Toan Nguyen is a Fake Prince


THE DIRTY ARMY: Toan Nguyen (Real Name: Joseph Casimir) is a con artist, Fake Prince, and a fraud. He present himself as Prince of Vietnam, grandson and heir to King Bao Dai. He have scammed hundreds of thousands from various people and companies in Houston. Look at court judgements and lawsuits against Toan Nguyen (Joseph Casimir) and you will find the truth! Be Warned! Let the world know!

Its seems like the Nguyens are always up to something.- nik

Michael Kooyman – Registered Offender For The 2nd Time


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy needs to be out away once and for all. Last week he was arrested for rape (again!). The nurse in the ER said it was the worst injuries she had ever seen from a sexual assault. He used GHB, just like he did with his other victim 10 years ago. He was put in jail, but got out early after he lied and said he had not graduated from high school. He got his GED and them let him out! He has been on probation ever since for either not registering as a sex offender, firearm violations, domestic violence or drugs. Part of his probation was to not consume an alcohol – yet you would see him all over town drinking. Police are asking if there are any other victims out there. I assume there are. The ladies of Salt Lake are going to be much safer, as long as they keep him in jail. And if he gets out – ladies, do not take a drink from him. Do not go anywhere alone. And to top it off, the house he took this girl to rape (and held her at gunpoint), was his moms! Can only hope she was out of town during all this. But, his family has been enabling him for years. He has a civil judgement against him from the first rape. His family comes from $$$, so they pay him under the table and have secret trust funds for him. Sure do hope this has opened their eyes to what a monster he is. Also, all the friends that have defended him over the years – enough is enough! If you go to mugshotscom, he fills up two pages. Somehow during the last 10ish years he even got a girl to marry him (smart and cute gal). Did not last long. I am assuming she figured out what he was really about. (article #1)  (#2) (#3)

He’s getting good at his mugshots.- nik

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