Aaron Cary Farris From West Jordon Utah; Beware Woman

Aaron Cary Farris from West Jordon Utah Beware Woman!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Last year my friend met this ass on myyearbook. They hit it off, until he was asking for money to pay for his rent, food, cigarettes, school clothes for his son and the list goes on. He uses the line I died in 2005 and my son called 911 and saved me, this is Aarons line to make woman feel sorry for him. Anyhow we went to Utah to meet in person etc and he did 3 tats on me and did the choppiest job ever, I had to get them redone. He borrowed $160 from me told me he wanted to borrow it to get my friend a ring then he asked her for money to pay for rent on the property his trailer was on. He stole her GPS and never repaid her at all, he uses his son to play games with the woman he reels in. Aaron likes to tell all about his exes and thinks all woman want him and r obsessed with him meanwhile he has nothing to offer any woman. lol He also puts down all his soooo called friends and disses them every chance he gets when they r not around. Calls them dirty mexicans. But when he wants somethhing all of a sudden they r the bestest ppl around. Woman in Utah should beware of this lowlife who uses woman for whatever till he has what he wants then he goes to his next victim.

Not many people are proud of looking like an ape…at least they can provide themselves with their own food.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Head

What do you think?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I think this girl is beautiful tell me what you think.  Because since the first time I laid my eyes on her, I cannot stop thinking about her.  She really makes me melt inside and is just the perfect woman.  Don’t even say she needs +2’s because she definitely does not.

They have Mexicans in Utah?- nik

Deadliest Snach

Deadliest Snach

Deadliest Snach

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nikki, Jaime Lee Layng. This girl is one of the Nastiest whores in all of Reno. She has the fcking c**. She a stupid little girl who thinks shes the fuking sht when shes not. She a little craddle robber fcking 15 year olds when shes 19. She a slippery slope of a pssy, smells like the rotten chicken of the sea. She wears the same 3 pairs of underwear weekly She is a second year sinior that cant even spell her own name right. Her name is Jaime not Jamie. She will shove any dick down her throat without a second thought about it. Shes a lying little cnt that doesnt give a fck about anyone else but her self. She will talk sht about her sister and the people she is closest too her. She will litterally shake her ass in public and not give a uck. She gave a lap dance to a 60 year old man for ten dollors. She fcks on sight, she says shes clean and all but shes not she a dirty little whore. DONT TRUST THIS STUPID ct..

Dirty Slore Mama

Dirty Whore

Dirty Whore

Dirty Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lady here is AJ Lonehill this B***h is a mother of a 2 yr old boy. Sweet kid i have been friends with her for almost a yr and a half she would rather do dope and snort c*ke and mth then take care of him. When the two of us were living together with a friend, me n the friend came back from paying bills to her doing m*th in our living room with her son on the couch in front of her! Is that not just f****d up! This woman deserves to be on the Dirty she has earned it!

Snap some pictures next time, I think that’s the only way this train wreck will learn.  She’s too high to remember anything spoken, a picture will do nicely.- nik

I Won’t If You Won’t

I wont if you wont

I wont if you wont

I wont if you wont

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Been a DA strong for years and ever since I found your site I will only take your opinion. I live in SLC and I have submited a few girls to you over the years to get your opinion and so far your right about every single one of them. I just got divorced from the one you tried to warn me about so I need something solid. I found this girl on FB and she seems down to earth, lovin the tats, but I have yet to talk to her.. She seems to not care what others think.. but I need full detail on what you think.

Then don’t, this one will come back to haunt you.  Especially since you met her online.- nik

See Not All DJ’s Are On Drugs

SCOOBY: Nik, so I was hanging with Devin the Dude yesterday in Newport. He told me that Kaskade (JV’s favorite DJ) is Mormon. I was like yeah right. I would know if he was Mormon! Anyway, did some research and its true!!! He even went to BYU and served a 2 year mission in Japan. So he’s like a real one, not a fake one like me. Read another article that said he’s never had a drink in his life. Crazy considering he DJ’s at the top clubs in the world and most of his fans are e-tards. Lol.. Sh*t is crazy!

He is still a Jacked Mormon in my book. There is no way Joseph Smith would be down with Kaskade promoting un-marital sex and laced drugs thru the rhythm of his DJ beats.- nik

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