Republican Bill Sanderson Is A Phony

108th General Assembly -  House of Represenatatives

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I recently got messages from a certain TN representative, thought I’d share for the world. I wonder if his wife knows what he’s doing when he’s out of Obion, Lake and part of Dyer Counties? Gotta love the gay politicians that are hiding behind the closet doors and pretending to have a Republican view. Bill Sanderson is truly one scared cookie.  Click here to read the texts messages.

Make sure you read the text messages. I believe the submission is referring to this guy: nik

Trashy Cassie

THE DIRTY ARMY: need i say more about this nasty thing? eww! nik puh-leeez put this hoebag on blast.

Is that her sister she’s pouring shots into…not a good role model to live up to, and yes I’m basing this off the back fat and muffin top cover-up.  she’s clearly not doing well in the game of life.- nik

Girls Soccer Program Freshman At Vandy

Dirty as Fuck Freshman Soccer Players at Vandy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, at a frat party these two freshman soccer players are being the sl*ts that they are and continue to ruin their reputation. Props to the guy on the right for that nice ass grab. Vanderbilt’s athletic director needs to regulate.

You can tell the girl in white is a fullback and the girl with blue shorts is a striker.- nik

Mr. 615 Is Cheating On Cassie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as previously reported, Mr. 615 has been dating his friend’s (who is in prison) wife, Cassie. 615 is telling Cassie that he is in love, however he is already back to his old tricks. He has been secretly slaying “Certified Sloot” Megan Ha**omb, formerly of The Dirty. 615 met Megan at the strip club she works at and has been seen in and out of her Hermitage Apartment on the regular. Chase is also back being a human pin cushion and cheating hard to try and fill out his 5’6 frame by the Summer. Nik, why does Chase always have to cheat on women, and cheat in gaining muscle? Why can’t he work hard and be faithful? Maybe it’s his parents fault?

What happened to the baby?- nik

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl Andrea P****a is always down for the get down. She loves cock in and around her mouth and isn’t afraid to work it. Freshman year, needless to say was passed around throughout my friends until no one wanted her anymore. Since then she’s been denied on plenty of occasions since being here, but still just doesn’t know when to say NO. So my question for you Nik is…would you?

If noone at school will sleep with her anymore what makes you think I would, she has crooked eyes and a Smurf nose.- nik

Vandy SGM

Vandy SGM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think??? I only know one of these girls.. Her name is Jence and she is on my girlfriends basketball team at Vanderbilt… SGM? Whats your take?

Fake, all of them could possibly have a greg tucked inside those bottoms.- nik

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