Kacie McDonnell Is Smoking Hot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has GOT to be the brunette for you. Kacie McDonell just got a job as Philly’s new traffic girl. She is so smokin, I am obsessed with her. Remember she used to be Christian Ponder’s girlfriend. If she got a new set of +2’s… would you??

Answer: No, her hair and buck teeth are a turn off. Can someone submit some real pictures (swimsuit) where the +2’s are visible… I don’t see what Ponder saw in this chick.

She Sure Does Love Cats


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, friends and I were cracking up at this video at the beginning because this girl truly loves cats and all she wants to do is hug them all.  LOL, besides he annoying voice, I wanted to ask you if you think she is dateable?

We did the research, she is real and singly psycho.- nik

Christian Ponder’s Very Own Own Swimfan Kacie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, apparently Christian Ponder and his horse mouth girlfriend Kacie from Villanova broke up, and just like any guy in his situation would, he rebounded with some girls at FSU. Ever since, Kacie has been posting NON STOP on our school’s gossip website pretending to be a guy (it’s so obvious when girls try to talk like guys online, why does this idiot even try). She is talking about how “Christian made a huge mistake” and “He really screwed up because apparently Snoop Dogg texted her”…its so obvious that it’s her posting because no one at FSU would care that some big toothed slam piece from another school is too hot for CP or even know that she was texting Snoop Dogg. And even though the girls he rebounded with dont know Kacie at all and CP and Kacie had already broken up, she is posting the nastiest lies about these girls online CONSTANTLY. No one at FSU cares but her and if you saw these posts in question you would agree she’s a self promoting psycho. To top it off, apparently this girl is a well-known “anything athletic with promise” greg chaser at Nova. This girl is a slutty stalker that thinks shes a celebrity because she got some sh*tty photo-shopped modeling pictures done and dated CP. Too bad she missed “The Flavor of Love” years because that would have been perfect for her. If you want to protect your dirty army at Nova you should tell them to steer clear of this psycho.

I think it is funny how girls sleep with athletes on campus thinking they are going to go pro and be rich. The reality of the situation is that Division 1 star athletes make good cubicle warriors. I hate when horse faces get delusional just because they have a good spray tan and +2’s. College kids don’t like horses, they like donkeys Kacie. So what does that make you?- nik

With That Face He Should Be A Comedian


With that face he should be a comedian

With that face he should be a comedian

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Keerit Brar. Most of you guys know him as he randomly adds you on facebook. Talks alot about how rich and ballin he is. Keerit please stop thinking your gods gift your one ugly piece of sh*t.

You know he wins girls over with his “personality”.- nik

Football Boy And Lover


Football boy and lover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here is Joey Fatone and his gay ass boyfriend who posts sh*t about himself and how he use to be some football star. Keep killin him Nik and I’ll keep posting. Paybacks a b*tch Mikey.

I think the Fat One is making fun of his Ed Farty shirt, but I cannot tell because his face is so fat.- nik

Psycho Football Player


Psycho Football Player

Psycho Football Player

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this psycho football player is from Atlantic City and since his first day at Villanova he caused trouble. I witnessed him beat up an entire fraternity (granted they were half his size and Villanova kids) but either way he must have knocked out 10 of them before spitting in some girls face. There are about 10 other incidents that are similar. He is also probably the best Linebacker that has ever played at Nova but since he got suspended so many times and then finally kicked out he was overlooked. This guy was known to run down on kickoff and dive through the wall. Against Upenn he nearly killed some kid. Heard he is back in AC fighting and training to be a pro boxer. This kid also happens to be a pretty good looking kid and had sex with like 10 girls that I know personally who all still love him. One day this psycho will either be on 60 minutes for killing a family or in Hollywood cause there is no one else in the world like him. Dudes a psycho!

Bro, next time you submit a post about yourself try using a library computer.  Harder to trace… hope this gets you laid.- nik

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