Clubrat Norris

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is elizabeth paige norris also known as elizabeth pen on facebook. I think she is a no good b**ch, she likes to sleep with peoples boyfriends(i know from experience) she also will talk to anyones boyfriend for attention she was suppose to be my friend and did this to me!. She is obsessive and lies so much, you can catch her at any club in downtown with a purple crown. She loves them!! She hangs out with jaye hall a guy who was previously posted on here. Just a warning for you guys out there watch out for paige and her drds and not to mention those horrid eyebrows also girls watch out for her trying to take ya man!

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Says She’s an Astronaut

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ridiculous 23 year old girl claims to have a Masters Degree and is a rocket scientist(!) from Lyman Park, Virginia – which is about 30 minutes outside of Alexandria. She goes by the name “Astronaut Joslyn Nisvis” on her profiles, even though she isn’t an astronaut, and lists her occupation as a Naval Aviator, even though she isn’t one (nor is she enlisted in any of the US Armed Forces). She took a tour of some airplane hangar and got a helicopter ride, and says that she’s a pilot now… She claims that she’s going to enlist in the US Navy next summer (suuure), but for now she’s basically doing that whole stolen valor thing by claiming stuff she’s not. She wouldn’t even be able to pass the ASTB Aviation Screening Test anyway. If anyone calls her out for calling herself an astronaut or a Naval Aviator without having the credentials, she goes ballistic and calls them ‘haters,’ says theyre jealous of her because theyre weak and their dreams in life didn’t come true. Veterans are offended, especially those who have sacrificed to actually enlist in the service and go through the treacherous training to actually become what she pretends to be – I guess they’re haters who failed at their dreams, too? This chick just needs to be put on blast to learn that you can’t just pretend you’ve got some rank and/or profession in the Navy without earning it – and to realize that its really disrespectful to those who have put their lives on the line, or lost their lives in the line of duty.

Port Orchard Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I want you to put this butch (not bitch but she is)JODI ECKLUND on blast. My first mistake I guess was getting into a relationship with a lesbian but in the end we got married and had 3 boys, all under 5 right now. For at least the last two years this Port Orchard homewrecker has been contacting my partner and professing her love for her, that she misses her, sappy bullshit really and in the end they’ve exchanged secretive emails, texts, phonecalls and even meeting. They are former “lovers” and I finally caught up …stupid me but the reason I want her put on blast is because she has hurt my three little boys through her meddling – she can have her ex (now mine) back but hurting my kids is unforgivable.

Pink Panty Man

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, I was on the internet and I found these photos of a guy named Bryan Jepsen and he happens to be the “pink pantie man.” I also saw that he uses women to get what he wants, but it looks like he’s just your average, yet regular Joe who likes to post up pics in his little sister’s pink panties.

You’d think he’d at least be able to fill them out…no homo.- nik

Erich Brown

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik do I have a real DIRTY.COM for you!!! Wow Erich Brown is a piece of work. After hooking up with him awhile back I was introduced to his crew. What a bunch of coke heads and druggies. Now mind you I party here and there but this guy cant keep his nose clean or his dick in his pants. I feel bad finding out later he was really in an on and off again relationship with his girlfriend Melissa Wolfe. He has cheated on her more times then I think I have changed my panties. God only knows how many girls from his crew he has fucked. I know some are Taylor Bass, Melissa Weiland (aka Melli and supposedly Melissa Wolfes good friend), and many more, I dont want to name to many names as its not fair to them. A few of these girls have told me themselves. They didnt know him and I hooked up so I guess they felt they could confide in me. I used to go to parties at his house and he would ditch his GF so he could hook up with other girls and do blow all night. Whats funny is that his crew would never tell this poor girlfriend of his even though they were all friends. (WHAT A GREAT CREW THAT IS) If you are out a club just watch him try and mack on girls when he DJS, he will be sly and does it all the time. Yes I was one of those girls that feel for it, so I dont want sympathy, but I do want all the girls out there to know that he is a player and he will cheat on his girl. Hey if you wanna fuck a DJ then go ahead that’s cool, but least know that this DB has a girl. He will always have blow with him and some great music, but he is a cheater and its time the other girls of Seattle start to hear and know it!!!! I feel awful for his GF and wonder if she is just too stupid to know or doesn’t care. I feel bad for this crew and for all the girls in it cause it makes me wander how many of us he has fucked and why none of us talk about it???

I’m getting a forgy vibe from him…maybe its the braces.- nik

More of Jessica

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THE DIRTY ARMY: If this site is soo sad a only pathetic people go on here how did you find the first post so fast,obviously someone is a part of the dirty army and is still in the closet about it!LOL Here is some more pics of, as someone put it in one of the comments, THE WALKING !!!! You never should of commented on the first post Jessica and this might not of happened. And what is the most hilarious fucking part is the my name is not Brandon so whoever you think did this because your oh soooo smart you got that one wrong BITCH, but you obviously know everything, you always did but you are way wrong on this on whore. Keep commenting and the posts will continue to come up again and again and again!!! and if it was your SUPER CUNT of a mother who commented you can thank her for this one because everyone knows she loves to pretend that she is you whenever she can you can thank her. Oh yeah and didnt she pay for all of both apartments you had…and gave you money to support your heroin habit everytime you made something up to her why you need money….and stealing,HAHA, dont be a hypocrite bitch because you have done your fair share of that too. from your mom,step-dad,brother and pretty much anyone who had anything you needed! Also keep saying your clean u fucking junkie and keep getting all those NA key tags high of ur ass and maybe once u get enough of them you’ll believe your clean yourself,LOL. On a side note everyone feels bad for you Ronnie Pearson jr because she has already cheated on you, most likely many times so u need to RuN as fast and as far as u can while u still can but she prob has her hooks in way to deep already so good luck with that and defiantly invest in a lot of  tests, your gonna need the…. Nik whats your thoughts on her? you didnt have much to say on the first post….hope the army enjoys!!!

Is that a greg?- nik

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