Ambur Trifflin Johnson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you the famous walking drd Ambur Johnson. She is the most vein nasty ratchet that’s going viral all over Chicago, Wisconsin and now Florida. This creature has genital warts and let’s any guy go in raw. She pretends to be a sweet girl only to use people. She’s homeless, has no car or job and begs people to take her in. Once they do, she fucks any male that’s available steals anything she can find, disappears and on to the next one. She has a 7 year old son who she never sees and abuses mentally. She would rather go out and party than see her son. If she ever does see him, she beings him to dope houses where she does drugs and gets busted down. When her son was 2 years old someone found him on the street because she was on drugs in the house getting a train ran on her by a bunch of gang bangers. She’s absolutely obsessed with her baby daddy and still thinks they’re together when he dumped her ass 7 years ago. She’s completely psycho and brags about her loose ass pussy that’s so torn up it hangs like a sack of balls. Every guy says the same thing, that her pussy reads of sour fish. Beware of this evil tramp cause she’ll infect you with her diseases, wreck your home, steal from you and completely lie about every single thing that comes from her mouth. I know this, because I’m one of the people that she’s done it to. So take your chance if you dare and Ambur, you’re gonna burn in hell!

Cops Shoot And Kill Small Dog

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cops in Racine, WI shot and killed this small dog after it got too close to them during a SWAT standoff. You can clearly see the dog running away. Please post this video.

So brutal.- nik

Amiee Shafer Slore of GM Fairfax

THE DIRTY ARMY: On march 9th of this year my life changed as I know it….my husband of over 25 Years informed me he had been fcking a whore from his work for close to 7 months. …as soon as this whore got hired at my husbands work place she spread her whore legs and like a idiot my husband screwed her several times in her and her husband’s bed of all places!!.she was stupid enough to spread her legs when my husband lied to her and told her that him and I were getting a divorce when in all honesty we were getting along the best we’ve gotten along in many years..yet the dumb whore had no problem spreading her legs even with her children in her home at the same time…just a pig she isa self centered pig!!
Even though my husband had informed me that he was having an affair I tried to stop it but they didnt stop until I finally did a background search on her and found out that she was married and screwing her husband at the same time. .I got a hold of her husband’s email and informed him of the wonderful affair and that kinda stopped them..but to this day they are still talking and being physical at work..there not able to screw there yet ive been told they have!! There both pigs!! Ive found an email of my husband’s professing his undying love for the whore and I told him even though we were getting along completely fine I demand a divorce. ..hes been groveling ever since begging actually down on his knees for forgiveness stating that she was the easiest piece of ass…im undecided as to weather im gonna give him yet another chance being this isn’t the first affair hes sure the whore thinks shes something special yet he has no problem screwing the easy piece of asses at his work. ..shes nothing special!! And shes the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. .my husband claims that shes told him that her husband is quite pyhco and wants to come after my husband to kill him….if he does come affair my husband I can’t really blame him…im hurt and pissed at the same time…how can he do this yet again! ! And the ironic thing is the other whores hes screwed were also named Amiee just with a different spelling. .unbelievable. .
My husband and I just celebrated our 26th anniversary and weve actually been together for 30 years..the whore is 31..obviously she has father issues being my husband is more than old enough to be her father. .my husband keeps taking me out for special dinners and the such and tells me he doesn’t want to throw 30 years away and the grass sure isn’t greener on the other side matter of fact its mud that a pig like her rolls in…I did find out that its illegal in several states to commit adultery and I will be suing the pig whore no matter how much it cost its well worth it…im seriously considering turning her in to cps being she screwed my husband with her small children in the same home, plus her home is quite disgusting and unfit for her children…
Another thing I should state is when my wonderful husband started this affair my son was in the hospital in the ICU horribly sick for over a month then came home with a feeding tube and I had to take care of him for several months and my husband whined that I wasn’t giving him any attention even though my son needed around the clock attention. ..what a wonderful husband and father!!

Beware of Psycho Milf

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Lisa Kainz from Madison. Her husband works in South Dakota and when he is at work she hooks up with all these guys half her age. She spends all her husband’s money on anyone in their 20s with a dick. She buys whatever they want; cell phones, clothes, jewelry, drugs, weekend trips and motorcycles. She let’s guys stay at her house for a few days, then she kicks them out so she can move on to the next young Dick. She uses mth everyday and ecxtasy often so she can keep up with these guys and she will get them high so they will sleep with her. She will go completely Psycho when these guys are with other girls. She completely lost her shit and sent over 100 texts and calls in about an hour because she knew one of these guys was with (name removed). She thinks she can buy your boyfriend and control your relationship. Stay away from this Psycho.

I Found One For You

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Shannon. I think that you’ll agree that this is your brunette for 2014. Shannon is a real woman, one who knows how to put down several meals in one sitting and still has room left for dessert. She’s got the body of a goddess, complete with 6, repeat SIX huge, jiggling breasts. Who needs +2s when you’re this uniquely endowed? Be jealous ladies. Thigh gap? Hell NO, Shannon is bringing in the era of Himalaya thighs, thighs so lumped out with fat they resemble a mountain range. She is resplendent with cheap jailhouse tattoos, has a smile above any dentist’s worst nightmares, and she knows damn well that she is one sexy BEAST. So Nik, now that you know that your perfect woman does indeed exist, there will be no need for anymore brunette submissions as Shannon holds the crown, hands down. In all seriousness though Nik, I came across this stunner on a mutual friends’ Facebook status and my jaw just dropped. There is no excuse for a person to look like this. With all the medical marvels today, this is unacceptable. Someone PLEASE pay for this “Where The Wild Things Are” star to get some lipo or something. I\’m living in fear now, afraid that I\’m going to run her in person some day. She might try to eat me. Although I suppose the chances are low as by her own admission, “fat girls taste better” and I do’t quite fit her uniquely developed tastes.

Madison Ohio’s Chris burr

THE DIRTY ARMY: DIRTY CHRIS BURR: Nik this skank ass hoe who thinks that she is hot with her ridiculously over the top slutty outfits baring her stretch marked pudgy failure of a stomach keeps on trying to break up happy homes with her slutty ass way’s. This all started at work with her pity party stories of how her and her children were mistreated and abused which later on we all found out was just more of Chris the scank’s made up stories to get attention This trailer trash whore sets a great example for her children while she is passed out on the floor from her drinking and extended weekend of “peace love and rave” parties. She will take anyone she can get whether it be boys or girls in a bathtub while they shave her disease filled rotted roast beef blue waffle vagina….and sends said pictures to a married man. Threatening to beat me up if I said anything about her pathetic life of sucking dick to get them to buy her drinks. She went on “The Hookup” like every single weekend after sucking off a tin man and coming off of a binge because she was so desperate for her next fix. I guess thats what happens when your daddy and mommy bail you out of everything all your life! You can find her on a regular basis at dale’s DW3’S saloon in Geneva Ohio on route 534 THIS SHE IS known as skunk twat from the pungent smell coming from her crotch area! CHRIS BURR IS NOTHING MORE THAN A HOME WRECKER!

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