Ashley Skittles Is Still Fat, Still Not Famous

THE DIRTY ARMY: Last year someone posted pictures of Ashley’s fat gut. Some of her friends disputed her being fat. Well Nik, here we are alittle over a year later and she still has a fat gut. In the group photo Ashley is on the left side, look at that gut. Look at the cellulite in her thighs. This girl thinks she is gorgeous and modeling material. I think she needs to lay off the booze and do some crunches. What say you Nik?

Her legs look wider then the ones in jeans.- nik

Yale’s Trash–Aala Mohamed

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, Your site would no be complete if you don’t expose this ugly piece of ratchedness named “AALA MOHAMED” this arrogant ugly scum pigeon came here from the dephs of Africa, and found herself in YALE! while many citizens cant even afford college or are going through tough times! there are many deserving people who should of gotten an opportunity to get into these schools! but under some program called Al-Mustakbal, theyre scooping 3rd world trash and dumping them into colleges that they have no business being in. This girl isnt liked! she gossips and prances around like shes God’s gift to the world! she probably brags to family members back in Africa about how shes in Yale! but she will never amount to anything! because society is a MONSTER, and with her looks, she aint going anywhere! we laugh at her when she attempts to use English terms like “Fall back” and stuff like that! I need to alert you NIK about this program as well as this girl recruiting people to this program “AL MUSTAKBAL” that is dumping 3rd world bottom feeding subhuman trash into not only colleges,but IVY LEAGUES! Nik(OR ANYONE READING),have you been to YALE? well if you were an east african bottom feeder, you can enroll in this program and choose any college! its disgusting! they pick them up from slumber in their homelands and bring them here!  THIS ALAA IS THE BIGGEST GOSSIPER,THE BIGGEST PIECE OF SCUM ON EARTH! Nik, you need to expose this ratched rat looking trashbox! shes also a trouble maker and she starts and instigates fights! she hangs with a small group of ugly girls from the same village or some crap! NIK,PLEASE HELP ME EXPOSE THIS UGLY BISH AND HELP AMERICANS WAKE UP FROM THEIR SLUMBER AND SEE WHATS GOING ON! YOU CAN EVEN GOOGLE THE PAGE “AL-MUSTAKBAL” IM NOT JOKING! this is a program connecting undeserving trash to ivy league schools!

Don’t dance with racism.- nik

Hell On Heels

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl seems sweet but she pretends like shes not into herself when in reality shes obsessed with herself. She goes by the nickname “Hell on Heels” her real name is Helen Loomis. She gets guys to do anything for her but then attempts to play it off like she hates the attention. She has to be somewhere in her 20’s and I just heard she is marrying this rich dude thats 60. What is your completely unbiased opinion of her?

Those look like real saggy boobs?- nik

No Wonder There Is So Many Refund Gaps In America

No wonder the refund gaps & monstrosities out there

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so sad… ladies if you can’t afford a real medically gifted & talented artist doc… I suggest don’t do it. A $1500 boob job that you can get $ for in 60 minutes sounds like the kind for boob jobs I see all over the US. Must go to Switzerland ladies……do your research.

That looks like a stolen image.- nik

What Do You Think About Irish Girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I love your site and have never seen any Irish girls on it, this is Georga Salpa shes an the number 1 Irish model at the moment.  I think shes stunning and has the perfect body her boobs are real the only problem is that shes banging Callum Best which is gross cz hes pig! Anyway wanted to know would you? And how do you join the dirty army from Ireland?

Answer: No, she looks like a Kim Kardashian knock off… not very original and makes me mentally think she is hairy as hell down below. 

**Also, to join the DA just go to and sign-up.

Sweet Pea



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I need to know more about this Girl She is totally my type see her around campus and looks like a sweet pea,heard she was crazy in the sack.She has a crazy bod and she Seems like a sexy,cute girl.But she isn’t into the party sceane and I cant get shit on her..Wondering if anyone knows anything that says different .

You can’t be serious, how would you not know her if you had these pictures…How much greg do you need if you post in about yourself to try and get some more,  settle down there sloot.- nik

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