EXCLUSIVE: Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez – Blasted in Legal Battle Over Hacked Jailhouse Phone Calls

The Dirty has exclusively learned Ex-NFL star/convicted felon, Aaron Hernandez, is being blasted by the company he sued – where he blamed them for his jailhouse phone calls being hacked into – with the tech co. saying has no right to privacy BECAUSE HE’S LOCKED UP.

Back in November, Hernandez sued the company Securus Technologies Inc. in Federal Court. The company records all in and out jailhouse phone calls, except certain conversations protected by attorney-client privileges.

Hernandez said the company’s electronic database was hacked and an unauthorized party obtained access to the recordings of the ex-NFL star’s jailhouse phone calls. The calls were hacked back in 2014 while Hernandez was locked up awaiting his murder trial. He sued demanding information on how the conversations were accessed and the number of people who listened.

Then recently, Securus Technologies fired back at Hernandez’s lawsuit demanding the case be thrown out.

The company explains all inmates telephone calls are subject to telephone monitoring except for certain exceptions. Once an inmate receives a PIN and uses the telephones, it is deemed as their consent for the calls to be recorded and monitored … says the company.

Securus stated, “Aaron Hernandez did not and cannot make such allegations. He has no right of privacy in any of the three calls at issue.” They are demanded the lawsuit be dismissed and he be awarded nothing from his complaint.