Chey Gowland


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. here you go this little prostitute rat goof is a real life scumbag she was dating a friend of mine and was telling the guy what he wanted to hear while she whored herself on dating sites like Tinder and the famous Plenty of fish f’ing randoms at her house while her 4 year old son slept in the other room. How do i know ? She’s ballsy enough to tell you right to your face. You can find her on those dating sites within minutes. The only morals and values she has is towards the next cock she sucks. She eats pepsi for breakfast and loves to do ecstacy anytime shes drunk and takes a guy home. I remember her fat pasty white ass back then she was a drug addicted whore who craved dick in her dirty skid marked ass. Her vagina farts worst than the fat bastard in Austin Powers. And shes riddled with stretch marks from head to toe. I have no idea why anyone would f’ this trash but guys wrap ur dirty cocks and women watch your man because this slore will bang anything thats hard and sticks up straight

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Dianne Hodgson and Gerry Katerlos


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these two needle sharing chrystal meth heads are Dianne Hodgson and her f-buddy GERRY KATERELOS. These two druggy thiefs where ran out of Abbotsford and its better here with them gone. The crime rate has gone down because she drives this GOOF around high on m’th at 4 in the morning stealing from anyone they can. Once they get caught and people want to get them for stealing or for having an oustanding meth front that they havent repaid, they move. I heard she has been spotted in Aldergrove and everyone is looking for her. her kids have been taken away from her because she would rather get high all day everyday. She has aids and is still sharing meth needles with the local Abby bycicle towing trailers crew. Gerry is a pedifile and my ex boyfriend was friends with him and was told that he molested Diannes son while high on meth. My three daughters can now leave there bikes outside and they wont get stolen now that she is gone from here. These two Chrystal Meth GOOFS need to be put on blast so wherever they are if the drd hasnt got them yet are aware of the Aids and the thiefing. WHere are these junkies. Everyone is looking. Be a mother you fucking junkie and Gerry aka Rex Mens Holes go to rehabd looser you 50 year old

Mom Who Can’t Stop Stealing


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shelby Golden has finally landed herself on the dirty. This useless sack hops guy to guy looking for someone to pay for her daughter. The previous boyfriends always have the same wolf-crying claims, “That they had anger issues and she was scared.” This girl has ran from every guy she has ripped off and will date scum like Devon Deveau to cash in on a buck. She almost lost her kids when she f’ed off to Red Deer, to avoid letting her daughter see her biological dad. She left to Alberta to go to school, but dropped out before she achieved anything. When the money ran out with Devon she ran back to BC because her own family wouldn’t help her cuz of her thievery. Now that she is back in BC, she leeched off another ex-boyfriend until he threw her out and she found another sucker. Now after sucking that family dry for finances and sharing her sob story, she is now hanging out at South Fraser Tim Horton’s looking for another dick to pay her bills. Shelby has many people willing to help with her daughter but she would rather endanger her and be homeless before accepting that she is second generation white trash. Shelby can’t hold a job because she is a chronic thief, losing her job at Zellers while pregnant for robbing cash drawers. She lost her job at Subway and McDonalds for the same thing. When she returned to Abbotsford she lost her job at Mantique in the mall once again for suspected theft. This useless sack of sh’t owes thousands to creditors, ex-boyfriends, and her own family. She has been propped up for the last year by Tyler’s family and seems to be fucking her way to the bottom of the barrel now. She has been caught multiple times cheating on pretty well every boyfriend at this point. Her own family won’t even take her back because she steals cash, clothes and everything else available.

Agara Annika Rae


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Annika Rae one of Abbotsfords finest. She usually can be seen in a grey TNA Hoodie and yoga on a daily basis. I guess this is what happens when its hard to find clothing to fit your body type. She is a main memeber of the “Honda Car Club” she is only apart of it cause thats were all the desperate single dads hang out. She will send nudes even if shes not asked and it doesnt bug her if you have a girlfriend either. She is a waitress by day and now She is a “photographer ” and charges money to take pictures and edits them on instagram, big scam if you ask me. She comes from a family of money and all this money she came into was because her dad embezzled the Honda Way for years and got caught. Looks like daddys lottle princess is making a name for her self.

Nyk The Player Schwab


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Nyk, He has a way of making any girl feel special and important even though he’s an A$$ you either think A.) im better then him and wont fall for his games, of B.) it’s gunna be different with you. After he treats you like gold and you are the only one who matters he will accuse you of sleeping with his friends and ignoring you for weeks on end. What he really is doing is getting back together with his crazy of and ex girlfriend. They have a kid together but he refuses to admit that too. Hes nothing but a lil boy hiding behind a beard. he pretends to be a sweet caring and damaged guy but really he is just another player playing the game.

Junky turned escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mikayla Quon is a 25 year old escort who sells her trap for 200 dollars an hour but still has no money for her child which is why she is in the process of getting her child taken away from her because she doesn’t spend any of the money she gets from welware or child tax benefit on her child. instead she buys herself things so she can live alavish lifestyle, meanwhile her kid is living with her single mom in a shitbox with no good food or clothing. Someone get this whore help.

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