SCAM ALERT — Northern Leasing Systems, Inc aka MBF Leasing LLC Is A Scam


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please post this to save other small hard working businesses – Northern Leasing Systems, Inc aka MBF Leasing LLC falsifies contracts and creates a non cancelable, excessive fees, forges signatures, loopholes the law with their own scamming attorney in New York.

This company came to my place of business offering a lower rate on credit card processes and to provide a point of sale system (POS). At the time, the salesman seemed very trustworthy and instead of reading the contract thoroughly, he made sure I received the short and sweet version to understand what all the fine line states. It seemed reasonable, so I agreed to the lease.

When agreeing and signing the contract, the salesman would not give an immediate copy, nor allow me to make a copy with my available copier. Instead, he came back 3 days later with a copy, which was not the original contract that was signed. When approached of the observation, he stated that the other documents weren’t important. Again, I felt the salesman was quiet trustworthy.

After using that service paying $230 a month for 2 1/2 years to lease the system, plus unusual fees throughout the duration, I sold my restaurant and cancelled the lease. This company continued to debit money from my account and when confronted, they explained that I still owe them 2 1/2 years more of service and that the contract is non cancelable. They sent me a copy of the lease agreement and that’s when I noticed that the signatures on each page were not from me.

The company tried taking somewhere around $6,500 from my account, but I was able to reverse the transactions with my bank. They tried again, so I had to reverse the transactions once again and then closed my business bank account.

Now, almost 2 years since I’ve had a business, Northern Leasing has managed to file a judgement with the state of New York, although I live in Alaska. The judgement aloud them to take the $6,500 plus an addtional $6,500 since the state of New York law says that the winner of a judgement receives 200% of said judgement to assist with any occurred fees throughout the process.

So far I have filed with the Attorney General’s office of New York and the A.G. of Alaska for Consumer Fraud. I also have 2 lawyers working on this case. I am using the recent lawsuit won by New York A.G. to assist with my case, since the filing of that lawsuit falls in with my situation. One of the statements within the settlement is as follows:

“As part of the settlement, the companies agreed to fully refund the more than $3.6 million they drained from their customers’ accounts in the spring of 2011.They also agreed to refrain from any efforts to collect the remaining approximately $7 million from customers targeted in the scheme – in some cases, up to 11 years after their victims’ equipment leases had expired. The companies are required to make automatic refunds to certain former customers and there will be a claims process for all other customers. Each customer participating in the settlement will receive 100% of the amount debited.”

Also, the attorney that the bank says has a judgement against my account is Joseph Sussman, which has the same address as Northern Leasing. Imagine that! Just look his name up and see what results you get about this attorney.

Hope this helps others when trying to fight against this fraudulent company. They need to be stopped and I will invest all I have to ensure this company does not screw me over.

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