Ask Nik Richie — Do I confront the Homewrecker even though she is blood related

Ask Nik Richie — Do I confront the Homewrecker even though she is blood related

**Back in the day we had an ‘Ask Nik’ category. I’m going to bring this back to help others. My advice is as good as Gods. I decided. Plus, the DIRTY ARMY can add their input as well. Here is our first Ask Nik Richie submission.**

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, ugh I need help and I need it to be confidential please.. I just found out my niece is sleeping with a married man.. a man that I know.. I know his wife. He is in management in their company and is a repeat adulterer. He left his wife for a year but still slept with his wife during that time til he had enough of the mistress and begged his way home.. the wife was an idiot and took him back.

He has since cheated and is now carrying a relationship again, this time with my niece. I am torn between my love and loyalty to my niece (who’s husband cheated on her a year ago and they have since split, so she knows how it feels to be the wife on the other side. And now she has become the woman she hates..) what do I do… do I tell the friend and hurt my niece or do I do nothing. Nik, help please..

You need to tell the wife. I understand you want to protect your blood, but she’s blinded by lust and is getting mental payback for what her husband did to her. Everyone will hate you for three months, but eventually thank you for waking them up from this affair. You know right from wrong… this entire situation is WRONG! Fix it, so you can sleep.- nik

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