Ask Nik Richie — How Do I Get A Post Removed

Ask Nik Richie — How Do I Get A Post Removed

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am not threatening you as the owner of this site, but suing the woman. I have never in my life cheated on a married man. I am pregnant and in a happy healthy relationship as you will see on my Facebook in the upcoming months and when the baby is born. I have been cheated on multiple times and would never do it to a living soul because it hurts to the core. This guy is my best friend’s twin brother. I would never date him. They are identical. We have just always been close and she has always been jealous of our friendship but always platonic.

He only called me recently for legal advice because my bro is a a divorce attorney. I have been used by him in this matter to only get back at her because she actually cheated on him with a married man with 5 children. He only was trying to make her jealous by talking to me because he knew she would be furious. I’m harmless in all of this and this could affect my future. Please for the sake of my unborn child that I’m having with another man… Please take this down. This guy is trying to divorce her for her own cheating and she’s grasping at straws. Thank you!

No. You knew exactly what you were doing and please don’t bring a baby into this matter. This child is pure, don’t taint him or her with your poor decisions.- nik

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