Ask Nik Richie – We Are Expecting Another One

Ask Nik Richie – We Are Expecting Another One

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, need advice- me and my fiancé broke up for 5 months, we only spoke when it was about our daughter. He tried for the whole 5 months to try and get back with me me and my daughter moved in with one of my friends and at the end of our split up he stopped talking to me for a week and a half. I’ve been told by multiple people and the other women that he was bragging about some hot chick he was taking on a date.

I texted the girl and she sent me screen shots of some of there conversations, one of him saying he was coming to see her at work and then the night of there date and how she looked good that night. As always I let it go, we got back together and we are expecting another one, but he still won’t admit that he went on a date when I bring it up- he gets mad. I have a feeling there still talking, but I’m not sure or that he has feelings for her. What do think?

I think he’s cheating on you because you’re pregnant.- nik

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