Scars Is Team Jenna Jameson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how can these pornstars call you a bully? They put themselves in these life situations and then expect everyone to kiss their asses like Gods. What a joke.

Scars FYI your plan is back firing. I’m getting more followers. Thanks.- nik

Straight Is Now A Minority


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was walking down the street the other day and stumbled upon this ad. Who decided it was ok to force the gays down everyone’s throat?

My guess is by 2083 there will be more Gay guys than Straight guys. And by 2120 it will be frowned upon to be Straight.- nik

Paris Hilton Is Still A Pepsi Fiend

Paris is still a coke whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it seems that Paris is up to her coke wh*re ways again. She was in Aspen with her family over the holidays and raged every night, even asking my friends and I for coke! Of course we didn’t have any because we are not coke wh*res, but it was pretty entertaining. Isn’t she like, 30 now?

Someone is trying to sell me pictures of her doing pepsi with Brandon Davis recently (in an LA nightclub). I told the person nobody buys pictures of Paris Hilton anymore… this isn’t 2005.- nik

Adobe At It Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was on aspendailynewsonline and bored as hell at work… Anyway came across my long lost friend and her BF in the arrest section. Aspen police officers witnessed a disturbance on the Hyman Avenue mall and responded to it. After investigation, Brittany Rathel, 22, of Sunny Isles, Fla., and Veronica Wimm, 21, of Aspen were each issued a municipal court summons for disorderly conduct. Aaron Preston, 25, of Sunny Isles, Fla. was placed under arrest and transported to Pitkin County Jail where he was charged with 3rd degree assault and false reporting to authorities.

Wow, that is Dirty Celeb “Adobe”.- nik

 Click here to read article

Help Us Find George Aldrich


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK I tried to submit this before and we really need your help more than ever, George Aldrich has been missing in Aspen for two weeks, the case is a big mystery they are actively searching now and had a dog who picked up his scent from the bus stop he was last seen at to another bus stop on the road, so everyone strongly beleives someone had to have seen him and we really need to talk to those people, we think someone may have picked him up, please just post his picture, i know the dirty army has to know something. Click Here To Read Full Story

I have a feeling this story is not going to end well.- nik

Email Suggestion: Nik, I read the article about what the police have done thus far to locate George Aldrich, and I was struck by the fact that they ping’ed his cell phone, but it seemed that it was only based on when his last call was made. I would think that they should know this, but just in case, it is worth letting them know that I’ve heard that you can ping a cell phone’s location as long as the phone is on. That means that a ping that occurred during his last phone call probably isn’t the most recent data available about his location. They need to ping for the location based on the signal the phone transmits just by being on, if they haven’t already done so.

I can’t find any definitive explanation of this, and I’m not terribly tech savvy, so this could be wrong. However, I was told about this ability personally by an expert in the field of investigative forensics, although there is a chance I misunderstood this person [but I don’t think that I did].

Regardless, they at least need to search for the location based on the last time his phone received a text message, which is probably more recent than his last call as well. The found that family up in Oregon in 2006 this way.

If I find any information on searches based on the phone merely being on, I’ll send it in.

Best wishes, for him & his family.

Father, I Have Sinned

Father I have sinned

Father I have sinned

(Click Here To Enlarge Email To Father Mark)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to be involved with a “innocent” Catholic girl named Courtney Kenny. Then we drifted apart because she had an abortion with “my” child. I was always finding condom wrappers in the trash can… In which we never used. A LOT if you know what i MEAN!! I confronted her about them and she confessed that she had a Sex Addiction and couldn’t help it. She was so addicted, she couldn’t resist sleeping with total strangers, one incident she was so desperate, she slept with 3 guys she met in a walmart parking lot.  I know I was not just concocting this whole idea up in my head because I used to have her password, & before we broke up I found this message to her “Father” in her email and thank god I saved the proof… Well I would have NEVER let this out to the public, but Coutney is the only girl I’ve slept with and. So there ya have it. BEWARE if you’re gonna sleep around with this girl, wrap it up.

The chances that the baby was yours are 2%. So don’t ever get down on yourself for it. I wonder if Father Mark tried the goods.- nik

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