ASU Softball Player Kelsey Kessler Is A Mystery

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Kelsey Kessler, she’s a softball player during the day at Arizona State University and a slut at night. She is constantly begging for attention by wearing the skimpiest clothes around campus. What I really want to know is how she pays for all her vacations.

I would like to know more please. Jenny Finch is a dinosaur now… Softball needs a replacement.- nk

Worst Fad Ever

The Arizona State University Derby Devils. The author, aka Stone Cold Jane Austen, is in the second row, kneeling, furthest to the right.

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everywhere I go around ASU I see roller blades. I thought this fad died out way back in the 80s when the hipsters decided roller skates were stupid accessories that made them look like douchebags and replaced them with overpriced MacBooks? Only people who think roller blading is cool are rich preteen girls and douche bags. Get a skateboard idiots!

WTF happen to ASU — they must have removed the picture submission upload on their new student online application.- nik

Arizona State is a Community College Right


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Dear Nik, I went to ASU and I am fully aware it’s not something to brag about or tell people really. I usually get a response that sounds like “oh I wouldn’t take you for someone that went to school in Arizona!” And I understand. It’s a terrible school, both ASU and U of A. I think the whole degree can be done online now? Anyways I was at Hyde on Sunset this past weekend and these two broads were bragging that they finished college at ASU and they have business degrees and that sets them apart from the other non-working actresses in LA yes, ahahhahahah. I got in a drunk argument and explained that sadly my alma mater is a sh*t school, it’s not something to you say to people or brag about. I sometimes lie and say they gave me money to attend at 18 so I was like f*ck it, I guess I’ll go here. I told them that too but they weren’t having it and the convo got way heated. They got so mad I was pretty much kicked out hahahaha, but it was cool and this made me think of the site in it’s hayday not how it is now. I want more entertainment, less hate. Go back to how things once were, say circa 2008-9? Maybe post the real hooking blondes of Vegas with delicious fake parts?? Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel Nik. You are better than this sh*t up lately. The dirty was the one great thing associated with my college. Maintain it’s glory. #DASTRONG –for now.

Sometimes I feel like you guys don’t get. I can only post what is submitted. See how you just made a great submission. And see how I just posted… that’s how it works. You make the site, not me. The glory is up to you. And for the record if a girl tells me they went to ASU — I automatically think easy sex.- nik

Asu Flasher Freak


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik whats up! Ran into this douche today who flashed some girls in a convertible at intersection of Rural and University as I saw children present at the nearby Taco Bell. He flashed me when I confronted him on his public nudity and encouraged me to snap some shots and I obliged.

High socks and Vans…for shame.- nik

Lucy Gradolph and Kenzie McGraw Are Very Classy Girls


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have known these two for a long time. Both come from well off families, how does this happen? Kenzie is at ASU (online classes) and is always bragging about trips and gifts from men. Lucy is always doing the same. Neither rarely tag their sponsors. From what I have seen and heard Lucy scored big with her sugar daddy college internship boss. I met that dude at a party actually and he resembled Jabba The Hut (winning). There are rumors that dude has been arrested for hitting and choking Lucy. Kenzie was on some lavish trip recently and finally showed her greasy sponsor. Lucy got a horrible boob job (u can see the implant on one side). She also got a nose job and looks super manly. Looks like they shaved off the bridge of her nose and now she has a big squat pug nose. Lucy tries to photoshop her botched nose job in every picture. She also got lip injections. WTF? Lucy was soliciting votes to win a bikini contest on Facebook. Then she won, but with PURCHASED VOTES! Lucy is now bragging about her unpaid internship while she is on the prowl for another sugar daddy. Check Lucy out on Instagram: Lucy Gradolph. People can draw their own conclusions, but we know what these ladies are.

Anyone else notice how ASU is getting trashed in films, TV shows and media outlets. It’s like the small bus school now.- nik

Is ASU Hurting For Admissions


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know you’ve been talking about the declining hotness of ASU girls for awhile, but as the babes are leaving are the rest of the students, as well? I applied for more information on a graduate teaching program ASU offered, as they had a fully online masters program, but ultimately decided to stick to something within my own state so I wouldn’t have to take extra tests to get licensed here. I dodged the first call and email, telling myself I would call back if I was unable to find a program here that fit my needs. Over the last two weeks I have received daily phone calls, voicemails, and emails from ASU, totally unrelenting. I am used to pleading my case to admissions boards, it seems so desperate for them to be contacting me constantly. Are they hurting for students now that the hot girl rate is down and the DRD rate is up?

They are competing with University of Phoenix now. ASU is just a money play. Their degrees are worthless. I decided.- nik

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