Trader/Ex-BFF That Slept With My Man

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman slept with my boyfriend of two years while I was at my grandfather’s funeral. I came back and he told me about it. I immediately dumped him. I asked her, my supposed best friend, and she LIED for almost two months. Her current “fiance”/sugar daddy is in jail, soon to be released. Good luck with this sociopath/psycho- you will need it. Bitch got crazy when she got her implants. No career – just a wannabe Playboy Miss Social, promo girl with no future. **Thanks for the wakeup call Amber. I own my own company now and would never work with the likes of you**.

The tattoo on her hand kills the +2’s for me. Please LaserAway so you can find a real Sugar Daddy.- nik

So Confused On How Some Girls Think They Are So Sexy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, again, what is wrong with this girl? Can she not understand how to stop looking like sh*t? Quit going to a bad doctor and pay for a good photographer.

Why Are Girls From Atlanta Such A Joke


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I keep seeing this girl pop up in my news feed saying she’s trying to get into Playboy. All I see is bad plastic surgery and even worse photoshop. Did she actually edit out her belly button? What’s wrong with her eyes? This is why Atlanta women are a joke.

What is her real name (not stripper name)?- nik

Flare Bartender Pullin’ Too Many Tricks


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is a guy that EVERY chick in the ATL needs to kno about if they are in the industry life, hell, most have probably already hooked up with him to!! He has done three of my girls dirty now, so it’s time for some serious payback. He is a “flare” bartender yet works at a restaurant where there is barely a bar… The only tricks he has there are his MANY women. He hits up different girls all the time, Facebook, texts, meets up with them even! Sending dirty texts, dick picks, you name it, he sends it all. All hours of the day and he is dirty talking different chicks and making them think he wants them…

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Lacey Needs Your Cash


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Lacey is disgusting. Look at her ass its pure cottage cheese and she keeps begging for money on Instagram. She even had a guy send her $100 and she posted about it bragging. She advertises that you can book her and she will even drive to you.

I don’t understand how her face weight doesn’t match her ass weight.- nik

Casey Compton is a manipulative scam artist

whore 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this so-called Georgia peach white trash cunt is past her prime, despite being in her 20s. A manipulative con artist and junkie who pretends to be single and childless to impress men. When in reality, she secretly a single mother and will date multiple men at the same time without their knowledge. She use to claim she would give up her own kids just to be with the next man. She’s a pathological liar at best. She’s also a webcam whore who goes by the name “Sophie Foxx”. Claims her baby daddy is a deadbeat, but it seems she’s keeping the father out of her caramel kids’ lives. She use to claim she had one child, but it turns out she has two (having seen her FB over a year ago). When questioned about this mystery child at the time, she denied it was hers and said she was hacked. I pretty much regret wasting time with this redneck. She’s a professional victim at best, doesn’t like being held accountable for anything. Has a history of false accusations, family violence, threatens men, and will walk all over them. She’s also a homewrecker, having destroyed some relationships. According to one of her exes, most people hate her. Also hears she f’s drug dealers for pills. She will accuse you of infidelity without proof, although she cheats herself. She’s also a thief and will rob you while you sleep. This whore should be avoided like the plague, for your own sanity. Even her own father wants nothing to do with her.

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