Cheating two timing psychopath

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is nerdy looking but don’t let him fool you. He moved to Athens to be with his girlfriend and cheated on her after her family took him in. Came crawling back to Perry to tell me his sob story and beg me back into his life. He dated me, slept with me got me pregnant and left me for a girl name Breana. He left Breana for the same girl that he was dating when he wanted me. He uses people and is a two timing psychopath look out middle Georgia SCOTT IRWIN IS A PSYCHO

Kenny Rogers Support

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, New to your site love it and appreciate it. I just had to blast the STATE OF GEORGIA… I was staying at a homeless shelter in atlanta midtown area for 5 FU**ING YEARS (No one noticed or offered me a job after seeing I had sh*t for luck coming from TEXAS). BTW everyone knows the cost of living is higher on the east coast and I DNT GET FOOD STAMPS AND I HAD NO KIDS!!!! So these stupid fools brought in Kenny fu**ing Rogeres in a predominantly black shelter in a predominantly BLACK city…. ATLANTA. And Nik for the record no offense…. black people dnt know who kenny Rodgers is. -_- I got the pic for you though… -moral of my story… dont ask for what you actually need cause in ATL they dnt speak English

French Woman Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, on the surface, Olivier Havette aka netdr.** seem normal. He pretends to french man making his way in the US. In reality he is a woman beater just ask cobb county police. His current girlfriend who stalked him unrelentlessly, Alejandra Caro aka cossabella, has no idea who she is dealing with. He is on tinder, badoo, ok cupid and several other sites. Be careful because not only will he beat you he never uses condoms. He is a pathetic man who craves attention, Ladies around the world beware!!

Certified Junkie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is nasty as. dont trust her around your husband, she will sleep with him and give him an drd. She banged her roomates/bff husband! she has NO soul. shes been in and out of jail and is proud of it. you should see her without makeup, shes got craters on her face from all the m**h and he**on. her nasty ass stinky p**sy gave half of cherokee county **ia and everyone knows it. she has no friends now and no place to live so she uses guys just for a place to stay. she is desperate as f’ and would do ANYTHING to get high. its sad, she used to be a sweet pretty girl but now she looks like a drug head. shes f’ed over the people that cared about her the most with no remorse. nowadays she cant even hold a decent conversation with anyone because shes too f’ed up off roxys or xanax.

Beware Of Candy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl goes by the name Candy Jones. I have no idea if this is her real name or not. My husband and I pick up women every now and again for threesomes. We met Candy at a club and took her home with us. Everything seemed fine. We drank and had fun. Well once she became heavly drunk she became crazy. She started yelling, breaking sh*t and going nuts. I guess it’s our fault for picking up a random girl but we have always had good luck. We had to call the police in order to get her to leave.

Usually I would blame the mixture of adderall and alcohol, but Candy is in the wrong demo for that.- nik

Lacey Jane’s Butt Is Real

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am friends with Lacey Jane and I want to let you know her ass is real. I saw a post on here saying she has implants and this is not true. Lacey used to be around 180 and she lost a lot of weight. Her ass stayed. She also does a lot to keep it big as she is a dancer and most of her clients are black men. So please stop lying about her.

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