Keith Dejuan O’Neal

No Mercy8

THE DIRTY ARMY: BMeet Keith Dejuan O’Neal. He’s 36 years old. He spends his time stalking and harassing kids online, then he tries to talk about child porn with them. He works with children, some no older than 5, as a “martial arts instructor”. He’s been arrested at least 15 times, at least one of those are for cruelty to children. I’m also pretty sure he bought most of his followers on Twitter. Sad, isn’t it?

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Arita Marie Peredo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, guess what nik…..She’s still a deadbeat. Arita owes 22,000$ in back child support and just doesn’t give a sh*t if she pays or not. She doesn’t care to keep in contact with any of her children after all why bother?, the other parent might locate her and tell the courts if she does. She ain’t trying to get a job because she doesn’t want to pay child support or have her hard earned money going to kids she don’t see. This woman is a pathalogical liar and manipulator, sucking off the system. She’s like a modern day nomad bouncing from trailer park to trailer park so the courts don’t find her. Its pretty sad we live in a world where whores like this keep making children to forget the ones they already have. Unless she wants likes on her social media pages. Then she turns into the best mother in the world for all her friends to see. Too bad they don’t know how fake she truely is.

Dolphin Trainer Jose Luis Barbero Commits Suicide After This Animal Abuse Video Surfaces

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what are your thoughts on the alleged abusive dolphin trainer at the Georgia Aquarium? They wanted to hire Jose Luis Barbero but then this video leaked and animal rights activists went crazy. Jose fled to Spain and was found dead in a car last Saturday in Mallorca. He went missing hours after a new video was released accusing him of abusing dolphins. They are saying it was a suicide. This video just shows what ugly creatures humans are and we have no right to keep Dolphins in captivity.

Jose Luis Barbero is obviously an Eric Cantona fan. I think I’m over Sea World and/or any Aquatic theme park now (officially). This is so messed up.- nik

Kolby’s Secret Life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kolby. He pretended to be a girl named Abby. We chatted daily, he enjoyed the attention the guys were giving him. Until several people started calling Abby fake… I find it strange how didn’t want to prove them wrong. All of a sudden, he quickly changed his username, avatar, deleted all posts, but he stayed in that same account. My messages now read from Kolby, not Abby. We texted, but she never wanted to call/facetime. After this Kolby guy surfaced, I dialed the number he gave me, nobody picked up. When I used another #, a guy quickly answered, “Kolby,” Confused, I asked what happened to Abby, then his voice began to crack/studder and he hung up. He blocked both of my numbers. He also blocked me on Twitter, too. This idiot forgot he gave me his number as Abby. If you’re a fake page, you have to be stupid to give people real info about yourself… Anyway, I noticed he typed the same way Abby typed. He was Abby… After all, he created her. This was Kolby’s secret life. It wasn’t until later when I found the real girl from the photo: Jess. He used her photo to attract guys. But Kolby was experienced… Like hes done it before. Deep down he’s gay, but he doesn’t want people to know. It’s a reputation he has to maintain. Whenever my friends tried asking what happened this Abby person, we get no response, but he does block them. A gay thug trying hard to maintain a straight image for his peers, but it’s a mask. Behind that strong looking, desperate guy is a sensitive, low self-esteem, insecure little boy, who is scared to be himself, because of what people think.

Kim Whiting


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ye asked and ye receive! You asked who Shannon Henry, the chubby thick lady’s man was having an affair with….and here she is! This is Kim Whiting, Henry Graphics VP of sales. Not only does she suck at sales, but she sucked her way to the top of this shitty little company while married with two young children at home. You gotta be desperate to throw your own wife away for this slutty little troll. I guess if you are nailing the help, you can hide your money from back taxes owed to the IRS!

Anything for Studio Time


THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Megan A.K.A Megan Broadie is an up & coming R&B singer that will do just about anything to make it to the top. She will suck you dry then hop on a song with you. Looking for a good time in the “A”. All she wanna do is fuck & record and fuck some more. Using what she got to making to the top. If you have a recording session with her you’re sure to get more than just vocals. Follow her on twitter @darealmissmegan , IG missesmegan .

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