Zeke Pike, Sarah Jones’ Other High School Boy “Friend” Was Arrested


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Sarah Jones’ other high school boy “friend” current Auburn University football player and quarterback Zeke Pike has been jailed for public intoxication, according to Auburn police reports.  The 19-year-old Zeke Pike was arrested Sunday morning at 12:50am. According to police reports, Pike was arrested on South College Street, and was listed as drunk regarding condition of arrestee. I’m not surprised by this at all.  Sleeping with young children like she has messes with your head at such an early age.  Don’t be surprised if he is kicked off the team by his junior year.  Click here to read full article.

Another Dixie Heights High special… Auburn’s true freshman is already a bust.- nik

Am I Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been noticing that lately you have a lot of people asking you for advice so maybe you can help me … I am a only child female, 30 years old, went to college, pretty, always dated decent guys (guys with college degree, good jobs etc) but seems like once I get what I want (got engaged four times), having a guy telling me he loves me etc I get bored, and I am also very demanding.  So I always see flaws on the guys and I break up… what is my problem? My mom tells me I probably never loved anyone my whole life… I do want to get married and have at least one child but I cant hold on one guy. Why? why am I this way? and I also have a list of things that the guy must to do for me if he wants to be my boyfriend: go to the gym together at least twice a week (I go 4 times a week), can’t be a smoker, has to spend the weekends with me, go out dancing twice a month, go on small trips once in a while, always celebrate the holidays with me, and try to be romantic on special dates.  Am I crazy? Spoil only child? Do I need therapy? I so want to get married and have a baby but why I cant stop breaking up and moving on to the next guy?  Worse part is that some of my exs fiances still keep in touch with me I go back with one, break up again go back to the other one, they are still around trying to get me to be serious and I do try to get back and be happy but I just cant make things work out at all.

I think you are perfect. Some people aren’t made for marriage… especially the ones who force it. Let life happen and put the road map down. You pick him and not the other way around (when the time is right). Until then have fun and adopt.- nik