Jen Wilke Got Banned From Facebook

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, and with the blink of an eye say goodbye to all 1.5 million of your fake followers Miss Wilke. Guess all the porn spam links you have been promoting finally caught up to you. We also noticed your go pro Greg Hale went to L.A. without you to spend some time with Yasmine Soofi. You would be better suited for Dairy Queen not the TV screen.

Is it possible to have a double vagina armpit?- nik

Does Anyone Really Know Jen Wilke


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have seen this girl constantly posted on here and am wondering if anyone actually knows her in person or has worked with her. She has worked with some big name photographers but rumor has it that all her shoots are paid for by a guy named Greg Hale. In him doing that she bypassed all the slave to the grind work hard and make a name for herself in Austin. Just wondering if there is anyone in the Austin modeling scene that can tell us what she is really like.

I wish this chick wasn’t so boring.  This is her 51st post on TheDirty and we still don’t want to make her a dirty celeb.- JV

Because she is normal looking JV. All her hype (fake social media) is paid for.- nik

Abusive Alcoholic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hugh Olson. He’s a dirtbag who prowls every bar in the Austin area looking for guys and underage girls to take advantage of or use for the night then toss away. He gave me a drd cause he refuses wrap it, told me I deserved it, then weeks later he was seen by multiple people partying it up with underage girls trying to get them drunk with his lowlife friends. From what I hear he’s bisexual as well and I know this from someone else he had a one night stand with. They used his computer and found gay porn all over it. This guy is gross and dirty. I wouldn’t get involved with him even if you are desperate. Heads up!

Leila Lewis is a Liar


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this fat cow here is named Brittani Preece, goes by Leila Lewis on her Facebook and Instagram pages. She acts like she is the hottest thing on this earth when in all actuality her personality is shit and she could stand to lose about 30 pounds. She claims she works for the local news station but she really sucks off old dudes for cash. She sells her gross fat pics for 50 to 100 bucks and she’s going on “tour” soon, with her “tickets” costing only $45. She slept with my friend’s boyfriend and then put on a show like she was about to beat her ass but she just stood there for 20 minutes until everyone told her fat ass to step. This cow needs to be exposed for the skank she really is.

Is this image supposed to be sexy?- nik

Chad Trout Is An Unabated Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Chad Alan Trout who works at HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is your poster boy for serial infidelity. I have no qualms with people being unfaithful (it’s their personal choice however immoral the acts might be), but what I do find to be completely disingenuous and downright hypocritical is when people like Chad Trout (who is married with kids) lecture others on morality when it comes to their personal choices. Chad Trout acts like he is a holier than thou Saint at work-related and social gatherings, yet he himself is spends an hefty amount of money on escorts, strippers and dates with young teenage girls old enough to be his daughter!!! I guess after his wife packed on the pounds post-child birth, he feels the need to indulge in some side-fun which probably gives him the impetus to admonish others for their indiscretions. Nik, this morally bankrupt goon Chad Trout should be ashamed of himself.

Can someone please send this link to his wife. They need to have a family talk.- nik

Scumbag in the Atx


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy needs to be put on blast for all of Austins protection. You’ll be sure to run into him downtown or in the North Austin scene probably looking for his next victim. He runs a “blog” called Drinking Austin where he acts as a promoter and convinces girls to come drink at bars around Atx, gets them drunk and takes advantage of them after promising them a shoutout on his Instagram page for “promotional” purposes. My girlfriend had a date with this loser a few months back & she claims he attempted to put something in her drink and was hospitalized for two days after. I guess he’s a fan of rohipnol too smh. Not to mention this guy swings both ways, so guys beware as well. If you ever see this guy out watch your drinks and stay clear. No one deserves to end up in the hospital like my friend.

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