Kyle Buaas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kyle Buaas is 32 yes old wages out wanna be white rapper who sucks. His rapper name is Jakk Swiss and he is known for throwing bunk shows that either get cancelled or just suck so bad that no one wants to go. He can’t hold a job and sells drugs for living. He looks like Smeagol from the lord of the rings cause he is scrawny frail pale white body and because he is bald exempt for red Austin powers hair pubic hair that sticks out of his stained smelly shirts. He has stds cause he pays for Sex and keeps prostutiutes on call. He is like 5 feet tall and has a one inch penis. My friend Kelsey took a picture of it and showed it to me. He even begged his Roomate Kelsey to f”k him and she gets free rent anyways so she told him no lol but showed everyone his little greg

Calvary South Austin CULT Leader Bunjee Garrett
murderer THE-003

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Calvary South Austin is a cult. There is tons of information about this places corruption online. The pastor has uncontrollable lust problems and he cheats on his wife. He possibly has DRD. Abuse claims are everywhere. ANONYMOUS is tracking bunjee down for crimes he never got busted for. He should not be a pastor. He is just a sick, twisted individual.

The monkey isn’t off your back

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Danielle Rauch Bement well known from her past dirty deeds in Mississippi. This mental bi-sexual skunt ran away with a carnival from Jackson Ms with a 40 something year old carnie and is now married to his friend!! lol a great career change! considering she was a stripper dancing at DANNYS in Jackson using her sons name as her stage name! Sad Danielle! Her poor fiancé at the time was stuck at home baby sitting while she was f’ing the boss and who ever else needed some vip attention. Sleeping with the boss on the side and inviting girls over for threesomes at his house. She will lie and say she was in law school and danced to support the cost when in reality it was just to boost her attention craving ego. She apparently trolls facebook/insta stealing pictures from her ex or whoever is around of her son who I mention has been raising her child ever since the circus act left 3 years ago which I don’t think is his biological father. Mississippi knows the truth about her and its time Austin Tx learns of this lying-con as well. I highly doubt she has helped with any expenses with her child nor know what size shoe he wears. I personally think its good she abandoned her child it seems he is in far better hands and has a chance away from her. From her fake lips and tata’s to her tainted twat this girl is garbage and should not be trusted. Danielle you can run but you cant hide you’re a pathetic excuse of a mother and should play in traffic. She looks like a pre-op tranny! Baby wipe that make up and she looks like something of WRONG TURN! AUSTIN TEXAS you’ve been warned

Busted Nickhoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nickol Villarreal is a liar and a cheater. I busted her cheating after best friend got busted cheating in a big scandal. I found out threw her best friend that she was cheating cause they have been covering for each other for years. Now there hitting the street of Austin hard looking for there next victims so beware. They are easy laid but make sure to strap up cause they are dirtier then “The Dirty” itself. She try to get back with me after saying she was different but there all the same. PS I slept with your best friend and wanted you to know before and even your brother knew about it.

Cheating Wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a class A cheater who’s been sleeping with multiple men she’s met on Okcupid and Tinder. Watch out guys, SHE IS married. Jessica lies and will give you this crazy story about how her husband abuses her and that they are seperated. Entirely NOT true. Her husband is the nicest guy possible has no idea what she is really doing when he’s away for work. Guy’s beware, if you want to deal with relationship drama, lies and possible drdSs (this girl doesn’t practice safe sex at all!!!). Then this is the one for you!

Next Please

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Nickol Villarreal. A few weeks ago her best friend was in a cheating scandal which made me suspicious. Nickol try to act like she didn’t know about it but when I ask around she was apart of it too. They were both covering for each other for years and now hitting Austin harder then ever looking for there next victims. Be aware Austin, they don’t go off 6th Street cause they think there to good for that but catch them in a side bar and buy them a drink and your almost guaranteed to get laid but make sure to keep it there and that’s it. She try getting back with me and saying she wasn’t like her friend but there both the same. Instead getting back with her I decided to contact you Nik, Thanks.

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