Should I just move to France

Should I just move to France

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, today I woke up minding my own business and stumbled across this trash article. According to MTV, Tess Holliday among other fatties should be a VICTORIA SECRET MODEL and there are commenters supporting this proposition. I live in Canada aka the more boring America (fat acceptance, P4P, life revolving around social media starting to sweep the nation). The best people/friendships I’ve had are Europeans and every Canadian guy I’ve dated had been average looking but cheated on me for some thot- a 6/10 who wears sweatpants and is 20 pounds overweight, whereas I am a tall thin and blonde half polish girl.

Of all the countries I can think of that have some shred of dignity left (besides most Eastern European countries) is France. All the french people I have met are super healthy, smart, worldly, and the men and women have class. They have a no-bullsh*t-attitude-towards the cultural retardation that is sweeping the planet. (I mean ignoring the migrant crisis for a moment) Plus I speak french which would help. What are your thoughts, Nik? Should I get out before its too late ? Is it too late for me ? I’m 19.

Are you asking me to come with you and start a whole new life together…. I’m flattered.- nik

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