Northside Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aint trying to write a book about this ratchet girl. Aint very much to say except shes a weak punk bitch that pretends to be so bout it but when it comes to throwing down bitch is saposaly pregnant every couple months and punks out lol shes all barkno bite AT ALL! her teeth look like my finger throwing up gang signs. She edits all her pix thinking she looks good but dont still. Shes spread her legs tocthe whole Northside but thinks they are all her homies but everyone laughs at her and cant stand her rat lookin ass. So many chix wana fuk her up but shes scared. Aww poor thing

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Raven Psycho

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is raven the dirty psycho slut who seeks attention she’s a dirty nasty ass gold digger she’s a filty unfit mother who can’t take care of her kid she’s always all up in tha clubs giving blow jobs she has stds she lives off of her mom she’s a fake  homewreking hoe who tried to ** her self beacuse some nigga left her’she might even try to do something to her self beacuse someone finally put her fake ass on blast nasty looking bitch wit her fake ass titties dirty psycho slut YALL STAY AWAY FROM HER YALL MIGHT CATCH SOMETHING FOR FCKING WIT THIS PUTA SUCIA

Constantinos Marketis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Constantinos Marketis. Fast talking, big smiling, shit spitting, con artist. Lives his life running one false business after another until he owes everybody thousands, then files bankruptcy, shuts it down and opens up a new one. Currently owner and operator of X-press Contracting, he runs a small time home improvement/painting outfit without a MHIC license or any “legal” help. They no speak english… I started my dealings with him a few years back and was under the impression that he was a decent guy. Never thought twice to look him up. Now 4 years later he owes me over $8000 and I get a letter stating that he’s going to file bankruptcy AGAIN?! Since I’ll never get my money from him, I decided to put him out there. He’s easily found on along with all the people trying to get their money back from him. It’s about time he’s exposed for the rip off con artist he is. Not a man by any means, he will shake your hand, smile in your face and take your money and run. Always talking about God and church and doing the right thing. A straight up hypocrite is what he is. Don’t be fooled. Look him up and see for yourself the long list of people he’s taken advantage of. We all had to learn the hard way.

Woman Beating Dustin Whipple

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dustin Whipple likes to post pics of girls on sites like these cause they leave him for being controlling and abusive…he harrasses them and stalks them I know his wife just left him for this cause he did it to her and hurt her so it’s time this fat ugly troll gets a taste of his own medicine

Racist Baltimore City Police Trainee Tony Abbene

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tony Abbene, 23 years old (will be 24 on 4/4), Baltimore City Police Trainee class of 1303, from Parkville MD (Northeast Baltimore) legally known as Anthony Martin Abbene needs to be seen for the scumbag that he is. As his former girlfriend of 7 years I can say he has many character flaws. He lied on his employment application for the Baltimore City Police Department. He wrote on it that he had not been rejected from other Law Enforcement Agencies, when Suffolk County Police on Long Island had rejected him because he failed his oral psychological evaluation. I have informed his supervisor of this and an internal affairs investigation is now looking into it. Suffolk County PD keeps their records of each person who attempts to join their department on file, so he cannot deny the truth. He is friends with people who openly admit they do not like black people or Hispanic people and he also has contempt for them as well. He pestered me from September of this year until the December of this year because I had broken up with him and he wanted to get back together and he told me repeatedly I should move in with him. We began to talk more often in December and he would call me pet names, tell me he loves me and call me to talk for at least 45 mins nearly every night. Mid December I told him I wanted to get back together and we made plans in January to go to the four seasons in Washington DC for the weekend. A few days before Valentine’s Day he cancels our plans with no explanation and he would not answer any of my phone calls or texts. The weekend after Valentine’s Day his roommate throws a huge going away party at his house which is 2 doors away from my house and he does not contact me or see me. March 9, I show up unannounced at his door and another woman, Dawn Bowers, 26 of Forrest Hills MD his co-worker in the Baltimore City Police Department had been living in his one bedroom apartment with him, while he was still talking to me. She is in the photos, is chubby, has a masculine jawline and masculine eyebrows and is short. He did not take responsibility for his actions when I confronted him and wanted to keep in touch with me, while still dating her and he wanted to keep our plans to celebrate our Birthdays together. In other words he wanted to get drunk with me and act like we were together, then go home to his secret girlfriend. He wanted to date her to “try something new” and keep me on the back burner. He lied to me that Dawn Bowers was not at his roommate’s going away party but I found out 3 weeks later through a mutual friend that she was introduced to everyone there as his girlfriend. He also has road rage and really enjoys guns and talks about them excessively. Does Baltimore City Police Department really need a trigger happy, short-fused, racist, liar on their force? I informed his supervisors, in a long email of his bad behaviors and character choices, and I hope they see he would be a crooked cop, should they decide to keep him employed in their department. I am able to prove to the BPD that what I said about him is in fact, true. He did not have the decency or courage to end a 7 year relationship (that he begged me to re-join for months) by having a face to face conversation. HE SAID NOTHING. 7 years of my life with this tool and he decides he is going to have an ugly dyke he barely knows, move in with him and he didn’t think I would find out about it. Couldn’t walk 2 mins or make a 10 minute phone call to break up with me. He also is a one minute man in bed and will finish before we have even gotten started. I’m literally talking about less than 2 mins.

What Do You Think About Lacey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Lacey and wants to model

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